Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis: a Collection of Scarce and Curious Tracts: Relating to the County and City of Gloucester; Illustrative Of, and Published During the Civil War

John Washbourn
author, 1825 - 456 páginas

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Página cxxxviii - Olympian games or Pythian fields ; 530 Part curb their fiery steeds, or shun the goal With rapid wheels, or fronted brigades form. As when to warn proud cities, war appears Waged in the troubled sky, and armies rush To battle in the clouds, before each van Prick forth the airy knights, and couch their spears Till thickest legions close ; with feats of arms From either end of Heaven the welkin burns.
Página cxxxix - Come, my boys, my brave boys, let us pray heartily and fight heartily. I will run the same fortunes and hazards with you. Remember, the cause is for God, and for the defence of yourselves, your wives, and children. Come, my honest brave boys, prayheartily and fight heartily, and God will bless us.
Página 44 - We, the inhabitants, magistrates, officers, and soldiers within the garrison of Gloucester, unto his majesty's gracious message, return this humble answer: that we do keep this city, according to our oaths and allegiance, to and for the use of his majesty and his royal posterity; and do accordingly conceive ourselves wholly bound to obey the commands of his majesty, signified by both houses of parliament, and are resolved, by God's help, to keep this city accordingly...
Página cxxxvii - WHEN civil dudgeon first grew high, And men fell out they knew not why ; When hard words, jealousies, and fears, Set folks together by the ears...
Página liii - Within less than the time prescribed, together with the trumpeter, returned two citizens from the town, with lean, pale, sharp, and bad visages ; indeed, faces so strange and unusual, and in such a garb and posture, that at once made the most severe countenance!!
Página 14 - So it was that the King's cause and party were favoured by two extremes in that city: the one the wealthy and powerful men, the other of the basest and lowest sort, but disgusted by the middle rank, the true and best citizens.
Página 210 - ... in the word of a king, that they, nor any of them, shall receive the least damage or prejudice by our army in their persons or estates; but that we will appoint such a governor and...
Página liii - The men, without any circumstances of duty, or good manners, in a pert, shrill, undismayed accent, said, " they had brought an answer from the godly city of Gloucester to the king...
Página ccvii - Historical Relation of the Military Government of Gloucester, from the beginning of the Civill Warre betweene King and Parliament, to the Removall of Colonel Massie from that Government to the Command of the Westerne Forces.
Página 251 - Thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious in power : thy right hand, O Lord, hath dashed in pieces the enemy.

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