The poems of Henry Howard, earl of Surrey [ed. by sir N.H. Nicolas].

Bell and Daldy, 1870 - 180 páginas
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Página 56 - MARTIAL, the things that do attain The happy life be these, I find: The riches left, not got with pain; The fruitful ground, the quiet mind; The equal friend, no grudge, no strife; No charge of rule nor governance; Without disease, the healthful life; The household of continuance.
Página 19 - So cruel prison how could betide, alas, As proud Windsor? Where I in lust and joy With a king's son my childish years did pass In greater feast than Priam's sons of Troy; Where each sweet place returns a taste full sour: The large green courts where we were wont to hove With eyes cast up into the maidens...
Página 16 - Set me whereas the sun doth parch the green, Or where his beams do not dissolve the ice, • In temperate heat where he is felt and seen; In presence prest of people, mad or wise; Set me in high or yet in low degree, In longest night or in the shortest day, In clearest sky or where clouds thickest be, In lusty youth or when my hairs are gray. Set me in heaven, in earth, or else in hell; In hill, or dale, or in the foaming flood; *° Thrall or at large, alive whereso I dwell, Sick or in health, in...
Página 20 - Echo, alas, that doth my sorrow rue, Returns thereto a hollow sound of plaint. Thus I alone, where all my freedom grew, In prison pine with bondage and restraint; And with remembrance of the greater grief To banish the less, I find my chief relief.
Página 31 - Or brightest day the darkest night. And thereto hath a troth as just As had Penelope the fair ; For what she saith, ye may it trust, As it by writing sealed were : And virtues hath she many mo" Than I with pen have skill to show.
Página 12 - Love that liveth and reigneth in my thought, That built his seat within my captive breast, Clad in the arms wherein with me he fought, Oft in my face he doth his banner rest.
Página 3 - The turtle to her make hath told her tale. Summer is come, for every spray now springs: The hart hath hung his old head on the pale; The buck in brake his winter coat he flings; The fishes flete with new repaired scale.
Página 21 - And how that in those ten years' war Full many a bloody deed was done, And many a lord that came full far There caught his bane, alas, too soon; And many a good knight overrun, Before the Greeks had Helen won. Then think I thus: sith such repair, So long time war of valiant men, Was all to win a lady fair, Shall I not learn to suffer then, And think my life well spent to be, Serving a worthier wight than she? Therefore I never will repent, But pains contented still endure; For like as when, rough...
Página 57 - ... I find ; The riches left, not got with pain ; The fruitful ground, the quiet mind. The equal friend, no grudge, no strife, No charge of rule nor governance ; Without disease, the healthful life ; The household of continuance. The mean * diet, no delicate fare ; True wisdom joined with simpleness ; The night discharged of all care, Where wine the wit may not oppress.
Página 15 - ALAS, so all things now do hold their peace! Heaven and earth disturbed in no thing; The beasts, the air, the birds their song do cease, The nightes car the stars about doth bring; Calm is the sea; the waves work less and less: So am not I, whom love, alas! doth wring, Bringing before my face the great increase Of my desires, whereat I weep and sing, In joy and woe, as in a doubtful case.

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