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Some Pra&ical BOOKS, writ by W.sherlock, D. D. late Dean os St. PaulV; Viz.

APractical Discourse concerning Judg-, ment, Offavo. i jth Edit. Price 3 s. 6d,

A Discourse concerning the Divine Providence. Oclavo. 8 th Edit. Price 5*.

A Discourse concerning the Happiness of good Men, and the Punishment of the Wicked in the next World. Containing the Proofs of the Immortality of the Soul, and immortal Life, OElavo. 5th Edition. Price 5 s.

Sermons upon Several Occasions. Vol. I. Oftavo. 3d Edition. Price 5 s.

Sermons upon useful Subjects. Vol. II. OcJavo, 3 d Edit, Price 55.

All printed for J. Walt hoe, A. Bettefworth and C. Hitch, J. and J. Pemberton, R. Robinson, J. Walt hoe, jun. T". Longman, J. Clarke, J. and P. Rnapton, £>. Browne, and C. Ba^ tburjt.

Where may be had his other Pieces at re*-* fcnable Rates,


Practical Discourse



By William Sherlock, D. D.
Late Dean of St. Paul's.

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Printed for J. Wa Lt H o E, A. Bettesworth and
C. Hitch, J. and J. Pemberton, R. Robinson,
J. Wa Lt H O E, jun. T. Longman, Jt Clarke,
J. andP.KNAPToN, D. Browne, and C. Bathurst.

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To the Worfhipful the

Masters of the Bench,

And the Rest of the

Members of the Two Honourable Societies



My much honoured Friends,

NE Reason os Publishing this plain Discourse is, because I cannot now preach to you, as formerly I have done, and have no other Way left of discharging my Duty to you, but by making the Press supply the Place of the Pulpit. Part of this you have already heard, and should have heard the rest, had I enjoyed the same Liberty still; which God restore to me again when he sees fit; if not, his Will be done.

And the only Reason of this Dedication is, to make this publickand thankful Acknowledgment (before I am forA % ced

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