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Página 101 - A MANUAL of CHRISTIAN ANTIQUITIES ; or an Account of the Constitution, Ministers, "Worship, Discipline, and Customs of the Early Church ; with an Introduction, containing a Complete and Chronological Analysis of the "Works of the Antenicene Fathers.
Página 11 - If two straight lines meeting one another be parallel to two other straight lines which meet one another, but are not in the same plane with the first two; the plane which passes through these is parallel to the plane passing through the others.
Página 10 - From the same point in a given plane there cannot be two straight lines at right angles to the plane, upon the same side of it : and there can be but one perpendicular to a plane from a point above the plane.
Página 101 - HISTORY of the CHURCH of ENGLAND, to the REVOLUTION in 1688; embracing Copious Histories of the Thirty-Nine Articles, the Translation of the Bible, and the Compilation of the Book of Common Prayer.
Página 6 - IF two straight lines be parallel, the straight line drawn from any point in the one to any point in the other is in the same plane with the parallels.* Let AB, CD be parallel straight lines, and take any point E in the one, and the point F in the other : the straight line which joins E and F is in the same plane with the parallels.
Página 103 - BIBLE CYCLOPEDIA; a Comprehensive Digest of the Civil and Natural History, Geography, Statistics, and General Literary Information connected with the Sacred Writings.
Página 101 - CV. *HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH ; from the Ascension of Jesus Christ to the Conversion of Constantine. By the late EDWARD BURTON, DD, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford.
Página 2 - A solid angle is that which is made by the meeting of more than two plane angles, which are not in the same plane, in one point. X. ' The tenth definition is omitted for reasons given in the notes.
Página 105 - Progressive Exercises in Greek Tragic Senarii, followed by a Selection from the Greek Verses of Shrewsbury School, and prefaced by a short Account of the Iambic Metre and Style of Greek Tragedy.
Página 7 - Two straight lines which are each of them parallel to the same straight line, and not in the same plane with it, are parallel to one another. Let AB...

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