The Works of Alexander Pope, Volume 9

J. F. Dove, St. John's Square, 1822

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Página 393 - ... human nature at one glance, and to be the only author that gives ground for a very new opinion, that the philosopher and even the man of the world may be born, as well as the poet.
Página 47 - This is the system upon which I have governed myself many years, but do not tell, and so I shall go on till I have done with them. I have got materials towards a treatise proving the falsity of that definition animal rationale, and to show it should be only rationis capax.
Página 391 - His characters are so much nature herself, that it is a sort of injury to call them by so distant a name as copies of her.
Página 48 - Mr. Lewis sent me an account of Dr. Arbuthnot's illness which is a very sensible affliction to me, who by living so long out of the world have lost that hardness of heart contracted by years and general conversation. I am daily losing friends, and neither seeking nor getting others. Oh, if the world had but a dozen Arbuthnots in it I would burn my Travels, but however he is not without fault.
Página 101 - As to the latter, I desire you to read over the Text, and make a few in any way you like best2 ; whether dry raillery, upon the style and way of commenting of trivial Critics ; or humorous, upon the authors in the poem ; or historical, of persons, places, times ; or explanatory ; or collecting the parallel passages of the Ancients.
Página 83 - If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things ? If others be partakers of this power over you, are not we rather?
Página 132 - I loved you almost twenty years ago : I thought of you as well as I do now, better was beyond the power of conception, or to avoid an (equivoque, beyond the extent of my ideas.
Página 367 - Whether the unaccountable animosity against this useful domestic be any cause of the general persecution of owls, (who are a sort of feathered cats,) or whether it be only an unreasonable pique the moderns have taken to a serious countenance, I shall not determine...
Página 387 - I shall here publish a catalogue of greens to be disposed of by an eminent town gardener, who has lately applied to me upon this head. He represents, that for the advancement of a politer sort of ornament in the villas and gardens adjacent to this great city, and in order to distinguish those places from the mere barbarous countries of gross nature, the world stands much in need of a virtuoso gardener who has a turn to sculpture, and is thereby capable of improving upon the ancients of his profession...
Página 56 - Take care the bad poets do not outwit you, as they have served the good ones in every age, whom they have provoked to transmit their names to posterity. Msevius is as well known as Virgil, and Gildon will be as well known as you, if his name gets into your verses : and as to the difference between good and bad fame,* it is a perfect trifle.

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