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when the earth burns frore” and “cold performs the effect of fire,' or of the sun, to dry the roads, to get the dung-cart, and carry out his manure, ready for the ensuing season of sowing spring corn.

December, with its winds and it storms, its joys and its sorrows, is now passed away, along with the shortest day and the winter solstice; and a scene of renovation, of hope and of joy, opens upon us, which carries us from the contemplation of terrestrial and transitory scenes, to those which are unearthly and endure for ever. These are beautifully typified in the gradual march of the seasons.

Deem we the face
Of changeful seasons varied but to charm
The gazing eye, and soothe the vacant mind?
Say, is not NATURE's ample tome displayed,
Even to the careless wanderer in the field,
With loftier purpose ? Wisdom's dictates pure,
Themes of momentous iinport, charactered
By more than human finger, every page
Discloses. He, who formed this beauteous globe
So fair, amid her brightest scenes hath hung
Fit embleins of a perishable world;
And graved on tablets he that runs may read
Your fickle date, ye sublunary joys,
The buds doth SPRING unfold, and, thick as dew
Spangling the grass, the purple bloom diffuse?
Comes a chill Þlight, and bids the sanguine youth
Read in its ravages a lore that tells
Of frustrate plans, and hope indulged in vain.
Do SUMMER suns the mead with herbage load,
And tinge the ripening ear? With sudden rage
The thunder-storm descends; the river swells
Impatient, leaps the mound; and, while the waves
Devour the promised harvest, calls on thee,
O Man, to tremble for thy daily bread.
The faded leaves doth AUTUMN scatter wide;
Or WINTER rend the desolated boughs,
And lay the fathers of the forest low?
Child of the dust, attend ! To thee they cry,
Each from his whirlwind, ' Earth is not thy home.'




Time's Telescope



*** For the various SAINTS, see the word. The Roman Numerals

refer to the INTRODUCTION.


Abbey of St. Denis, 247


January 1819, 14; February, 48 ;
Abbot of St. Stephen's, 809

March, 70; April, 98; May,
Accession of king George III, 252- 124; June, 144 ; July, 170;
ode for, ib.

August, 198; September, 226;
Advent Sunday, 285

October, 255; November, 285;
Albemarle, Countess of, 281 December, 311
Albumen, xxvii, XXXV

Atmospheric air, ix
Alembic, common, xlix :

August, explained, 192
Alkalies, xvii

Azotic gas, X
All Fools' Day, 90
Saints, 277

Souls, 277

Barytes, xx
Almond-tree, 165

Batavia, landslip in, 43
Alumine, xix

Becket, Thomas à, 166
America, on the birds of, 111 Bede, venerable, 123
Ammonia, xvii

Bee, lines to, 84
Angler's song, 269

Beloe, Rev. W.95
Animal kingdom, chemistry of, Bernard, Sir Thomas, 165

Bile, xxxix
resins, xxxvi

Bird-lime, xxxi
Annunciation of B.V.M., 69

Birds, poetical invitation to, 110
Antimony, xxiii

of America noticed, 111-lines on
Apple-tree, 29

a bird's nest, 112, rote
Apricot-tree, 33

Bismuth, xxiii
April, explained, 90-poetical de Bitter principle, xxix
scription of, 115

Bitumens, xxxiii
Arsenic, xxiv

Blackstone, Sir W. 41
Ascension Day, 122

Blood, xxxviii
Ashton, landslip, 43

Boerhaave, Dr. 223
Ash-Wednesday, 46

Bones, xxxvi
Assumption, 194

Boracium, xv

Browne, Sir W.66

Crusts of lobsters, crabs, &c. xxxvi
Bryant, Jacob, 283

Cupels, xlvii
Buchanan, Dr. C. 39

Curd, xxxix
Buckingham, Duke of, 196

Curran, J. P. 282
Burney, Dr. 310

Currant-tree, 53
Burton, Robert, 38

Custom-house destroyed, 40

Cyder, 32

Caloric, vii

Dairy described, 136
Cambridge commencement, 167

December explained, 301
Camphor, xxxi

Distillation, xlii
Caoutchouc, xxxi

Dog-days, 166
Captive lark, 79

Donne, Dr 70
Carbon, xi

Dotterel, anecdote respecting, 133
Carbonic acid gas, xi

Duckworth, Admiral, 96
Carburetted hydrogen gas, xii
Catholic question, 309

Cerium, xxvi

Earths, xix
Charles I, Martyr, 12

Easter Day, 94
11, restored, 123-anecdote

Eve, 94
of, 168

Monday and Tuesday, 95
Chemistry, compendium of, vii Edmund, King and Martyr, 284

, of the vegetable king- Edward, King of W. Saxons, 68
dom, xxvi—of the animal king- Elecampane, xxviii
dom, xxxiv

Elizabeth, Queen, character of, 8
Cherry-tree, 61

Ember-week, 65
Chlorine, xv

Epiphany, 4
Christ, birth of, 177

Euchlorine, xv
Christmas-day, 306 lines on, ib. Evaporation, xli

Experiments, chemical, xlii-1
Chromium, XXV

Extract, xxx
Cibber, Colley, 303
Cider, 32

Circumcision, 1

Fulkland, Lord, 12
City-gates sold, 197

Feathers, xxxviii
Claws, xxxvi

February, explained, 34
Cual, xxxiv

Fermentation, xxxiii
Cobalt, xxiv

Fibrin, xxvii, XXXV
Coburg rose, 280

Fig-tree, 86
Coffee, praises of, 324

Filberd-tree, lines to, 119
Colchester, Lord, 309

Filtration, ali
Collier, Jeremy, 98

Fire-side, description of, and lines
Columbium, xxvi
Compendium of Chemistry, vii Flowers, poetical description of, 135
Conception of B.V.M. 302

Fluoric acid, xvi
Copal, xxxii

Fly-making, lines on, 181
Copper, xxii

Forest, Indian, 235-scenery in Oc-
Cork, xxxii

tober, 264
Coronation of King George III, 223 Frog, lines on, 81
Corpus Christi, 142

FRUIT TREES, described, 29, 61,
Cotton, xxxii

86, 116, 138, 162, 186, 215, 240,
Cream, xxxix

270, 300-lines on observing one
Creation of the world, 176

in bloom, 114
Crucibles, xlvii

Fusion, xlvii

on, 322


Iridium, xxi
Gander, lines on, 85

Iron, xxii
Gag, John, 302

Gelatine, miv

James I, anecdote of, 133
Gellert, C. T. 304

January, explained, 1
Gifford, John, 65

Jelly, xxviii, xxxii
Gilpin, Rev. W. 92

Jesus, name of, 193
Glucina, xiz

Jet, xxxiv
Gluten, xxvii

Jewel, Bishop, 195
Gold, xx

John Barleycorn, a ballad, 208
Good Friday, 94

July, explained, 165
Gooseberry-tree, 116-pie, praises June, explained, 140

of, 118
Gravitation, effects of, 200, 228,

257, 287,313

Ken, Bishop, 70
Gum, xxvii

King Charles 1, martyr, 12

Charles II restored, 123-

anecdote of, 168
Hair, xxxvii-component parts of

William landed, 279
black hair, xxxviii

James I, anecdote of, 133
Hall, Bishop, 219

Kosciusko, General, 250
Hanway, Jonas, 192
Halsewell, E. Indiaman, lost, 5

Harvest, lines on, 207

Lac, xxxii
Harvey, Dr. 141

Lady-bird, lines to, 211
Hazel-tree, 119

Day, 69
Heat, vii

Lammas Day, 192
Hegira, 177

Lark, lines on, 79
Hey, Dr., 67

Latimer burnt, 250
Holy Cross, 220

Lavender, cultivation of, 179
· Thursday, 92

Leud, xxiii.
Home, John, 192

kinarchbishop, 35
Homer, Francis, 29
Honey, XXXV

Lime, xin
Hoofs, xxxvi

Linnæus, anecdote of, 223
Hooker, Richard, 278

London-bridge, fire at, 167
Horns, xxxvi

burnt, 218
Hunting-song, 267

Longest Day, 143
Hurd, Bp., 123

Lord Mayor's Day, 281
Hydrogen, xi

Low Sunday, 96

Luther, Martin, 44

Ice-house, construction of, 24 Magnesia,
Ignes fatui, xüi

Manganese, xxii
Indian rubber, xxxi

Manna, xxviü
forests, 235

Marat assassinated, 167
Indigo, xxviii

March, explained, 64
Innocents Day, 310

Marcley Hill, 42
Inulin, xxviii

Marrow, xxxvii
Invention of the Cross, 121 Marseilles, ceremonies at, 221
Ireland, custom in, 143

Mary Magdalen, 169

Maundy Thursday, 92

May, explained, 120

October, explained, 246—first Sun
-day, 120

day in, ib.
Membranes, xixvü

Oils, vegetable, XII-animal, xxxvii
Mercury, xxi

Olympiads, 176
- on the phases of, 17

Opium, xxx
Metals, xx

O Sapientia, 305
Microscope, subjects for, 156, 183 Osmium, xxi
Midlent Sunday, 68

Oxygen gas, ix
Midsummer Day, 143

Oxymuriatic acid, xv
Milk, xxxv, xxxviji
Milkmaid, character of, 137--song

of, 161

Palladium, xxi
Milton, sonnet by, 322

Palm Sunday, 91
Molybdenum, XXV

Paris, New Year's Day ceremonios
Montague, Lady M. W., 195 at, 3
Moore, Edward, 48

Passion Sunday, 69
Morland, George, 254

Pavia, battle of, 47
Moss-rose, a poem, 155

Peach-tree, 162
Moth, lines to, 238, note

Pear-tree, 186
Mothering Sunday, 68

Perry, 191
Mowhee, 303

Peter the Great, lines on, 11
Mucus, xxvii, XXXV

Petion, President, 70
Mulberry-tree, 138

Petroleum, xxxii
Muriatic acid, xvi

Philips, John, 42
Muscles, xxxvii

Phosgen gas, xvi

Phosphorus, ziii

Picromel, xxxix
Nabonassar, era of, 177

Platinum, xxi
Nails, xxxvi

Platoff, General, 98
Naphtha, xxxiii

Plough Monday, 7
Naples, custom at, 278

Ploughman, lines on, 57
Narcotic principle, xxx

Plum-tree, 215
Nativity of B. V. M., 219

Plumptre, J., lines to the red.
NATURALIST's Diany for January breast, 24

1819, 23-February, 54 March, Pneumatico-chemical apparatus, alii
78-April, 108-May, 132Portuguese Hymn to the B. V. M.,
June, 151-July, 178-August,

207-September, 234-October, Potash, xviii
263—November, 296Decem- Powder plot, 279
ber, 320

Princess Charlotte, lines on, 5,
Nectarine-tree, 162

Newton, Sir Isaac, 201

Proclamation of King George III,
New Year's Day ceremonies, 2, 3 254
verses on, 4

Prussian blue, xxxviii
Nickel, xxii

Prussic acid, Xxzvü
Nicomede, 141

Purification of B. V.M., 35
Nitric acid, x
Nitrogen gas, x

Nitrous gas, X

Queen Charlotte born, 122
November, explained, 277-lines il- Elizabeth, character of, 8

lustrative of, 296-forest scenery Quince-tree, 240
in, 297

Quinquagesima, 45


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