The Nebraska School Laws: As Rev. and Amended in 1911 by J.W. Crabtree, Superintendent of Public Instruction ...

Hammond & Stephens Company, 1911 - 138 páginas
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Página 17 - All other grants, gifts, and devises that have been, or may hereafter be made to this state, and not otherwise appropriated by the terms of the grant, gift, or devise...
Página 31 - If any person offering to vote at a school district meeting shall be challenged as unqualified by any legal voter in such district, the chairman presiding at such meeting shall declare to the person challenged the qualifications of a voter ; and if such person shall state that he is qualified, and the challenge shall not be withdrawn, the...
Página 18 - Sec. 9.—Funds to remain inviolate.—All funds belonging to the state for educational purposes, the interest and income whereof only are to be used, shall be deemed trust funds held by the state, and the state shall supply all losses thereof that may in any manner accrue, so that the same shall remain forever inviolate and undiminished...
Página 19 - No sectarian instruction shall be allowed in any school or institution supported in whole or in part by the public funds set apart for educational purposes...
Página 59 - He shall send a copy of the order to the governing board of the junior college district and to the county clerk of each county in which any part of the junior college district is situated, who shall enter it in his record of junior college districts.
Página 71 - Provision shall be made by the proper local school authorities for instructing all pupils in all schools supported by public money, or under State control, in physiology and hygiene, with special reference to the effects of alcoholic drinks, stimulants and narcotics upon the human system.
Página 117 - It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to employ any child under fourteen years of age in any business or service whatever, during any part of the term during which the public schools of the district in which the child resides are in session.
Página 58 - ... and to the county clerk of each county in which any part of such village is situated, together with a statement of the population of such village as it appears by the proposition for incorporation.
Página 31 - That place shall be considered and held to be the residence of a person in which his habitation is fixed, and to which, whenever he is absent, he has the intention of returning.
Página 78 - That each holder of a certificate from the common-school course, or a diploma from a higher course, shall, before he begins to teach, register the same in the office of the county superintendent of the county in which he shall teach; and for such registration he shall pay a fee of $1, which shall go into the institute fund of said county.

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