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face is shining like those of the angels in the priest's missal young to have to feel the sorrows of the world. But you book.

looked out the window and saw the woman struggling with King I am your king, old Peter, and these are real her burden. (He comes back and sits by the Page.) You meats which I am setting out before a real fire. Stoop must know how my heart went out to her in sudden underover it, and let me see you warm your hands before the standing of her cold and hunger. How could I have done blaze. And you, old Wife, come too and sit down before anything but go straight after her with aid? Would you the pine logs that are burning their hearts out to warm have missed seeing the glow of the fire on her cold wrinkled you and your husband.

face, and Peter stretching out his thin hands to the blaze? (Peter and his Wife sit on the settle, stooping over the fire. (The Page lays his head on the King's shoulder.) The little Page kuddles close to them, shivering. The King stands back and watches them. Perhaps a carol can be sung

Page I am sleepy. Let me rest awhile. I like the outside, or some soft music for a minute.)

sound of the wind rushing in the pine tops and the plop,

plop, of falling snow shaken from the branches. I feel King Now the boy and I have built your fire and

warmer, too. warmed ourselves by it, we must start back. Come, lad, it's a long way through the forest.

(The King, alarmed, rises, shakes the boy awake and moves

away a few steps.) (The King and the Page go out, leaving the old people gazing at each other with a dared expression. Presently

King Come, boy, get up, shake off your drowsiness, or they rise and follow.)

you will freeze to death. You must follow me. Come! SCENE III The Forest Path

(The boy stumbles up, setting his feet in the King's footsteps,

He seems to wake up suddenly, staring at the ground in Prologue enters and speaks (the waits changing things as she wonderment.)

directs) This third scene is the snowy forest path.

Page Sire, there is heat in the ground here. I can feel This settle is a rock thrust through the snow.

it through my boots. It's warm, too, to the hand. (StoopThis window is a long white vista where

ing to feel.) (He takes another step forward.) And here, The moon shines down between the tossing pines.

too. Sire, sire, there is heat where you have trod. (He The King and page are struggling on against

falls to his knees.) A wind that blows the fine snow in their faces.

King The Christ Child bas come to your aid, boy.

Mark my footsteps as you walk behind me, and you shall (King and Page enter and the Page drops down on the rock.) find the wind less bitter, the night less cold.

Page (gasping for breath) Sire — stop — and rest! I (The King goes off round the screen, by the window, and can't follow you so fast. The wind is fiercer and I'm cold. the boy follows him.) My heart has almost stopped beating.

King (crosses the stage and halts) Poor boy! Perhaps I (Outside the waits sing the last two verses of the carol, did a wicked thing to bring you out to-night. You are over beginning "In his master's steps.)

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Ideas to Try A Living Christmas Tree

old. These new toys, too, go to the makers, where believed

necessary, otherwise they go to charity in their turn. Elizabeth Williams Sudlow

Endless the varieties of the playthings which are produced

thus. In one school, the Oyler, in a fiscal year, they proAn unusual Christmas celebration was observed at duced a hundred and twenty toy autos. At another, they Audubon School, of Rock Island, Ill. It was held on the made toy-wagons, at another, prairie schooners, at another, school lawn, the center of attraction being a fir tree planted wheel-barrows, and the like. Of rag dolls the supply was during the early part of the year for that particular purpose. endless. This was the first use of the living Christmas tree which the It's a pretty sight to watch the little folk at their toychildren had purchased, with the hope that it would develop making, and toy mending. Its a prettier sight, still, to see into a community tree. Pupils from all the grades made their faces beam with pleasure as they finish some toy to be the decorations, which were put in place by the older chil- given away. dren. The tree looked very gay with its many colored streamers, and the children gathered around it and sang their Christmas carols. Under the tree were baskets of snowballs, made of pop corn, whịch the P. T. A. had

Christmas Decorations supplied as a treat for the little folks.

Faye Colby

Toy Saving and Helpfulness


Felix J. Koch On the face of it – the judging the work by its products alone — the project was most unqualifiedly successful. Over five thousand toys were assembled in the Music Hall at Cincinnati for free distribution by the Salvation Army; and easily over ninety per cent of these were toys not quite as good as new ones would be, yet toys which, but for this work of redemption by the young folk, would have been consigned to the family muck-heap.

Behind all that, though, there were other lessons, less altruistic, probably, but none the less important, pedagogically; the teaching of children that toys broken are not, necessarily, toys to be thrown away, and that wonders may be done by the application of time and a little ingenuity to the seemingly worthless old toy. Inventiveness, resourcefulness, creativeness, all these were brought squarely home to the child who would make the old toy good as new, and when one viewed those same five thousand toys in this light, their value to the young toy-menders was beyond measuring, of course!

Putting old toysin shape has, as a result, become a definite part of the curriculum of not less than forty of the public

Slit to go schools of Cincinnati. Boys and girls, both, are assigned

Over Twig to the task. Children of all the grades are requested to bring in all the old and broken toys they may have; these are collected in the school “shop-room" and there the work My first graders were so much interested in two of the assigned.

decorationa that we made for our Christmas tree last year An hour a week, at least, is given to this work in the schools that I am going to pass the directions on to the readers of and in certain cases an hour and a half per week is granted. PRIMARY EDUCATION. The girls in that time repair the dolls that come in, dress I gave each child a pattern, cut from stiff paper, of a them, wash them, furbish them, in short, make them ship- candle in a holder, and let them trace and cut several of these shape.

from brown construction paper. Then they were given Meanwhile, the boys repair other toys; they whittle a strips of paper of various bright colors, which they pasted new arm for the jumping-jack, they set a new wheel to the over both sides of the candle part. A little orange paper wee wooden cart, they put a new head to the hobby-horse, at the top to represent the flame, a slit in the brown paper and then paint the new member.

at the bottom to go over a twig of the tree, and our tree Then, if it seems that the child giving is in need of toys, fairly shone with candles. it doesn't stand by and stifle a bit

of juvenile heart-break, For the other problem, each child had a pattern of a fivewhile that toy on which it has labored is sent to some one pointed star, and they traced and cut their own from tops unknown, but the young repairer receives it for its very own. of tablets, and covered both sides with yellow paper. (I

Viewed in the light of inspiration to good labor, and of tried to get gilt paper, but could not find any.) We had inculcating thought for others, this project has been, without done a good deal of letter cutting earlier in the fall, so that doubt, the most successful innovation Cincinnati has wit- they were able to cut the letters LOVE without assistance, nessed in a very long time.

and paste them on the star. An extra star was made for Growing out of it, too, has come a somewhat parallel our school tree, so that each child might take his own home movement, the making of new toys in the shop-work by and put it in the window if he had no tree. This was all these same wee folk, when not occupied with work on the done for seat work, without supervision.



Making Bead Chains

Spontaneous Classroom




thought given beyond a typical, “Yes, I tell Willie he'd

better get his lessons, but, land, he's so sleepy when bedCora Gerow

time comes he can't do any good at his books." Woven Bead Chain

Sometimes the excuse is, “I know Nellie ought to have The warp is made of No. 40 spool cotton and is strung her help mornings and night,” or, “Pa thinks the boys

her lessons, but I'm so busy seems like I just got to have across the loom. The thread is held in place at each end of the loom by brass tacks. The warp should be 11 to

study enough at school and he needs their help on the place, 2 yards long. A bead needle or very fine sewing needle

times are so hard." is threaded with No 60 or 70 cotton.

After these investigations, Miss Long decided against After tying the end of the thread upon which the beads

home study and revised her school program to include a are strung to the outside of the warp, pick up the beads

short period of intensive study that covered the requirement on the needle and pull the thread through the beads to

for home work. After a week's trial, the method proved the end of the thread, while keeping the thread under the

so successful that she found home study unnecessary. It warp, press the beads up through the warp, holding them

is not necessary if the study periods in school are used for there with the left hand, and return the needle through the

real study and not just in an indifferent filling up of time. beads on the upper side of the warp. This holds each row of beads firmly in place.

When the chain is worked the length of the loom, it may be removed from the loom by pulling out the tacks at the end and inserting tacks in the part of chain worked, and continuing the thread across the loom.

The looms can be bought or may be made from an old cigar box by sticking a row of pins in each end of the box

Catherine A. Sexton and stretching the warp across between the pins.

TOW shall I teach the tables this term? Paper Bead Chain

What would be the best or even a good way Lovely bead chains are made from colored paper. Any

"put across” the multiplication tables with this class? colored picture from magazine or catalogue can be used.

What third grade teacher has not questioned herself The paper should be cut one inch wide at one end, repeatedly on this single problem? Shall I say questioned tapering to a point at the other end, and six inches long.

or introspected herself with a sigh? The multiplication The dimensions can vary proportionately if a smaller or

tables are the "bug bear" of the third grade. larger bead is wished.

For the teacher to know that her children, from the time The beads are made by winding the paper around a

they come to her room until they left it, had really learned steel knitting needle or hat pin. To make the bead, begin from the 2's to the 9's, there is an infinite amount of satisto wind the paper at the wide end of the strip and wind faction. Just that much of the “mechanics” of mathearound the needle, over and over. To finish the bead, matics mastered is of untold value in the future work of paste or glue the point down firmly and remove the needle.

that class or of that individual pupil. And just here the After all the beads are completed, go over them with

work should be mastered. Why leave this third grade shellac, to make them hard and waterproof.

work for the grammar grade teacher to straighten out or These beads can be strung on a heavy double thread to perfect? Has not she her own demands to meet? for a chain. These are pretty combined with small glass

Just here I hear the objections: “But children come into beads, as, a bead between two paper beads.

my room from different schools — from different systems All the grades, even to the grammar, can make sheet

and different cities. Even if our children have mastered chains. They make fine gifts.

their 'tables' these 'newcomers' are a continual drawback in our work."

Here, my fellow-worker, is the solution. If these new

people have not done their third grade work when they Home Study

should have done it, let them now go back and find what Edith L. Boyd

they have lost in passing. To be a third grader in

arithmetic, though a seventh grader in history or reading, How many teachers, in assigning home study for is no disgrace. It is the getting after — the bringing up. pupils, take into consideration the probable con- of the things that are weak that counts for all and everything etitions under which this study must be done? It in this educational system of ours. is easy enough to say, “To-morrow morning, bring in There is practically no subject that has not at times a the next ten problems,” or, “Write out before to-morrow certain monotony about it. The multiplication tables morning an outline of the next chapter in history,” but it are as formal and abstract a topic as is to be found in the is not always so easy for the child to carry out.

curriculum. Therefore, the game is, I believe, the very To one mother who plans for play-time and household best medium in this problem. The game allows variation duties until, say 5.30, then a good supper, study from and insures voluntary attention. 6.30 to 7.30 and bed at 8 o'clock, there are fifty who think In this busy age, the game that will appeal at all times nothing about any such plan. Many wait for the school to the teacher is the game or device that, on her part, child to help about the house, look after babies, and snatch requires little preparation and is easily explained. Nearly what play-time they can until after the late meal the un- every day gives occasion for some new thought. The prepared lesson drives the child to study late, in the midst teacher who is "bubbling over" with new games is the of the noise of the family living-room; or, the play-time delight of the class. Of course there are those favorites is sometimes the whole period from the close of school which are repeatedly called for, and there are the standard until bedtime, with the study hastily done before school ones which we ourselves so frequently fall back on. But in the morning.

to use the same game too often kills it. A certain teacher made a point of finding out the con- The anticipation of a game adds much to a faithful study ditions under which her pupils did their home study. period of ten or fifteen minutes. The more simple the In one home only were they ideal; in four others they were game, usually, the better. In the fall a tree drawn on the fairly good; in three there was an attempt, more or less board with numbers on leaves. The child who can say irregular, while in the other twenty-seven there was no 3 X 3 = 9, for instance, and so on with all the leaves,

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