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In the preparation of this book, no special claim is made to originality, for it is, to a large extent, a compilation of national and state laws affecting citizenship and the right of voting in the United States, and of such questions relating thereto as have, from time to time, been passed upon by the Courts. Public sentiment in the United States is drifting rapidly in the direction of "restricted foreign immigration." At the same time, the nature of the restrictions now placed upon it, is not as generally understood as it should be. But there is an impression, amounting almost to a conviction, that further restrictions are needed to defend the ballot boxthe palladium of our liberties—as it is open, in many quarters, to direct assault by the unnaturalized foreigner, who has no sympathy with our institutions or interest in our national welfare. Perhaps a perusal of these pages will show the weak points in our political system. effort has been made to treat the subject in a manner and `in a form that will make it acceptable and instructive to the American student, and interesting and useful to those of foreign birth who are desirous of obtaining the privilege of American citizenship and the right of the elective franchise. TALIESIN EVANS.

OAKLAND, CAL., March 1, 1892.


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