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Extract from “Review of Captain B. Hall's Travels” Page 179 General Table of all religious denominations throughout the

United States, specifying the number of ministers, churches, communicants, and individuals

189 General Bernard's comparative statement of the French and American budgets

190 Table showing the number of clergymen and churches of dif

ferent denominations in each State of the Union, as far as they have been ascertained

194 Table showing the governor's term and salary, the number of

senators and representatives, with their respective terms and pay in the different States

196 Statement, showing the aggregate number of persons in each of

the States, according to the fifth census, and distinguishing the slave from the free population in each State, according to the corrections made in the returns of the Marshals and their assistants by the Secretary of State

197 Steam-boat navigation from St. Louis

198 Whole number of steam-boats built on the Western Waters 199 Expenses to each State of its judiciary, including the territories and district of Colombia

200 Colleges in the United States

201 Texas

202 Payment of the debt of the United States

204 Rates of postage

205 Newspapers in New York

207 Copyright

ib. Number of bishops in the United States, and their residences, or diocesses


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