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amoenus, a, um, adj., charming ;l plior, us, larger; adv., amplius,

usually to the sight, delightful, more, longer, 1, 683. pleasant, 6, 638.

| Ampsanctus, i, m., Lake Amsanctus, amor, oris, m. (amo), love, affection, in the country of the Hirpini, from

in all senses; the passion of love; its noxious exhalations supposed to love, affection, or esteem, in all hu- be one of the entrances to Hades, 7, man relations, as parental, filial, of 65. friends, allies, etc., 4, 624, et al.; Amỹclae, ārum, f., a town of Latium, of gods, 7, 769; love, liking, fancy, 10, 564. fondness, preference, for things, 11, Amycus, i, m. 1. Amycus, a son of 583, et al.; freq., the hippomanes, Neptune, king of the Bebrycians,

famous for his prowess in boxing, on the forehead of a new-foaled colt, 5, 373. 2. A companion of Aeneas, and instantly devoured by the dam, 1, 221. 3. Another Trojan of the unless intercepted, and used as a same name, 9, 772. love-charm, 4, 516; personified, an, conj., properly introducing the Amor, oris, m., Cupid, Love, the god second member of a double quesof love, I, 663; pl., amõrēs, um, tion; or, 6, 533; at the beginning m., affections, love, 4, 28; mutual || of an interrogative sentence (the love, 5, 334.

first member being suppressed), āmoveo, mõvī, mõtus, 2, a., to move then, or rather, or perhaps, or even,

away, take away, remove, 6, 524. I 4, 325. Amphitryoniadēs, ae, m., Hercules, Anagria, ae, f., Anagnia, a town of

the son of Amphitryon (so called, the Hernici, 7, 684. though he was the son of Jupiter anceps, cipitis, adj. (am- and caput), by the wife of Amphitryon), 8, two-headed or two-edged, 7, 525; 103.

fig., twofold, 3, 47; uncertain, wavAmphrysius, a, um, adj. (Amphrysus), ering, doubtful, 5, 654; 10, 304;

pertaining to the river Amphrysus; perplexed, perplexing, intricate, 5, Amphrysian, an epithet of Apollo, 589. who kept the flocks of Admetus on the Anchemolus, ī, m., a Latin warrior, Amphrysus ; hence, of a priestor 10, 389. priestess of Apollo, 6, 398.

Anchisēs, ae, m., son of Capys and amplector, amplexus sum, 3, dep. a., Themis, and father of Aeneas by

to embrace, clasp, 3, 607; wind, pass Venus, 2, 687, et al. around, 5, 86; encircle, coil around, Anchisēus, a, um, adj., of Anchises, 5, 2, 214; fig., comprehend, embrace, 761. in description.

Anchisiadēs, ae, m., son of Anchises : 1. amplexus, a, um, p. of amplector. Aeneas, 5, 407. 2. amplexus, ūs, m. (amplector), an ancīle, is, n., a small oval shield or embrace, 1. 687.

target, 7, 188; pl., ancīlia, ium, amplius, adv., see amplus.

the sacred ancilia, made by the amplus, a, um, adj., spacious, large, Romans in imitation of the ancile

ample, 2, 310; splendid, magnifi- which came down from heaven, 8, cent, glorious, 4, 93; comp., am- 664.

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