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This paper was in the printers hands before I received Part IV. of Dr Tregelles' Greek Testament. What I have said about carelessness in quoting the readings of A was certainly not meant for this careful edition. In 1 Thess. i. 4 and 2 Thess. iii. 8 a gentleman who has compared this paper with the Oxford mss referred to in it informs me that I have given the readings of 47 correctly.—Where first-rate uncials are so scarce one could wish Dr Tregelles had given more cursive readings. Of the cursive mss which I have mentioned as most worthy of careful collation some are I think fit to be bracketed with 47 and all good enough to stand in the same class.—Let me earnestly beg him to reconsider bis intention of designating the Basilian MS in the Vatican by the letter L. If it is bad to use one letter for two MSS is it not worse to use one for three ? L already stands in the Gospels for one firstrate and in the Acts and Epistles for another second- or thirdrate MS. If Bas needs relettering would not I be suitable for a MS which is chiefly valuable in the Apocalypse ?


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