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Página 3 - Weak with nice sense the chaste Mimosa stands, From each rude touch withdraws her timid hands; Oft as light clouds o'erpass the summer glade...
Página v - Time's never-ceasing flight, and tell us truths divine. You, as the changing Seasons roll along, Still wait on each, and added beauties lend:— Around the smiling Spring a lovely throng With eager rivalry her steps attend ; Others with Summer's brighter glories blend; Some grace mild Autumn's more majestic mien; While some few lingering blooms the brow befriend Of hoary Winter, and with grace serene Inwreath the King of storms with Mercy's gentler sheen.
Página 2 - In solitude ; — Like patience, thou Art quiet in thy earth, Instructing Hope that Virtue's birth Is Feeling's vow. Thy fancied bride! — The delicate Snow-drop, keeps Her home with thee; she wakes and sleeps Near thy true side. Will man but hear ! A simple flower can tell What beauties in his mind should dwell Through Passion's sphere.
Página 1 - Th' autumnal bulb, till pale, declining days ? The GOD of SEASONS ; whose pervading power Controls the sun, or sheds the fleecy shower : He bids each flower His quick'ning word obey; Or to each lingering bloom enjoins delay.
Página 6 - No word the old man utters, — His earnest eyes grow dim ; One spot beyond the salt sea Is present now to him. There blooms the earliest primrose, His father's grave hard by ; There lieth all his kindred, There he shall never lie. The living mass moves onward, The Lady and her train ; They press upon her path still, To look and look again. Yet on she moves securely, No guards are needed there ; Of her they hem so closely They would not harm a hair. Be blessings on that Lady ! Be blessings on that...

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