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With sentiments of sincere regard and esteem, and wishes for your prosperity and success in the impora tant duties you have to perform,

I remain, Gentlemen,

Your most obedient,

Humble Servant,


FORDOUN, September 29, 1831.




Section 1.–Natural History Explained. Being of God Prov.

ed.-2. Wonders in the Heavens, Sun, Stars, Planets, Moon,
Earth, their rapid and regular motions.3. Atmosphere,
its weight. Clouds, their uses. Lightning, Meteors, and
Rainbow._4. The Sea, its Saltness and Tides, its uses for
supplying the Springs, and for Navigation.-5. The Earth,
its Carpet of Green, its Hills and Mountains, Earthquakes,
Volcanoes.-6. Quarries and Mines, Subterranean Cellars
Stored with Conveniences.-7. Plants, their uses and rich
Colourings.-8. Valuable Trees, and other Vegetable Pro-
ductions. — 9. The Seasons instructive, Winter. – 10.
Spring, Summer, and Autumn.-11. Animals, Insects
enjoy their Life.-12. Fishes Prolific, and wisely formed.
13. Birds, their nests. Quadrupeds Wild and Domestic,
no creature to be used cruelly.-14. Man exalted above the
Beasts, wonderfully made and preserved, the End of his
Creation.-15. One Species of Men, differing in colour,
long in infancy, destined for Eternity-Deaths, how free
quent, every Death a usefu} Warning.



Section 1.-Quadrupeds inviting our curiosity. - 2. Apes

and Monkeys.-3. Ourang Outang.–4. Pigmy Apes.
5. Baboons.-6. Bats, Vampyres.-7. Hedgehog, Porcu.
pine.-8. Badger.-9. Glutton. - 10. Brown and Polar
Bears.-11. Cat-kind, Lion.-12. Tiger.-13. Panther,
Leopard, Ounce, Lynx.-14. Cat.-15. Dog.-16. Fox.
17. Wolf.-18. Jackall. - 19. Hyæna.-20. Opossum.-
21. Weasel.-22. Ferret and Polecat.-23. Otters.-24.
Mole.-25. Shrew.mouse. - 26. Rats and Mice.-27..
Squirrel.-28. Hare.—29. Beaver.-30. Kangaroo.-31.
Sloth.-32. Elephant.-33. Rhinoceros. - 34. Hippopo-

.-35. Wild Boar and Hog.-36, Camel and Drom.
edary.-37. Stag.–38. Fallow Deer.-39. Rein.deer.-40.
Elk. 41. Musk.-42. Antelope._43. Goat. 44. Sheep.
45. Ox and Cow.-46. Horse.47. Ass.-48. Zebra.



Section. I—Birds well adapted for Alight. -2. Ostrich.-3.

Vultures.-4. Eagles. — 5. Hawks.-6. Owls.—7. Crow
Tribe, Raven, Rook, Jackdaw, Magpie.-8. Butcher-bird,
Thrush, Blackbird, Mocking Bird.-9. Warbler Tribe,
Redbreast, Nightingale, Wren. Titling, Wagtail, Lark,
Bullfinch, Sparrow, Linnet, Goldfinch, Canary-bird.-10.
Parrots.-11. Cuckoo.---12. Swallows.--13. Pigeons.-14.
Poultry Tribe, Peacock, Turkey, Cock and Hen.-15.
Pheasants, Grous, Partridges, Plovers.-16. Wader Tribe
Curlew, Corn Crake, Snipe, Heron, Crane, Stork.-17.
Webfooted Birds, Swan, Pelican, Duck, Goose.-18.
Sea-birds, Terns, Gulls, their voracity and use. The Sea
and its Shores excite sublime sentiments.



Section 1.-One Book, the Bible, by inspiration of God, its

excellence and usefulness.-2. Its Account of the Creation of the World and Man.-3. The Sabbath, its design. Adam's employment in Paradise, his Fall.-4. The Ground of Man's Hope, and the Duties of his Religion after the Fall. Cain and Abel. Death's First Appearance.-5. Enoch, Noah, and the Deluge.-6. Building of Babel, Abraham, Lot, Sodom, and Gomorrah. Sacrifice of Isaac. -7. Jacob. Affecting History of Joseph.-8. Israelites in Egypt. Plagues on the Egyptians. Moses and Aaron. Miracles at the Red Sea, in the Wilderness, at Sivai, the Promised Land. Capture of Jericho, the Canaanites. Jo. shua.-9. The Judges. Samson, his Strength, his Death. -10. Samuel, Saul, David and Goliath.-11. Absalom's Rebellion and Death.-12. Psalms of David, Temple of Solomon. Solomon's choice of Wisdom, his Declaration as to tlie Chief Good.-13. The Kings of Israel and Judah, the Prophets, Elijah Supported by a Miracle.-14. Elijah and the Priests of Baal, Elijah's Translation to Heaven, Elisha's Miracles.-15. Jonah's Preservation from Drown.


ing.-16. Zedekiah. Daniel in Captivity, his three friends
preserved amidst the fire, and himself saved from the teeth
of the Lions, the wise and good Design of these Miracles.
-17. The Jews Punished for Idolatry and for Rejecting
the Messias. Jesus Christ the Promised Saviour of Men,
proved to be so from the Old Testament, from the holiness
of his Life, excellence of his Doctrine, his Miracles, the
circumstances of his Death, Resurrection, Ascension, his
sending of the Holy Ghost, and the Testimony of his
Apostles, and of the Martyrs and Professors of his Religion,
down to the present day.



1. THE KITE, or Pride must have a Fall.-Il. The Hare and

Tortoise. - III. The Laplander.-IV. The Evening.
V, The Seasons.-Vl. The Spring. - VII. A Flower
Garden.–VIII. Singing Birds.-IX. Domestic Fowls.
-X. Sheep-Shearing.–XI. Thunder.-XII. Winter. -
XIII. Human Life.-XIV. A New Year Hymn.—XV. A
Landscape. — XVI. On Cruelty to Animals. – XVII.
The Cottager's Saturday Night.—XVIII. Sabbath Morn.
ing -XIX. The Holy Scriptures.-XX. God's Omni.
presence.-XXI. The 29th Psalm.-XXII. Early Piety
Recommended.-XXIII. An Infant's Prayer. - XXIV.
A Child's Grave.-XXV. A Prayer for Daily Bread. -
XXVI. Shortness of Life. XXVII. Mortality.
XXVIII. The Last Judgment.




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