American Wit and Humor, Volume 3

Review of reviews, 1907 - 290 páginas

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Página 213 - Leastways, he's got out of the habit Of livin' like you and me. Whar have you been for the last three year That you haven't heard folks tell How Jimmy Bludso passed in his checks The night of the Prairie Belle? He weren't no saint—them engineers Is all pretty much alike— One wife in
Página 213 - And another one here, in Pike; A keerless man in his talk was Jim, And an awkward hand in a row, But he never flunked, and he never lied • I reckon he never knowcd how. And this was all the religion he had— To treat his engine well; Never be passed on the river To mind the pilot's bell;
Página 194 - Of some one who breasted high water, And swam the North Fork, and all that, Just to dance with old Folinsbee's daughter, The Lily of Poverty Flat. But goodness! what nonsense I'm writing! (Mama says my taste still is low), Instead of my triumphs reciting, I'm spooning on Joseph—heigh-ho! And I'm to be
Página 192 - I'm be-diamonded out of all reason, My hair is done up in a cue: In short, sir, "the belle of the season" Is wasting an hour on you. A dozen engagements I've broken; I left in the midst of a set; Likewise a proposal,
Página 192 - That waits—on the stairs—for me yet. They say he'll be rich—when he grows up—- And then he adores me indeed. And you, sir, are turning your nose up, Three thousand miles off, as you read. "And how do I like my position?" "And what do I think of New York?" "And now, in my higher ambition, With whom do I
Página 198 - splashing through a tangled by-road, scarcely wide enough for the stage, and we drew up before a barred and boarded gate in a wide stone wall or fence about eight feet high. Evidently Miggles's, and evidently Miggles did not keep a hotel. The driver got down and tried the gate. It was securely locked. "Miggles!
Página 254 - in her shower! and fit to slay All a man's hoarded prudence at a blow: Gold hair, that streamed away As round some nymph a sunlit fountain's flow. "She would not make me wait!"—but well I know She took a good half-hour to loose and lay Those locks in dazzling disarrangement so!
Página 254 - Daughter I WAITED in the little sunny room: The cool breeze waved the window-lace at play,. The white rose on the porch was all in bloom, And out upon the bay I watched the wheeling sea-birds go and come. "Such an old friend—she would not make me stay While she bound up her hair.
Página 166 - parin' apples or tomaterses. The saints in heaven couldn't have made him belave he cud kape the shoes on him when he'd be payling anything. Did I lave fur that? Faix an' didn't he get me into trouble wid my missus, the haythin? You're aware yerself how the boondles comin' from the grocery often contains
Página 211 - a blanket As I passed by Taggart's store; I went in for a jug of molasses And left the team at the door. They scared at something and started— I heard one little squall, And hell-to-split over the prairie Went team, Little Breeches and all. 247 Hell-to-split over the prairie! I was almost froze with skeer; But we rousted up some torches, And sarched for

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