Bulletin of the New York Public Library, Volume 18

New York Public Library., 1914
Includes its Report, 1896-1945.

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Página 26 - A Large Declaration concerning The Late Tumults in Scotland from their first originalls : Together with a particular deduction of the seditious practices of the prime Leaders of the Covenanters : Collected out of their owne foule acts and writings : By which it dothplainly appeare, that Religion was onely pretended by those Leaders, but nothing lesse intended by them.
Página 469 - VISITS TO REMARKABLE PLACES: Old Halls, Battle Fields, and Scenes Illustrative of striking passages in English History and Poetry. By WILLIAM HOWITT.
Página 445 - Caledonia; or, the Pedlar turn'd Merchant. A Tragi-Comedy. As it was Acted by His Majesty's Subjects of Scotland, in the King of Spain's Province of Darien.
Página 41 - An Act for the Amendment and better Administration of the Laws relating to the Poor in England and Wales," and by all other Acts amending the same, do hereby (a) See this Schedule, post.
Página 446 - A Defence of the Scots Settlement at Darien. With an answer to the Spanish Memorial against it. And Arguments to prove that it is the interest of England to join with the Scots, and protect it. To which is added, A Description of the Country, and a particular Account of the Scots Colony.
Página 443 - Burton.— The History of Scotland, from the Revolution to the Extinction of the last Jacobite Insurrection (1689—1748).
Página 90 - XXXV. I request my said Executors and Trustees to obtain as speedily as possible from the Legislature, an Act of Incorporation of an institution to be known as the Tilden Trust, with capacity to establish and maintain a Free Library and Reading-Room in the city of New York, and to promote such scientific and educational objects as my said Executors and Trustees may more particularly designate.
Página 40 - Quebec respectively otherwise provide, all laws which at the union are in force in those provinces respectively, relative to the following matters or any of them, namely : the qualifications and disqualifications of persons to be elected or to sit or vote as members of the assembly...
Página 493 - The letter of Columbus on the discovery of America. A facsimile of the pictorial edition, with a new and literal translation, and a complete reprint of the oldest four editions in Latin.
Página 360 - STUART, RELICS OF THE ROYAL HOUSE OF. Illustrated by 40 Plates in Colours drawn from Relics of the Stuarts by WILLIAM GIBB. With an Introduction by JOHN SKELTON, CB, LL.D., and Descriptive Notes by W. ST. JOHN HOPE. Folio, half morocco, gilt edges.

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