Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

Smithsonian Institution, 1915
Vols for 1849-1963/64 include "General appendix to the Smithsonian report" (varies slightly)

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Página 1 - Institution of statistical inquiries with reference to physical, moral, and political subjects. (5.) Historical researches, and accurate surveys of places celebrated in American history. (6.) Ethnological researches, particularly with reference to the different races of men in North America; also explorations and accurate surveys of the mounds and other remains of the ancient people of our country.
Página 247 - In our century science is the soul of the prosperity of nations and the living source of all progress. Undoubtedly the tiring discussions of politics seem to be our guide — empty appearances. What really leads us forward is a few scientific discoveries and their application.
Página 124 - ... all the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, real, personal, and mixed, and wheresoever situate...
Página 577 - ... techniques for analyzing norms and systems of norms. SUMMARY The development of an adequate theoretical structure for sociology will in all likelihood require interdisciplinary cooperation between sociologists and those working in the formal sciences if it is to proceed in a maximally fruitful way. The purpose of this article is to bring to the attention of sociologists recent work in mathematical logic which has direct relevance for their research. Von Wright's deontic logic offers promising...
Página 43 - For continuing ethnological researches among the American Indians and the natives of Hawaii, including the excavation and preservation of archaeologic remains, under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, including salaries or compensation of all necessary employees and the purchase of necessary books and periodicals, including payment in advance for subscriptions, fortytwo thousand dollars.
Página 133 - ... of interest or value to the numerous correspondents of the institution. It has been a prominent object of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, from a very early date, to enrich the annual report required of them by law with memoirs illustrating the more remarkable and important developments in physical and biological discovery, as well as showing the general character of the operations of the institution; and this...
Página 24 - For these reasons it has been my ardent wish to see a plan devised on a liberal scale which would have a tendency to spread systematic ideas through all parts of this rising empire, thereby to do away local attachments and state prejudices as far as the nature of things would, or indeed ought to admit, from our national councils.
Página 316 - The stopping power of an atom is not altered if it is in chemical union with another atom. The atomic weight is the one quality of importance. The physical state, whether the element is in the solid, liquid or gaseous state, is unimportant. And when we deal with molecules the stopping power is simply proportional to the sum of the square roots of the atomic weights of the atoms entering into the molecule. This is the
Página 290 - ... (isothermal region) and of its efficiency in intercepting direct radiation from the sun. It should be remembered, however, in this connection, that the intensity of the solar radiation at the surface of the earth depends not only upon the dustiness of the earth's atmosphere, but also upon the dustiness, and, of course, the temperature, of the solar atmosphere. Obviously, dust in the sun's envelope must, more or less, shut in solar radiation just as, and in the same manner that, dust in the earth.s...

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