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In accordance with the provisions of the constitution of the State of Illinois, the Eighteenth General Assembly of said state convened in their first session, at the state house, in the city of Springfield, on Monday, the 3d day of January, A. D. 1853. Mr. Sloan called the House to order. And,

On motion of Mr. Egan,
Mr. Pitman, of Adams, was elected speaker pro tem.

On motion of Mr. Moulton,
H.G. Reynolds, of Knox, was appointed principal clerk pro tem.

On motion of Mr. Egan,
H. K. Davis, of Champaign, was appointed assistant clerk pro tem.

On motion of Mr. Wilson,
J. J. Ritchey, of Hamilton, was appointed door-keeper pro tem.

Ou motion of Mr. Sloan, Resolved, That this House now proceed to call the representative districts in their order, and to receive certificates of election from such members as may appear to be in attendance.

Whereupon, the following members appeared, were qualified by Hon. Lyman Trumbull, associate justice of the supreme court, and took their seats, viz:

From the counties of Union, Alexander and Pulaski-JOHN COCHRAN.
From the counties of Massac, Pope and Hardin-WESLEY Sloan.
From the counties of Johnson and Williamson-David Y. BRIDGES.
From the counties of Jackson and Franklin-John A. LOGAN.

From the counties of Marion, Jefferson, Wayne and Hamilton John WilBANKS, ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, John A. Wilson.

From the county of White-DANIEL L. JONES.
From the counties of Crawford and Jasper-WILLIAM H. STERRETT.

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