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forming her of a division between Albany and"Corn, wall, and of Lear's distressed situation. Exeunt

severally. Sc. II. Storm continues. Enter Lear and Fool. Lear's wild

exclamations, and the Fool's jests. Sc. III. To them enter Kent. Kent persuades Lear to shel. :

ter himself from the storm in a hovel hard by, while he (Kent) returns to the castle to force ad

million for Lear. The Fool's droll prophecy. Sc. IV. An apartment in Gloster's castle. Enter Glo. and

Edm. Glo. exprelles his dillike of Lear's treatment, and determines to side with him and relieve him, Exit. Edm. (alone) determines to inform the duke of his father's defign, by which he shall effect his

own rise at the price of his father's ruin. Exit. Sc. V. Part of the heath, with a hovel. Enter Lear, Kent,

and Fool. Kent begs Lear to enter the hovel for helter. Lear disregards the storm, and vents re

proaches against his unnatural daughters. Sc. VI. From the hovel enter Edg. disguised as a madman,

Wild talk of Lear and Edg. Sc. VII. Enter Glo. with a torch. Glo. begs Lear to remove

to a house he has provided for him. Lear refuses

to leave Edg. Edg goes with them. Sc. VIII. Glofter's castle. Enter Cornwall and Edm. It ap- .

pears that Edm. hath revealed his father's intention

of relieving Lear. Sc. IX. A chamber in a farm-house. Enter Kent and Glo.

Glo. promises his farther aftfance, and éxit. Enter Lear, Edg. and Fool. Lear's real and Edgar's counterfeit madness. Re-enter Glo. with news of a plot on Lear's We, and that a litter is provided for

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him to convey him with all speed to Dover, that he
may escape the assassination.

Sc. X. Glo'fter's castle. Enter Corn. Reg. Gon. Edm, and

servants. Corn. sends to arrest Glo. Enter Steward
with news that Lear, by the aslistance of Glo. is car.

ried to Dover. Exeunt Gon. and Edm. Sc. XI. Enter Glo, prisoner, and servants. They bind Gla.

and after insults, his eyes are trodden out by Cornwall. In a scuffle between a servant (who stands vp for Glo.) and Cornwall, the latter is mortally wounded, and the former killed by Regan on the spot. Glo. perceives that his son Edg. is abused, and that Edm. is the villain. Glo. is turned out of doors.



sc. I. An open country. Enter Edg. Soliloquy. Enter Glo.

led by an old man, who offers to be his conductor, but is refused. Edg. is accepted of as Glo'ster's

guide to Dover. Exeunt. Sc. II. The Duke of Albany's palace. Enter Gon. Edm. and

Steward. A love-intrigue opens between Gon. and Edm. Gon. gives Edm. a ring; and names the Steward as a trusty messenger between them. Exit Edm. and Steward. Enter Albany. He reprehends Gon. for her cruel behaviour to Lear, but is derided for his humanity.' Enter messenger with news of the Duke of Cornwall's death, and Glofter's loss of his eges. Albany determines to revenge Glofter.

&c. Ill.

Sc. III. Dover. Enter Keit, and a Gentleman, who informs

Kent that he had delivered his letters to Cordelia, and relates how she was moved therewith. It appears from this scene that Lear is in Dover, but refuses to see his daughter Cordelia, out of Mame for

his unkind behaviour to her. Exeuit. Sc. IV. A camp. Enter Cor. Physician, and soldiers. Cor.

enjoins the Physician to use his utnost skill for the recovery of Lear from his madness. Enter a mef. seuger with news that the British powers are march

ing against Cordelia's. Sc. V. Regan's palace. Enter Reg. and Steward. It ap.

pears that Reg. is in love with Edm. and desires to read the contents of a letter which Gon. (of whom The is jealous) has sent by the Steward to Edm. but is refused. She gives the Steward one from herself to deliver to Edm. She promises him a reward

if finding Glo. he should kill him. Sc. VI. The country near Dover. Enter Glo. and Edg. as

a peasant, who pretends to be leading him up to the top of Dover cliff. When Gla. is made to be. lieve he is arrived, he throws himself down as with a design to put an end to his life, but without hurt. Edg. here feigns himself to be another person at the bottom of the cliff, and having assured Glo. that he had fallen from the top to the bottom,

secms to wonder, with Glo. that he was not dead. Sc. VII. To them enter Lear madiy drest with flowers.

Talk agreeable to the character and misfortunes of

thefe three persons. Sc. VIII. To them enter a gentleman with attendants, who seize on Lear, in order to carry him to Cor. News


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Sc. I. A camp. Enter Edm. Reg. and their powers. Reg. discovers to Edm. her jealousy of him with Gon. To them enter Albany, Gon. and soldiers. Alb. says he hears Lear is come to his daughter Cordelia. Talk of the war, &c.

Sc. II. As they are going out, enter Edg. disguised, who, desiring private speech with Alb. delivers him the letter he had found on the Steward, and desires him to open it before the battle; and, if Alb. won the battle, that a trumpet might be sounded for him (Edg.) who would then produce a champion to prove what was avouched in the letter. Enter Edm. who gives Alh. a list of the supposed number

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Sc. III. Manet Edm. Soliloquy. He determines, afier tho

bartle is over, if Lear and Cordelia should be taken prisoners, to frustrate any intended pardon granted

to them from Alb. and to take them off. Sc. IV. A field. Alarm within. Enter with drum and co

lours, Lear, Cor. and soldiers over the stage, and Exeunt. Enter Edg. and Glo. Edg. seats Glo. under a bush, and leaves him till the battle is over. Alarm and retreat within. Re-enter Edg. who in. forms Glo. that Lear hath lost the battle, and that he and his daughter Cor. are taken prisoners.

Exeunt. Sc. V. Enter in conquest with drum and colours, Edinund:

Lear and Cor. prisoners. Soldiers, Captain. Edm. orders Lear and Cor. to prison. Exeunt Lear and Cor. guarded. Edm. gives written instructions to the Captain, and promises him preferment if he

obeys them. Exit Captain. Sc. VI. To Edm. enter Alb. Gon. Reg. and soldiers. Upon

Edmund's assuming behaviour, Alb. tells him he holds him not as a brother, but a subject, in the war. Reg. asserts that she has invested bin with sovereign honour by designing him for her husband; and now gives herself and all she has to him. Alb. arrelts Edm. on capital treason, orders the trumpet to found for the champion who is to prove it. Exit Reg. sick, being poisoned by Gon. Enter

Herald at the call of Edm. Sc. VII. A trumpet founds. Eng. appears. He and Elm. engage. Edm. falis

Alb. fhews Gon. the letter of hers which Edg. had given him. Exit Gon. de. sperate.


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