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Def. Seek him, bid him come hither; tell him, I have mov'd my Lord * on his behalf, and hope all will be well.

Clown. To do this is within the compass y of man's wit, and therefore I will attempt the doing ? of it. [Exit Clown.

Def. Where should I lose * that handkerchief, Æmilia?
Æmil. I know not, Madam.

Des. Believe me, I had rather have lost my purse
Full of Cruzadoes. And but my noble Moor
Is true of mind, and made of no such baseness
As jealous creatures are, it were enough
To put him to ill thinking.

Æmil, Is he not jealous ?

Def. Who, he? I think the sun where he was born Drew all such humours from hiin,

Æmil. Look where he comes.

Dej. I will not leave him now, till Caffio be Cali'd to him.

S C Ε Ν Ε Χ.

Enter Othello.

How is it with you, my Lord ?
Oth. Well, my good Lady. O hardness to diffemble !

[ Afide. How do you, Desdemona ?

The qu's and C. in for on. y The ift gi of man, and eberefore, &c.

. The fo's and C. omit of.,

a The fo's, R. P. and H. tbe for sbat. o The qu's, rarber loose my, &c.

C A Cruzado is a Portugucze coin, in value three filings sterling. Ds. Grey,


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Def. Well, my good Lord.
Oth. Give me your hand. This hand is moist, my Lady.
Def. It yet hath felt no age, nor known no forrow.
Oth. This argues fruitfulness, and liberal heart :
Hot, hot, and moist. This hand of yours requires
A fequefter from liberty, fafting and praying,
Much castigation, exercise - devout;
For here's a' young and k fweating devil here,
That commonly rebels. 'Tis a good hand,
A frank one'.

Def. You may indeed say fo;
For 'twas that hand that gave away my heart. .

Oth. A liberal hand. m The hearts of old gave hands;
But our new heraldry is hands, not hearts.
Def. I cannot speak of this. "Come, now your pro-

Oth. What promise, chuck?
Def. I have sent to bid Caffio come speak with you.

Oth. I have a falt and ° forry rheum offends me :
Lend me thy handkerchief.

Def. Here, my Lord.
Oth. That which I gave you.
Def. I have it not about me.
Oth. Not?


k Second g. Sweatie.
1 After one C. adds cos.
mW. H. and C. read. The bands of old

gave bearts, &c.

d So all before P; he and all after,
except C. omit good.

e The fo's and R. onit yet.
I The ist q. Nor bat and mois, &c.

& Su the qu's; the reft, prayer for

h Second q. devoted.
i W. Srong for young

n Theift q. Come, conse, your promise, &c.

• The qu's, fullen for furry.

Def. P No indeed, my Lord.

Oth. That's a fault. That handkerchief Did an Ægyptian to my inother give; She was a charmer, and could almost read The thoughts of people. She told her, while she kept it, 'Twould make her amiable, k and subdue my father * Intirely to her love; but if she loft it, Or made a gift of it, my


Should hold her . loathed, and her spirits' should hunt
After new fancies. She, dying, gave it me;
And bid me, when my fate would have me" wive,
To give it her. I did fo; and take heed on't;
Make it a darling, like your precious eye;
To w lose or give 't away, were such perdition,
As nothing else could match.

Des. Is 't possible?

Oth. 'Tis true; there's magick in the web of it; A Sibyl that had numbred in the world * The sun to course two hundred compasses, In her prophetic fury y sew'd the work : The worms were hallow'd that did breed the filk And it was dy'd in mummy,, - with the skilful · Conserves of maidens' hearts,

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p The ist g. No, faitb, my Lord. for wive.

9 So the qu's, aft f. and C; the rest w So the qu's; the test, løse' omit and.

* The il q. The fun to make teen, • This line is ewice repeated in the &c. H. Of the sun's course swem, &c.

y All but ). Sowed or ford'd. • The ist q. lotbely for lashed.

z So the qu's; the rest, wbicb for So all before P; he and the rest, wirb. except C. omit should.

a So the ist q; the 2d, Conferue; the u So the qu's and C; the reft, wir'd rest, Confervid.


Def. Indeed ! is 't true?
Oth. Most veritable, therefore look to 't well.
Def. Then would to God, that I had never seen.d it.
Oth. Ha? wherefore ?
Def. Why do you speak fo e startingly and rash ?
Oth. Is 't loft? is 't gone speak, fis it out o' th’ way?
Def, 8 Heaven bless us !
Oth. Say you?
Def. It is not loft; but what and if it were ?
Orh. h Ha!
Def. I say, it is not loft.
Oth. Fetch 't, let me i see it.

Def. Why so I can, k fir; but I will not now.
This is a trick to put me from my suit;
'I pray, let Caffio be receiv'd again.

Oth. Fetch me that handkerchief. My mind misgives. Def. " Comé, come, you'll onever meet a more sufficient

man. Oth. The handkerchiefe Des. I pray talk me of Cassio. Oth. The handkerchief

* The st g. Ifaitb for Indeed. i So the qu's and C; the rest - Pray

e So the qu's; the rest, beaven for you for I pray. God.

m So the qu's and C; the reft, ibe for d So the qu's ; the rest, seen 's. ibar. e The two last fo's, ftaringly.

So all before P; he and all after, f The fo's and R. is'e for is it. except C. Come, you'll ne'er meet, &c. { So the est q; the rest omit Heaven. • P. and all after, except C. ne'er for b The fo's and R. How for Ha. i So the qu's; the reft, fee 'to

P These two speeches in italic are * The fo's omit Sir,

omitted in all but the ift q. and y.


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Def. A man that all his time
Hath founded 9 his good fortunes on your love;
Shar'd dangers with you.

Oth. The handkerchief
Def. ' In sooth, you are to blame.
Oth. Away!

[Exit Othello.

[blocks in formation]

Æmil. Is not this man jealous ?

Def. I ne'er saw this before.
Sure there's some wonder in this handkerchief:
I am mott'unhappy in the loss of it.

Æmil. 'Tis not a year or two (hews us a man:
They are u all but ftomachs, and we all but food;
They eat us hungerly, and when they are full
They belch us. Look you! Caffio and my husband.

Enter Iago and Caffio.
lago. There is no other way, 'tis she must do it;
And lo, the happiness! Go and importune her.

Def. How now, good Casio, what 's the news with you?

Caf. Madam, my former suit. I do befcech you,
That, by your virtuous means, "I may again
Exist, and be a member of his love,

9 The 23 q. omits bis.

The ift g. Ifaitb for Infootb. s The 11t q. 2ouns for Away. + The itt q. omits of it.

u R. P. and H. omit all.
w For I may again; the 2d g. reade,

I de beseecb you.


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