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• But not the words."

Oth. Why? What art thou ?.
Def. Your wife, my Lord; your true and loyal wife.

Oth. Come, swear it; damn thyself; ' lest, being like one
Of heaven, the devils themselves should fear to " seize thee,
Therefore be double damn'd; swear thou art honest.

Def. Heaven doth truly know it.
Oth. Heaven truly knows that thou art false as hell.
Def. To whom, my Lord? with whom? how am I falfe?
Oth. " Ah, * Desdemona! away, away, away.-

Def. Alas, the y heavy day! why do you weep?
Ain I 2 the occasion of those tears, my Lord ?
If a haply you my father do suspcat
An inftrument of this your calling back,
Lay not your blame on me; if you have lost him,
Why, I have loft him too.

Oth. Had it pleas'de heaven
To try me with affli&tion, had 'he 8 rain'd

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s So the qu's; the fo's and R. omit ccaze; the 3d f. ceise.
this Hemifficb; P. and all after, excepe * The qu’s and ¢. O for Mo.
C. read, But root your words. From * The fo's, R. and P. read Defdew:37.
whence we may guess they understand y The ad q. bravesls for beadr.
Shakespeare's meaning to be, I perceive z So the qu's and C; the reft, ibe
a fury in your words, but sure they can't motive of these tears.
be your words, the words of the kind a The 4th f. and R. bappily.
O: bello,

The mcaning of the par B P. you've for you bave.
sage, as it stands in the text, is; I un The ift q. left for lof.
derstand or perceive a fury in your words, d The fo's omit Wby.
though I don't understand the words J. beavens.

# So che qu's, R. P. T. W. and C; • The three last fo's and R. omit H. ir; the reft, they for be.

& The ist q..rem'd for raiu'd. • 'The qu's, cca's; the two ift fo's,


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All kinds of fores and shames on my bare head,
Steep'd me in poverty to the very lips, -
' Given to captivity me and my k utmost hopes,

I should have found in some place of my soul
A drop of patience. But alas, to make inej
m A fixed figure for the hand of scorn
• To point his Now, unmoving e finger at ! oh, ohy
Yet could I bear that too, well, very well.
But there, where I have garner'd up my heart,
Where either I must live, or bear no life,
The' fountain from the which my current runs,
Or else dries up; to be discarded thence ;
Or keep it as a cistern for foul toads
To knot and gender in-Turn thy complexion. there,
Patience,' thou young and rose-lipp'd cherubim,
"Ay, here look grim as hell.

Def. I hope my w noble Lord esteems me honest.

Oth. O, ay, as furnmer flies are in the shambles, That quicken even with blowing.

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& So the qu's; the reft, kind. PP The ift a. fingers
i The 2d q. Give.

4 All but the qu's and C. omit sb, * So the fo's, R. J. and C; the rest ob! omit umoft.

i The 2d 9. foundation for fountain, i The qu's and C. part for place. s W. tbence for bere. i The fo's, Tbe for A.

• The qu's, aby for aboui. . The qu's and fo's read rime for bani, + T. and C. Aj obere, &c. H. Tbere, which is R.'s emendation.

ibere, &c. the rest, I bere, &c. • So the qu's, W. and 7; the rest, The three last fo's omit nobk. and moving, 8G.

O thou

O thou * black weed, ' why art so lovely fair ?
- Thou smell’ft so sweet, that the sense akes at thee;
Would thou hadft a ne'er been born!

Def. Alas, what ignorant sin have I committed ?

Oth. Was this fair paper, this most goodly book,
Made to write whore on? - What committed
Committed? Ob thou publick commoner !
I should make very forges of my cheeks,
That would to cinders burn up modesty,
Did I but speak thy deed. f What committed ?
Heaven stops the nose at it, and the moon winks :
The bawdy wind, that kisses all it meets,
Is husht within the hollow mnine of earth,
And will not hear 't. : What committed ?- impudent

Def. By heaven, you do me wrong.
Oth. Are not you a strumpet ?

Def. No, as I ain a Christian.
If to preserve this vessel for my Lord

* So the qu's ; W. bale for black. b So the ift q; the rest, uport for the rest omit black. Wi's emendation on. of bale for black, is (I suppose) to avoid T. reads, Wbat, wobat committed I contradiction in terms. But this kind &c. followed by all after. of phraseology is very common in Sbake d The lines in italic are omitted in Speare. Banquo in Mackberb says, So the ist q. ford and fair a day I bave not seen. è C. Sbould for Did. AA I. Sc. 4

f T. and all after, Wbal, sbat com. y So the qu's and W; the rest, boro micred? &c.

& C. Committed! Wbat committed, 2 So the qu's and W; the rest, and &c. for tbox.

h The fo's, he and P. omit impudent - The fo's and R. never for ne'er, Arumpet

for wby.

From any hated, foul, unlawful touch,
Be not to be a strumpet, I am none.

Oth. What, not a whore ?
Def. No, as I shall be fav'd.
Oth. Is 't possible ?
Def. Oh, heaven * forgive us !

Oth. I cry you mercy, 'then.
I took you for that cunning whore of Venice,
That married with Othello.You, mistress,


Enter Æmilia.

That have the office opposite to St. Peter,
And o keep the gate of hell ; ' you! you! ay, you!
We have done our course, there's money for your pains;
I pray you, turn the key, and keep our counsel. [Exit,

Æmil. Alas, what does this gentleman conceive?
How do you, madam? how do you, my good lady?

Def. Faith, half asleep.
Æmil. Good madam, what's the matter with my Lord }
Des. With whom ?
Æmil. Why, with my Lord, madam ?
i Der. Wbo is thy Lord?
Æmil. He that is yours, sweet Lady.

i So the aft q; the rest, siber for bared.

* The aft q. forgiveness for forgive

n After miftrifs C. inserts ebert.
• The qu's and fo's, keeps.
p The qu's, gates in for gato of.
4 The ist g. I, you, yult, you.
i Qu's, ift f. and C. wba for wbom,
s After wbom, H. adds Æmilia.

i The ist q. omits eben,
m H. inserts Come before yix.

Des. I have none; do not talk to me, Æmilia:
weep, nor

u answer have I none,
But what should go by water. W Pr’ythee to-night
Lay on my bed * our wedding sheets, remember;
And call thy husband hither.

Æmil. Here is a change indeed

Def. 'Tis meet I should be us’d so, very mect:
How have I been behavid, that he might stick
The smallest opinion ? on my greatest abuse ?

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Enter Iago and Æmilia. lago. What is your pleasures Madam? How is't with


Des. I cannot tell ; those that do teach young babes;
Do it with gentle means, and easy tasks
He might have chid me so, for in good faith
I am a child 6 at chiding.

lago. What is the matter, Lady?

Æmil. Alas, lago, my Lord hath so bewhord her; Thrown such despight and heavy terms upon her, • As true hearts cannot beard.

The two speeches in italic are omit z So the il ġ; the rest, or my leeja Bed in the iso q.

miluje. u The fo's and R. answers,

a So the qu's; the ift f. 7. and a w So all before P; who reads, Pray the rest, your for young. co-nigbt, &c, followed by the rest, ex o So the ift q; the rest, to for ci.

c So the qu's and C; the rest Tbat * So the aft q; the rest, my for ouro

for As. Ý The ist 9. well for meel,

All but the gu's and C. insert is after bear.


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