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Æmilia, run you to the citadel,
And tell my Lord and Lady what hath hapt.
Will you go on, I pray? - This is the night,
That either makes me, or foredoes me quite.

[Exeunt, Iago following.

[blocks in formation]

A bed-chamber : Desdemona is discovered asleep in ber bud.

Enter Othello with a light k.
Oth. It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul;
Let me not name it to you, you chaste stars !
It is the cause. Yet I'll not shed her blood ',
Nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow,
And sinooth m as monumental alabaster ".
Yet she must die; else she'll betray more men,
Put out the light, and then - Put out • the light?

& P, T, and H. omit you.

a sword, for he intended all along to h So the qu’s; the rest, afore for 1 frangle his wife in her bed) and in the pray:

utmost agony of mind says, he has a i The fo's call this Scena Secunda. caufe for his cruelty, a cause not to be

k and a sword is added by P. and all named to the chaste stars: 'tis fit thereafter, except C.

fore Desdemona should die. I'll put out ! Here C. direets, [Taking off bis the ligbt, and iben--strangle her, he is sword, and laying it by.

going to say; but this recalls a thousand m P.'s duodecimo, and for as. tender ideas in his troubled soul: he stops

n T. inserts this direction (Lays down fort If I quencb obe taper, bow easy 'tis Ibe sword; followed by all after except ro restore its former ligbe; but O DesdeC.

mona, if once I put out iby iig bi, &c. • H. reads by for the.

Upton's Critical Observations, Oibello enters with a taper (not with

If I quench thce, thou flaming minister,
I can again thy former light restore,
Should I repent me: hut once put out I thine,
Thou' cunning pattern of excelling nature,
I know not where is that Promethean heat
That can thy light relumine!. When I have pluck'd the

I cannot give it vital growth again ;
It nceds must wither: I'll smell wit on the tree.

[Killing her
* Oh balmy breath, that almost doft persuade
Justice ' herself to break her sword.—Once more
Be thus when thou art dead, and I will kill thee,
And love thee after — Once more d and this the laft
So sweet was ne'er so fatal ! I must weep,
But they are cruel tears. This sorrow 's heavenly;
It strikes when it doth love. She wakes

Def. Who's there? Othello ?
Oth. Ay, Desdemona.
Def. Will you come to bed, my Lord ?
Cth. Have you pray'd to-night, · Desdemona ?

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•p So all before P; he and all after, except C. omit me,

9 So the qu's; the rest, by ligbe for ebine.

r So the jitq; the rest, cunningIt.

s The it q. return for relumine; the fo's, relumie.

Here T. and all after direa [Sets. ducun ibe safer,

u So the qu's and H; the rest, aby for ebe,

* So the qu's; the rest, bee for il,

* The qu's, A for Ob.
y So the qu's; the relt omit bereit

2 So the ift q; the ad, ante mais ;
the reft, once more, once more.

a So the ift q; the rest, One for Once.

b So all before P; he and all after, except C. omit and.

So che qu's and C; the reß, ibai's for róis.

d So the aft q; the rest, wbere for


• The etro firt fo's, Dejuenen.


Def. Ay, my Lord.

Oth. If you bethink yourself of any crime Unreconcil'd as yet to heaven and grace, Solicit for it straight.

Def. ' Alas, my Lord, what & may you mean by that?

Oth. Well, do it, and be brief. I will walk by.
I would not kill thy unprepared spirit :
No, - heaven forefend! I would not kill thy soul.

Def. Talk you of killing?
Oth. Ay, I do.
Def. Then heaven have mercy on me!
Oth. Amen, with all my heart.
Des. If you say so, I hope you will not kill me.
Oth. Hum.
Des. And

I fear

you are fatal then, When your eyes rowl so. Why I should fear, I know not, Since ' guiltiness I know not: * but yet I feel, I fear.

Oth. Think on thy sins.
Des. They are ' loves I bear to you.
Oth. * Ay, and for that thou dieft,

Def. That death's unnatural, that kills for loving.
Alas, why ' gnaw you fo your nether lip?
Some bloody passion shakes your very frame;

you; for

f So the qu's and C; the reft, Alack except C. omit bei. for Alas.

1 The three last fo's, love, & The ad q. doe for may.

* The ad q. 10 for I. h So the qu's and C; the rest, bea. * The qu's omit Ay.

H. reads, wbat! kill for loving! i So all before P; he and all after, &c. but C. guilt for guiltiness.

? The xd g. knaw. So all before P; he and all after,




These are portents : but yetI hope, I hope,
They do not point on me.

Oth. Peace, and be still.
Def. ' I will so: what 's the matter?

Oth. That handkerchief
Which I fo lov'd, and gave thee, thou gav'ft: to Caffio.

Def. No, by my life and soul : fend for the man,
And ask him.

Oth. Sweet foul, take heed, take heed of perjury; Thou art on thy death-bed.

Def, Ay, but not yet to die.

Oth, · Yes, presently:
Therefore confess thee freely of thy sin ;
For to deny each article with oath,
Cannot remove nor choak the strong conceit
That I do groan withal. Thou art to die,

Dij, w Oh heaven have mercy on ime!
Oth, I say, amen,

Def, And have you mercy too!- I never did


in my life; never lov'd Casio, But with such general warranty of heaven, As I might love. I never gave him token.

Oih. By heaven, I saw my handkerchief * in his hand. . Operjur'd woman, thou dost stone ' my heart,

9 The qu's read I bope but once. u So che ift q; the reft, cicepties

The rit q. points thus, I will, fos for conceit, wbai's be matter ?

* The qu's, Tben Lord bave mercy, So the cu's, two ift fo's and c; &c. the rest omit to.

* So the qu's; the rest, it's for in So the qu's, H. and C; the rest bis. pmit rein

y The ift q, iby for my.


And makest me call, what I intend to do,
A murder, which I thought a sacrifice.
I saw the handkerchief.

Des. He found it then;
I never gave it him. Send for him hither,
* And let him confefs a truth.

Oth. He hath confeft.
Def. What, my Lord?
Otb. That he hathus'd thee
Des. How? unlawfully?
Oth. Ay.
Def. He will not say so.

Oth. No his mouth is stopp d.
Honest lago hath ta'en order for't.

Def. My fear interprets then. What, is he dead?

Oth. Had all his hairs been lives, my great revenge
Had stomach for 'em all.

Def. Alas, he is betray'd, and " I undone.
Oth. Out, strumpet! Weep'st thou for him to my face?
Def. Oh, banish me, my Lord, but kill me not.
Oth. Down, ftrumpet.
Def. Kill me to-morrow, let me live to-night.'
Oth. Nay, : if you

strive Def. But half an hour.

z So the ist 9; the rest omit And. 2 The ist q. uds death for usd sbee.

The fo's, R. and P, Ob, my fear interprets, &c.

« The fo's, R. and P. omit then,

H. Ob! wobar, is, &c.

d H. I'm for I.
• The qu's, O for Out.
4 Here C. directs (taking up a pillow.
& Thç qu's, an for if.

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