Racing Calendar: Containing an Account of the Plates, Matches, and Sweepstakes, Run for in Great-Britain and Ireland, &c. in the Year ..., Volume 81

A. Grant, 1853

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Página xxxv - Calendar by a name and his pedigree, it will be sufficient afterwards to mention him by his name only, even though he has never started. If the dam was covered by more than one stallion, the names of all of them must be mentioned.
Página xliii - ... appointed to start the horses shall mark in his list the time when the horses in each race actually started; and, if there have been any false starts, the first of them shall be considered as the time of starting for that race. And he shall make a report thereof to. the keeper of the match-book in the afternoon of the day the races are run. And if any delay beyond the allowed time shall have taken place, he shall state by whom, or by what cause, the delay was occasioned.
Página xxxiv - Stewards shall appoint) on any day in the present seven established Meetings, between the hours of eleven and one o'clock in the morning. Each candidate must be proposed by a Member of the Jockey Club, and his Christian and Surname, and usual place of...
Página xxviii - The certificate, when properly signed, is payable at three days' sight to the winner of the Plate (or to any other person, if endorsed by the winner) at the office of the Clerk of her Majesty's Stables in the Royal Mews, Pimlico. The Plates at Chester, Hampton, Goodwood...
Página xliv - When any match or sweepstakes shall be made, and no course mentioned, the course shall be that which is usually run by horses of the same age as those engaged ; viz. If yearlings, the Yearling Course.
Página xxxv - If any horse, &c. shall be named or entered without being identified as before directed, he shall not be allowed to start in the race, but his owner shall be liable to pay the forfeit, or, if a play or pay race, the whole stake. All bets on a horse so disqualified for starting shall be void.
Página xlvi - Meeting 1838, which was very numerously attended, it was unanimously resolved — That it is the opinion of this Club that it is necessary to declare their extreme disapprobation of horses being started for races without the intention on the part of their owners of trying to win them.
Página lxxii - The Metropolitan Course is 2 miles and a quarter ; for this race the horses start at the Winning-chair and run the back way of the Derby Course as far as the road, when they turn to the right and go round the hill, coming into the Derby Course again about a mile from home. The Craven Course is one mile and a quarter. The half-mile Course is straight, and exactly half a mile.
Página xxxviii - When a person has a horse engaged in the name of another person, and is entitled by purchase or otherwise to start the horse for such engagement, but is prevented by any of the preceding laws from starting his horse without previously paying up forfeits to which he is not otherwise liable, he may, if he...
Página lv - SOT. each, it was a condition that the surplus should be paid to the owner of the second horse in specie. Brownlock walked over for the cup, so that there was no second horse. The opinion of the Stewards of the Jockey Club was requested as to who was entitled to the surplus.

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