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the highest praise—and his pastoral exhortations, where they were received, left effects of unadulterated piety, through the divine influence that attended thea^ The calamity of the Plague gave him an opportunity of impressing on the minds of his people what in truth had been the ruling object of his own life since his conversion, namely—a warm and active regard for the blessings of immortality, joined with a holy indifference for things below. In his letter to Demetrian, he preaches justification, by faith only, with an affectionate spirit and great clearness of doctrine, he appeals to the conscience as affording full proof of guilt before God, and exhibits, in lively colours, the all-important scenes of the last judgment. A truly regenerated person will not only relish his compositions, but also will not fail to be affected with a generous glow of the purest godliness upon reading them with care and attention.

"As a Christian Bishop scarcely any age has seen his superior—in activity, disinterestedness, and steady attention to discipline. He was equally remote from the extremes of negligent remissness, and impracticable severity; and he possessed a charity and a patience unwearied, and ever consistent. He may safely be recommended as a model to all pastors, and particularly to those of rank and dignity throughout Christendom. Whoever feels a desire to serve God in the most arduous and the most important of all professions, may profitably,—next after the study of the sacred oracles,—give days and nights to Cyprian's writings.'"




1. That it is of great consequence in afflictions to consider that they are

foretold to us 1

2. That afflictions argue the kingdom of God to be near 3

3. That no security nor lasting rest is to be expected before death 5

4. That our great aversion to death proceeds from want of faith 7

5. That it was an impertinent complaint which Christians made of their

suffering in common with the Gentiles 9

6. That Job and other good men are as remarkable for their afflictions as

for their piety 10

7. That afflictions of all sorts serve to the proof of Christian fortitude 12

8. That how formidable soever death may be to heathens, it should by no

means be so to Christians 14

9. Several advantages recounted as'attending this dispensation 16

10. That this distemper should not be dreaded under the pretence of its

preventing any one's martyrdom 17

11. What we should principally regard is composing ourselves to do or

suffer the will of God 18

12. A remarkable account of the death of a certain Bishop 19

13. That to be afraid of death is to betray our faith and hope .' 20

14 It is a very just foundation of joy to a Christian, that death shall

associate him with Christ, and deliver him from persecution 22

15. Especially since now at the end of the world many calamities hover

over it 23

16. That we should always bear in mind our baptismal vow, and that state

of-things which we profess to aspire after 24


1. The reason of the author's former silence, and of his present writing.. 27

2. That national sin is the cause of national punishment 28

3. That men are unreasonable in their expectations of having all things

answer their wishes, when they will not acknowledge God who

has all things at his disposal 30

4. Our author appeals to the conscience of Demetrian 33

5. That'tis the height of madness to worship idols, and provoke the living

God 37

6. That Christians bear with the injustice of their persecutors, because

they are secure that God will avenge their quarrel 39

7. That the evils which befal in common, the faithful and the unbelieving,

are much more heavy upon the unbelieving 40


8. That national judgments should lead to repentance towards God and

faith in our Lord Jesus Christ 44

9. That we can give our enemies no better proof of our charity, than by

exhorting them to repentance 46

10. That after this life there will be no room for repentance 47


1. That with christian simplicity, prudence and obedience should be joined 52

2. That Christians should be aware of the devices of Satan 54

3. That heresies owe their rise to an ignorance of the Scripture 56

4. He makes a shipwreck of the faith who departs from the unity of the

true Church of Christ 57

5. Out of the Church of Christ there is no salvation 60

6. That the coat of Christ was not to be rent nor divided 61

7. Much less his body, the Church 62

8. That heresy discovers the secret naughtiness of a cankered heart, and

approves the tonstancy and truth of a good Christian 63

9. A description given of heretics 65

10. That the promise, made by Christ, of vouchsafing his presence to a

few, was made to them upon the supposition of their being gathered together, not separated from each other 65

11. That martyrdom itself cannot atone for the guilt of schism 68

12. That he is a Christian in name only who does not improve and cultivate

brotherly love 70

13. It was foretold by the apostles that schisms were to arise in the church 72

14. That the invaders of the priesthood have had always the vengeance of

God attending them 74

15. That it is no wonder if confessors themselves be sometimes betrayed

into sin 75 .

16. That the fall of some confessors does not lessen the glory of the rest.. 78

17. That all intercourse with schismatics is to be avoided 79

18. That the state of the Church is at this time declining 81


1. The praises of gospel precepts 84

2. That the Father will hear those who ask in his Son's name 85

3. That he who prays should do it with reverence and godly fear 86

4. That Christians should use a prayer in common, which should suit the

occasions and wants of others, as well as their own in particular.. 89

5. That prayer begins most auspiciously with the acknowledgment of God

as our Father 91


6. Upon the first petition, that the name of God may be hallowed 93

7. That his kingdom may come 95

8. That his will may be done in earth as it is in heaven 96

9. In what the will of God consists 97

10. That it must be performed both with our bodies and our souls 98

11. That in the petition, "Give us this day our daily bread," the mystical

bread of the holy eucharist may be alluded to 100

12. That our daily food is likewise comprised in this petition 101

.3. That God would forgive us our debts 104

14. That our pardon from God is suspended upon the condition of our

granting it to our brethren 105

15 We farther desire, not to be led into temptation 108

16. Finally we ask of God that he would deliver us from evil 110

17. That our Lord hath taught us to pray as well by example as by precept 111

18. That attention of mind is necessary in prayer.... 112

19. That alms are to be joined with prayer 113

20. The solemn hours of prayer 115


1. That there can be no true wisdom without patience 118

2. That the virtue of patience is common to us with God 120

3. That the precepts of the gospel do, in a very particular manner,

recommend patience 123

4. That our Lord exemplified in practice the patience which he recom

mended by precept ....124

5. That the patriarchs and prophets all have trod the same path of patience 127

6. The advantage of patience illustrated from our being born to labour

and trouble 129

7. That Christians, who wage a perpetual war against the devil, have a

peculiar occasion for this virtue 130

8. That the christian religion requires our faith and hope, which must

have patience to support them 131

9. That patience not only confers upon us many great advantages, but

secures us from many evils 132

10. That all virtues are preserved and do subsist by patience 134

11. That all good men have been tried by this test 136

12. The advantages of patience appear upon the comparison with its

contrary fault 137

13. That impatience produces heretics in the church 138

14. That patience is a very comprehensive virtue 139

15. That the consideration of a future judgment is a great persuasive to

this duty 140

16. That he who is so much in haste to take vengeance, should consider

that God is not himself avenged .-. 144

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