Travels in various parts of Peru: including a year's residence in Potosi, by Edmond Temple... in two volumes

Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street, 1830 - 504 páginas

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Página 289 - Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, Which we ascribe to heaven : the fated sky Gives us free scope; only, doth backward pull Our slow designs, when we ourselves are dull.
Página 63 - Ev'n the rough rocks with tender myrtle bloom, And trodden weeds send out a rich perfume. Bear me, some god, to Baia's gentle seats, Or cover me in Umbria's green retreats ; Where western gales eternally reside, And all the seasons lavish all their pride : Blossoms, and fruits, and flowers together rise, And the whole year in gay confusion lies.
Página 40 - A smile of welcome, with a few accompanying words of kindness, and a shake of the hand from the Cura, establishes you, in nine cases out of ten, with as much ease and freedom as in your own house.
Página 465 - Books, says Bacon, can never teach the use of books. The student must learn by commerce with mankind to reduce his speculations to practice, and accommodate his knowledge to the purposes of life.
Página 238 - For several weeks past, every artist and mechanic of tolerable ingenuity has been employed in making and repairing dolls, images, and figures of sundry kinds, also in setting up and painting altars in every respectable house; whilst all the females have been equally busy in preparing dresses for those dolls, making artificial flowers and embroideries, and embellishing the best apartment in their respective houses for the display of what is here termed el...
Página 397 - The occurrence of these bones at such an enormous elevation in the regions of eternal snow, and consequently in a spot now unfrequented by such animals as the horse and deer, can, I think, be explained only by supposing them to be of antediluvian origin, and that the carcases of the animals were drifted to their present place, and lodged in sand, by the diluvial waters.
Página 308 - When a lady selects a gentleman from the company, by beckoning, or calling him to take her glass and sip after her, the compliment is then highly enviable ; and whether her lips be pale and shrivelled by the wintry effect of years, or cherry-ripe and pouting in the fragrance of summer, he is bound by the well-understood laws of respect, etiquette, honour, gallantry, love, and all their little jealousies, to imprint his own lips upon the precise spot where those were placed which preceded him, and...
Página 241 - ... assemblages, in cathedrals and churches, accompanied by all the pomp and magnificence that the art of man is capable of inventing, can, by so much as the importance of one grain of sand, obtain greater consideration in the sight of the Omnipotent Being, than the meanest of those exhibitions in the hut of the simple Indian.
Página 62 - Cordilleras de los Andes, cannot be considered in any less character. These mountains appear to rise out of the plain on which you are riding, and your expectation is that you must actually arrive at them, for no obstacle is to be seen betwixt you and them. Whilst you are musing on the how and...
Página 310 - At the second course, these compliments become general, when in the space of a few minutes, you may have been favoured with a mouthful from every fork at the table, whilst your own has gone the round of the whole company. Plates and dishes being removed, bottles of claret, of Frontignac, of cider, and of spruce-beer, were intermingled upon the table, and the speedy consumption of the beverage proved it to be agreeable to the guests. Toasts and sentiments, accompanied by speeches, went their round...

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