Story of Aeneas

American Book Company, 1898 - 203 páginas
Learn of the travels and journeys of Aeneas in this volume. Known as the progenitor of the Roman people and the founder of Rome, Aeneas was also a survivor of the Trojan War.

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Página 201 - His banish'd gods restor'd to rites divine, And settled sure succession in his line, From whence the race of Alban fathers come, And the long glories of majestic Rome.
Página 199 - The Trojans to their customs shall be tied: I will, myself, their common rites provide: The natives shall command, the foreigners subside. All shall be Latium; Troy without a name; And her lost sons forget from whence they came. From blood so mixed, a pious race shall flow, Equal to gods, excelling all below. No nation more respect to you shall pay, Or greater offerings on your altars lay.
Página 123 - Pallas, his great grandsire's name : But the fierce Latians old possession claim, With war infesting the new colony : These make thy friends, and on their aid rely. To thy free passage I submit my streams. Wake, son of Venus, from thy pleasing dreams ! And when the setting stars are lost in day, To Juno's power thy just devotion pay ; With sacrifice the wrathful queen appease : Her pride at length shall fall, her fury cease. When thou return' st victorious from the war, Perform thy vows to me with...
Página 103 - Eneas' infancy. Here rest thy bones in rich Hesperia's plains : Thy name ('tis all a ghost can have) remains. Now, when the prince her funeral rites had paid, He ploughed the Tyrrhene seas with sails displayed.
Página 88 - Apollo became enamoured of her, and that, to make her sensible of his passion, he offered to give her whatever she should ask. The Sibyl demanded to live as many years as she had grains of sand in her hand, but...
Página 102 - Sleep gives his name to portals twain : One all of horn, they say, Through which authentic spectres gain Quick exit into day, And one which bright with ivory gleams, Whence Pluto sends delusive dreams. Conversing still, the sire attends The travellers on their road, And through the ivory portal sends From forth the unseen abode.
Página 190 - Thus while he spoke, unmindful of defence, A winged arrow struck the pious prince. But, whether from some human hand it came, Or hostile god, is left unknown by fame : No human hand, or hostile god, was found, To boast the triumph of so base a wound.
Página 69 - Wounds with a random shaft the careless hind, Distracted with her pain she flies the woods, Bounds o'er the lawn, and seeks the silent floods, With fruitless care; for still the fatal dart Sticks in her side, and rankles in her heart.
Página 193 - The chief, impatient of delays, His legs in pliant gold arrays, And to and fro his javelin sways. And now, his corslet round his breast, In his mailed arms his child he pressed, Kissed through his helm, and thus addressed : " Learn of your father to be great, Of others to be fortunate.
Página 44 - Italian coast your navy steer ; And, after this, to Circe's island veer ; And last, before your new foundations rise, Must pass the Stygian lake, and view the nether skies. Now mark the signs of future ease and rest ; And bear them safely treasured in thy breast.

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