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mitee of the states of Brabant fuppressed, and its powers transferred to an engine of
ftate under the name of a council of general government. Universal consternation
and general discontent. Great licence of language with respect to the sovereign,
and bis violation of the inaugural compact and oaib. Committee of the flates
of Brabant present a strong memorial 10 the court of Brussels. People determine
resolutely to maintain their rights and liberries. The bold remontrance of the
Syndics gives new energy to this determination. Flame in the univerfity of Lou.
vain, occafoned by the suppression of the ancient feminaries of instručtion, and
the establishment of a new school of theology, under the government of German
professors. All orders of men are thus coalesced in an oppohtion to the acts and
designs of government. Visitor of the capuchins banished for refuping to send the
novices of his order to the general seminary at Louvain. Mr. de Hondt seized
by foldiers, and sent a prisoner to Vienna. Spirited proceedings of tbe flates of
Brabant; refuse to grant fubfidies until the public grievances are redressed; for.
bid all obedience to ibe intendants and their commissaries; present a spirited me-
morial to the governors general; forbid the council of Brabant to pay any regard
so the late decrees, and command that tribunal to maintain the exercise of its funce
tions. States of Flanders and Haynault adopt similar measures with those of
Brabant. Syndics act a great part in the opposition. Court of Brussels alarmed
and perplexed. Governors general suspend the operation of the new edicts, and
issue a declaration which affords present fatisfaction. Mandate isued by the ema
peror on bis return from Cherfon, exprelive of his resentment at the meafı
pursued in the Low Countries, and commanding the fates of the respetive pro
winces, as a proof of their obedience, 10 send a deputation of their members 10
Vienna ; where the governors gencral, and the minister, count Belgiojoso, are
likewise ordered to repair. Count de Murray at pointed to the government in
the absence of the princes. Great alarm in the Low Countries, on the report
that an imperial army was preparing to march thirber. Various measures pre-
ceding, and some tending to an accommodation. Alarming tümult at Brussels,
and some blood bed, in a rajb attempt made by the military to difarm the volun.
seers. Fartber ill consequences prevented by the excellent conduct of count Mur.
ray. Accommodation happily takes place; the public rights are generally re-
Hored; and the states grant the cuslomary subsidies.


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Narrative of the proceedings in the court of king's bench, in January 1787, on

orvo informations against Lord George Gordon--one at the suit of the French
Ambassador, for a libellous publication against the queen of France and M.
Barthelemy ; the other at the suit of his Majesty's Attorney General, for a libel,
entitled, The Prisoners Petition,reflecting on the administration of justice in
this country



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Bemorial presented to the States General of the United Provinces, by Sir James

Harris, K. B. the British Ambasador at the Hague, August 14, 1787 [280
· Convention between his Britannic Majesty and the Most Christian King, figned at
Versailles, August 3!, 1787

- Transition of tbe declaration and counter-declaration ribich were respektively

figned and exchanged at Versailles on the 27th of Otober, by the Duke of Dorset
and the Right Honourable William Eden, on the part of his Britannic Majesity;

and by the Count de Tontmorin, on the part of his Most Christian Majesty [282
I The Emperor's declaration to the States of his Belgic Provinces, July 3, 1787, in
answer to their Remonstrance of the 22d of June

The Emperor's answer to the deputies from the States of the Belgic Provinces, Au-

gust 15, 1787
The Orders alluded to in the preceding answer

- Memorial of the deputies of the Belgic Provinces to Prince Kaunitz, occafioned by
bis communicating the foregoing orders to them

Declaration of the Emperor 10 the States of Brabant, delivered by the Compte de
, Murray

Articles of the New Constitution of the United States of America, entered inte by a

**Convention of all the states, held at New York, and transmitted to Congress for
* their approbation by General Washington, president of the Convention, September

'17, 1787. -
Remonftrance of the parliament of Paris, presented to his Most Christian Majesty,
against the declaration of a Stamp dury, July 24, 1787

. (.300.
His Mof Christian Majesty's speech to the parliament of Paris, November 19, 1787

ddress of the first President of the parliament of Paris 10 his Mast Christian Majesiy,

on the exile of the Duke of Orleans and two Counsellors of the parliamenı; wiib
his Majesty's answer

Second address of tba parliament of Paris on the same subject, November 23, 1784

His Mot Christian Majesty's answer to the foregoing address, November 26, 1781

Third remonftrance on the same subject, December 10, 1787

Manifesto of the Sublime Porte against Ruflia, dated the 11tb of Zileade, the year 1201
(the 24th of August, 1-87)

. (311
Manifesto of the Court of Russia againji the Sublime Porte, dated Petersburg, Sep-

tember 13th, 1987
Trpary between his Britannic Majesly and the Landgrave of Heffe Cassel, Jigned

28th September, 1787
Heads of ihe principal acts of parliament passed in the year 1787
Heads of the new criminal code of Tuscany


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Portrait of Frederic the Second, late King of Prusia, when Prince Royal; by M. de

Subm--from the familiar Correspondence of Frederic the Second with that Gentle.
Anecdotes and Remarks on the Character of the lare King of Prussia, when at ar

advanced period of his life from Travels through Germany, by tbe Baron Ric-

beck ; translated by the Reverend Mr. Mary
Cbaracter of the late Empress Queen Maria T berefa-from the same


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T E N T S. Summary account and history of Ali Bey from M. Volney's Travels througß Syriä and Egypt

15 Particulars relative 10 Ragonauth Row, usually called Raghobab- from the Afarie

Customs and manners of the Maratlas -- from the fame work

27 Extracts relative to the Character of the late Mr. Hanway--from the Remarkable Occurrences in bis Life, by Mr. Pugh .

31 Curious Account of a peculiar race of people in Siberia, called Wodyacks--from an

original Letter from Petersburg, Jan. 14, 1783, in the Gentleman's Magazine

for January 1787 Some Acccuni and Character of the late Robert Loweb, D. D. Lord Bishop of Lone

don from the Gentleman's Magazine for November 1787



Observations tending to new that the Wolf, Fackal; and Dog, are all of the fame

species. By John Hunter, Esq. F. R. S. Remarkable case of numerous Births, with Observations. By Maxwell Garihsore,

M. D. F R.S. and A. S. in a Letter to Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. P.R.S. 45 Some account of a molley-coloured, or pye Negro Girband Mulatto Boy; exhibited

beforë the American Philosophical Society, by Dr. John Morgan, from the history given of them by their owner, M. Le Vallois, Dentis of the King of France

from the American Philosophical Transactions Description of a remarkable Rock and Cascade near the Western Side of the Youghi.

ogeny River, in Fayette County, in Pennsylvania, by Tbomas Hutcbins--from obe

Same work Account of the Winds in Egypt, and their Phenomena ; of the Kamfin, or kor Wind

of tbe Desert-from Travels in Egypt and Syria, by M. Volney Natural history of Syria, including its Mountains, Volcanos, and Earthquakes; Le

cufts, Rivers, and Lakes; Climate, Air, Waters, and Winds-from the same

work Some account of tbe productions and peculiarities of the Maraita country-from the Afiatic Mijcellany



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Experiments on the Culture of Turneps, and a Receipt for preserving the Turnep

Seed from being destroyed by the Fiy, in a Letter from Mr. Winter, of Charlton, near Bristol--from vol. v. of the Transactions of the Society for ibe Encouragement of Arts, Manufatures, and Commerce Account of the Racine de Disette, or Root of Scarcity; of its utility, and the mode of treating it, in à Lerier from Thomas Boothby Parkyns, Esq.--from the same

work A method of destroying Ants, Spiders, and other Inseels, in Hot-houses and Pineries in a Letter from Mr. Ailway--- from the same work

81 Curious Discovery of the ancient Grecian Method of painting on Wax, by Miss Greena land-from the same worki

. 83 Extract of a Letier from Bernard Romans, óf Pensacola, date: August 20, 1973,

on an improved Sea Compuls--- from the American Philosophical Transactions 83

Ves and Pinen:79

Letter from Thomas Ruston to Benjamin Franklin, Esq. LL. D. concerning Smoky

Chimnits from the same work

Letter from ibe Reverend Jeremy Belknap, on the preserving of Parsnips by drying

- from the same work

- 87

Letter from Dr. Franklin to Mr. Nairne of London, prapofing a flowly sensible Hyo

grometer for certain Purposes-from the same work


Some Observations on ancient Inks, with the Proposal of a new Method of recover.

ing the Legibility of decayed writings by Charles Blagden, M. D. Sec. R. S. and

..F.A.S. - from the Philosophical Tranjactions of the Royal Society of London 91

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Copy of a notable Letter, written by the Duke of Suffolk to his Son-from original

Letters, written during the Reigns of Henry VI. Edward IV. and Richard III.

by various Persons of Rank or Consequence


Letter to the Right Worshipful Fohn Paston, at Norwich, giving an account of the

Death of the Duke of Suffolk--from the same work

. . . 99

To the same, on the fame subject from the same work

Some Observations on the sto preceding Letters;


Letter containing a certain and curious account of the Commons of Keni, when, allem.

bled at Blackheath under Cade, in 1450, written by. F. Payn, who was taken

by them, and threatened to have been beheaded, &c.-- from the same work 106

Letter containing a curious and authentic Account of the Marriage of Charles the

Bold, Duke of Burgundy, with Margaret, Daughter of Richard Plantagenet,
Duke of pork, and Sister of Edward IV. and of the subsequent Diverpons ex.
bibitai at Bruges in Honour of it; written by John Pason, an Eye Wirness-
from vol. ij. of the same work

Curious Specimen of the Celebration of Marriages at Court in the Beginning of the

· Reign of Jaines I. exiracted from a Letter from Sir Dudley Carlton to Mr. Win-

wood -- from the Gentleman's Magazine for February 1787

On the Dress and Ornaments of the ancient Mexicans-- from the history of Mexico,
- translated from the Italian of Saverio Clavigero, by Mr. Cullen

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