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By Major-Gen. W. P. Marriott, C.S.I., late Secretary to the

Government of Bombay. Crown 8vo. 6*. The author's aim in presenting this new elementary treatise to the world is, firstly, to restrict it to truly elementary considerations in each branch of the subject; secondly, to adopt a perfectly precise and unambiguous use of terms in the sense which most nearly agrees with common use; thirdly, to offer reasonable proof of every proposition; and fourthly, to use the utmost brevity consistent with proof, so as to invite and facilitate the judgment of the student as well as of the critic.

SOCIALISM: its Nature, its Bangers, and its Remedies

considered by the Rev. M. Kaufmann, B.A. Founded on the German work 'Kapitalismus und Socialismus,' by Dr. A. E. F. Schapfle. Crown 8vo. 7*. 6d. This work is addressed on the one hand to the great middle class, the capitalists, against whom the ' International' and kindred affiliations are directing their open attacks and dreaded secret combinations. On the other hand, it is addressed to those l enlightened' leaders of the labouring classes, who can see no other means of salvation for the working-man except the destruction of the capital and influence of the hated moneyed middle and upper classes.

'A really complete theory upon the question Without

assuming the authority of all he (Dr. Schaffle) urges as explained by his English editor, we feel it would be difficult to recommend to those more especially interested a better or more conscientious summing up of the entire argument on both sides.'—Standard.

'Ought to be in the hands of all who are interested in this most important but complex subject.'—Leeds Mercury.

'The great social questions of the day are here handled in an able and comprehensive manner, and the work more particularly claims the attention of capitalists and the leaders of the labouring classes.'—Edinburgh Courant.

1 Valuable in many respects. There is in it much of sound teaching and wise exposition of economic principles.'—Scotsman.

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