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The Board, 1874

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Página 90 - Apportionment, who shall annually, between the first day of August and the first day of November, meet, and, by the affirmative vote of all the members, make a provisional estimate of the amounts required to pay the expenses of conducting the public business of the city and county of New York, in each department and branch thereof, and the Board of Education, for the then next ensuing financial year.
Página 37 - The judge of such court shall be elected by the electors of the county in which he resides, and shall hold his office for four years, and until his successor is elected and qualified.
Página 73 - ... upon any understanding that his official vote, opinion, judgment, or action shall be influenced thereby, or shall be given in any particular manner, or upon any particular side of any question or "matter upon which he may be required to act in his official capacity...
Página 103 - An act to amend chapter 755 of the laws of 1873, entitled "An act supplemental to the act entitled 'An act to reorganize the local government of the city of New York...
Página 44 - State, all the common law and statutory powers of constables, except for the service of civil process ; and any warrant for search or arrest, issued by any magistrate of this State, may be executed in any part thereof, by any member of the police force of the said " The Metropolitan Police District...
Página 74 - Houses thereof, with intent to influence his decision or action on any question, matter, cause, or proceeding which may at any time be pending, or which may by law be brought before him in his official capacity...
Página 26 - ... no regular clerk or head of a bureau or person holding a position in the classified state civil service, subject to competitive examination, shall be removed until he has been allowed an opportunity of making an explanation...
Página 48 - All property or money taken on suspicion of having been feloniously obtained, or of being the proceeds of crime, and for which there is no other claimant than the person from...
Página 82 - ... the several appropriations made by the common council, the objects for which the same were made, and the amount of moneys expended under each ; the moneys borrowed on the credit of the corporation, the authority under which each loan was made, and the terms on which the same was obtained, shall be clearly and particularly specified.
Página 45 - The board of police shall provide suitable accommodations within said city, for the detention of witnesses who are unable to furnish security for their appearance in criminal proceedings, and such accommodations shall be in premises other than those employed for the confinement of persons charged with crime, fraud, or disorderly conduct; and it shall be the duty of all magistrates, in committing witnesses, to have regard to the rules and regulations of the board of police in respect to their detention.

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