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MUNDAY (Anthony). The Mirrour of Mutabilitie, or Principall

part of the Mirrour for Magistrates. Describing

the fall of diuers famous Princes, and other memor-

able Personages. Selected out of the sacred Scrip-

tures by Anthony Munday, and dedicated to the

Right Honorable the Earle of Oxenford.... 4to b.l. 1579 30

MURFORD (Nicholas). Memoria Sacra. Or offertures unto the

fragrant memory of the Right Honouble Henry

Ireton, (late) Lord Deputy of Ireland, intended to

haue been humbly presented at his Funerall. By

a Nurs-child of Maro.

.... MS. 1651-2 39

Fragmenta Poetica: or Miscelanies of Poetical Musings,

Moral and Divine: By Nich. Murford. .... ..12mo 1650 42

Nash (Thomas). Pierce Penilesse his Svpplication to the Diuell.

4to b.l. 1592 44

Pierce Pennilesse his Supplication to the Diuell....... 4to b.l. 1593 54

Pierce Pennilesse his Supplication to the Diuell...... 4to b.I. 1595


The Terrors of the Night, or, A Discourse of Apparitions.

Post Tenebras Dies. Tho: Nashe.. ....... 4to 1574 55

Haue with you to Saffron-walden, or Gabriell Harveys Hunt

Containing a full answēre to the oldest

sonne of the Hatter-maker. Or, Nashe his Con-

futation of the sinfull Doctor. The moth or Posie

instead of omne tulit punctum. Pacis fiducia

nunquam, as much as to say, as I sayd I would

speuke with him........

......4to 1596 61

NELSON (Thomas). A Short Discourse : Expressing the Sub-

staunce of all the late pretended Treasons against

the Queenes Maiestie, and Estates of this Realme,

by sondrie Traytors: who were executed for the

same on the 20 and 21 daies of September last

Whereunto is adioyned a Godly

Prayer for the safetie of her Highnesse person,

her honorable Counsaile, and all other her obedient


.4to b.l. n. d. 65

NICCOLS (Richard). The Cuckow.


N. (T.), i.e., (Nuce, Thomas). The Ninth Tragedie of Lucius

Anneus Seneca called Octavia. Translated out of

is up.

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Latine into English, by T. N. Student in Cam-

bridge .....

4to b.i. n. d. (1566] 78

0. (J.) The Lamentation of Troy for the death of Hector.

Whereunto is annexed an Olde womans Tale in

hir solitarie Cell.......

.4to 1594 81

OVERBURY (Sir Thomas). A Wife now the Widdow of Sir

Thomas Overburie. Being a most exquisite and

singular Poem of the choice of a Wife. Where-

unto are added many witty Characters and con-

ceited Newes, written by himselfe and other

learned Gentlemen his friends.................. 4to 1614 89

Sir Thomas Overbury His Wife. With Additions of New

Characters, and many other Wittie Conceits neuer

before Printed. The eleventh Impression.

sm. 8vo 1622 93

Sir Thomas Overbury His Wife. With Additions of New

Characters, and many other Wittie Conceits never

before Printed. The fifteenth Impression.

sm. 8vo 1632 95

The Bloody downfall of Adultery, Murder, Ambition, at

the end of which are added Westons, and Mistris

Turners last Teares, shed for the Murder of Sir

Thomas Overbury poysoned in the Tower; who

for the fact, suffered deserued execution at Tiburne

the 14 of Nouember last 1615. ........... .4to n. d. 97

Ovid. The fable of Ovid treating of Narcissus, trāslated out of

Latin into English Metres, with a moral ther unto,

very pleasante to rede............ .....4to b.l. 1560 101

PARKER (Archbishop). The whole Psalter translated into English

Metre, which contayneth an hundreth and fifty

Psalmes. The first quinquagene....4to 6.1. n. d. [1560) 105

(Martin). The Nightingale warbling forth her owne dis-

aster:- or, The Rape of Philomele, Newly

written in English Verse, by Martin Parker...8vo 1632 110

The Poets Blind mans bough, or Have among you my blind

Harpers ; being a pretty medicine to cure the

Dimme, Double, Envious, Partiall, and Diabolicall

eyesight and judgement of those Dogmaticall,

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Schismaticall, Aenigmaticall, and non Gramaticall

Authors who Lycentiously, without eyther Name,

Lycence, Wit, or Charity, have raylingly, falsely,

and foolishly written a numerous rable of pestefe-

rous Pamphletes, in this present (and the prece-

dent) yeare, justly observed and charitably cen-

sured, By Martine Parker........

4to 1641 114

PERROT or PARROT (Henry). Epigrams by H. P. ...... 4to 1608 120

-The Mastive, or Young-Whelpe of the Olde-Dogge. Epi-

grams and Satyrs.

4to 1615 121

Laquei ridiculosi : or Springes for Woodcocks. By H. P.

sm. 8vo 1613 125

PARTRIDGE (John). The worthie Hystorie of the most noble

and valiaunt Knight Plasidas, otherwise called

Eustas, who was martyred for the profession of

Jesus Christ. Gathered in English verse by Iohn

Partridge, in the yere of our Lord 1566...8vo b.l. 1566 128

Pasquil's Palinodia, and his progresse to the Tauerne, Where

after the suruey of the Sellar, you are presented

with a pleasant pynte of Poeticall Sherry....... 4to 1619 130

Palinodia, and his progresse to the Tauerne, &c.

....... 4to 1619 135

Peacham (Henry). Minerva Britania. Or a Garden of Heroical

Devises, furnished, and adorned with Emblemes,

and Impresas of sundry natures, Newly devised,

moralized, and published, by Henry Peacham, M-

of Artes.

....... 4to 1612 136

PETOWE (Henry). Elizabetha quasi vivens. Eliza's Funerall.

A fewe Aprill drops, showred on the Hearse of

the dead Eliza. Or, the Funerall teares of a true

hearted Subiect. By H. P. .... ....... 4to 1603 143

Englands Cæsar. His Maiesties most Royall Coronation.

Together with the manner of the solemne shewes

prepared for the honour of his entry into the Cittie

of London. Eliza. her Coronation in Heauen,

and London's sorrow for her visitation. By Henry


4to 1603 144

PETRONYLLA. The Lyfe of a Virgyn called Petronylla. ......4to n. d. 148

PHILIPOTT (Thomas). Poems. By Thomas Philipott, Master of

Arts, (Sometimes) of Clare-Hall in Cambridge.Svo 1646 149

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Pierce Plowman's Vision. The Vision of Pierce Plowman, now

first imprynted by Robert Crowley, dwellyng in

Ely rentes in Holburne......... .......... 4to b.l. 1550 151

The Vision of Pierce Plowman, nowe the second time im-

printed by Robert Crowley dwellynge in Elye

rentes in Holburne. Whereunto are added cer-

tayne notes and cotations in the mergyne, geuynge

light to the Reader. And in the begynning is set

a briefe summe of all the principall matters spoken

of in this boke. And as the boke is deuided into

twenty partes called Passus : so is the summary

deuided, for euery parte hys summarie, rehears-

ynge the matters spoken of in euery parte, euen

in suche order as they stande there........ 4to b.i. 1550 155

The Vision of Pierce Plowman, newlye imprynted after the

authours olde copy, with a brefe summary of the

principall matters set before euery parte called

Passus. Whereunto is also annexed the Crede of

Pierce Plowman, neuer imprinted with the booke


.........4to 5.1. 1561 157

Visio Willī de Petro Ploughman, item Visiones ejusdem de

Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest. Or, The Vision of

William concerning Peirs Plouhman, and the

Visions of the same concerning the Origin Pro-

gress, and Perfection of the Christian Life. As-

cribed to Robert Langland, a Secular Priest of

County of Salop; and written in or immediately

after, the

MCCCLXII. Printed from a MS.

contemporary with the Author, collated with two

others of great Antiquity, and exhibiting the original

Text; Together with an Introductory Discourse, a

perpetual Commentary, Annotations, and a Glos-

sary. By Thomas Dunham Whitaker, LL.D.,

F.S.A., Vicar of Whalley, and Rector of Heysham

in Lancashire.

....... 4to b.l. 1813 158

The vision and creed of Piers Ploughman newly imprinted.

With Notes and a Glossary. By Thomas Wright,

M.A., F.R.S., &c. In Two Svo 1842 161

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