A few observations on nervous affections

Simpkin and Marshall, 1859 - 91 páginas

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Página 89 - ... tests formerly relied upon in classifying mankind have proved less satisfactory to modern investigators than that of colour. The microscope appears to show that colour is not due to organic differences of race ; not only are there great differences in the colour of individuals of the same tribe, but of the same family, and even in the same individual at different periods of life. Thus, in the case of our Indians, it i well known that the skin of the infant at an early age is very light-coloured,...
Página 71 - MR. HW LOBB, LSA, MRCSE ON SOME OF THE MORE OBSCURE FORMS OF NERVOUS AFFECTIONS, THEIR PATHOLOGY AND TREATMENT. With an Introduction on the Physiology of Digestion and Assimilation, and the Generation and Distribution of Nerve Force.
Página 59 - ENDORSED AS THE MOST VALUABLE REMEDY IN KIDNEY, BLADDER AND URETHRAL AFFECTIONS. Sanmetto is a valuable preparation. Indeed, I have found it one of the most valuable remedies in the treatment of gonorrhea and all kidney and bladder affections, either acute or chronic, and can endorse same to the medical profession.
Página 55 - ... and the senses and so little by actual doing, that the problem of providing a proper environment and education for town and city children, and of utilizing their excess leisure time in profitable activities, has become one of the most serious as well as one of the most difficult social and educational problems now before us.
Página 31 - He complained much of being always cold, but at night the soles of his feet and the palms of his hands were in a burning heat.
Página 35 - ... in comfort and health. Whereas, if we [transgress it, and persevere in breathing an atmosphere containing less than the requisite quantity of oxygen, and more than the usual quantity of carbonic acid, we have no more right to expect to enjoy health, energy, activity of mind and body, than to expect a fire to burn without air, or a fish to live out of water.
Página 28 - This condition might be observed on the palms of the hands as well as on the soles of the feet ; it was also often found under the diaper.
Página 48 - The vomiting produced by cerebral disease is often of the most decided character, and it is of the greatest importance that the nature of the malady should be correctly understood. To treat the stomach while the irritation is at the cerebral extremity of the nerve, is often the greatest injury to the patient. The bilious attacks of early life are very frequently to be traced to cerebral disease, and are too often overlooked till the true character of the...

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