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and you have been both eye and car witnesses of the end of his conversation ; and, if after all this any of you should turn apoftates, it will be more tolerable for Sodom and for Lot's wife, in the day of judgment, than for you. But I hope better things of you, though I thus speak, and things that accompany salvation; and subscribe myself ever yours to serve in Christ Jefus,


W. H. S. S.





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Dear Friend, Last Saturday, according to his desire, I accompanied our beloved friend and old companion to his long home, and was a witness of what remained here of him being laid in the earth. Dust to dust, and ashes to alhes, in a sure and most certain hope of his resurrection to eternal life. His departure was most glorious, and the leave we took of him most sweet and comfortable ; but at the same time I could not help lamenting his loss, for I have not such a friend left behind him in all Sussex. A faithful man who can find ? It seems Solomon found it a rare thing. His soul was kept in a most happy and comfortable frame, throughout his last - illness, after his bands had been loosed; which he ·

felt pretty strong when his illness began to come on, but did not continue long before the Almighty was pleased to shine into his soul; and from that time forth the light was brighter and brighter, lo true is the word of the Lord, « The path of the « just shall shine more and more unto the perfect 5 day.” He appeared not to have the least concern that gave him any pain or emotion for his loving family, and you well know how affectionately he loved them, which plainly shews that he


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had resigned them all to the care of his Redeemer. He had not only hope in his death, but he had likewise peace in his death, and he entered into peace, and now rests on his bed, and walks with God in his uprightness. Solid peace he had through his illness; quietness and a comfortable assurance to the last; and he breathed his soul forth into the hands of his Redeemer in prayer, for his lips were seen moving when he could speak no more.

He told Mrs.B—- one morning, a few days before his departure, “O! what has been the work “ of this last night !” said he. "What work, my « dear," was her reply. “O,” said he, “ such glo“ ries have been revealed this night, that I shall “ never be able to utter in this world,” and words to the same effect.

Truly the memory of the just is blessed! for I can neither talk or write of him but what I find a sweetness descending on my spirit. “O! that I might die the death of the righteous, and that my last end may be like his.” And though, perhaps, there may be but few that come to the end so comfortable, yet I believe that precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of all his family. But, as most likely you will have more particulars by Betsy, I shall refrain saying any more. A young man at Lewes lately departed, and left a comfortable testimony after him. I believe these things have stirred the spirits of the contrary party, who make a fair shew in the flesh. They have published the death of two


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or three in the newspapers, with a fulsome account of their departure. The visions one had on his death-bed were published, and witnessed, but this will not do, for it is well known that they are of no credit among the spiritual. Nevertheless they acted a wife part, for they knew if they had published it in Zion, that the children there would not believe a word of it, therefore they put it in the newspaper, supposing their own brethren would not object to it; for of the world they are, and of the world they speak, and the world hear them. My hand is ready to freeze ; God bless my dear friend, I hope he will soon favour me with a few lines, that I may know how he is this sharp weather. Peace be with you, Amen.

J. J.


T.BENSLÉY, Printer, Bolt Court,

Fleet Street.

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