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membrance “ the wormwood and the gall"'my soul felt under Moses' yoke. I verily believe that such a man as you can certainly divine; and therefore do believe what you say. But I am not there yet; no, I am in the banqueting-house, and his banner over me is love. I assure you my mortal part can hardly support under it. I know my body is much weakened, which is the reason, I think, that the Lord will not keep me here long; for I seem to live entirely above. I have enjoyed much satisfaction in the cornpany of the citizen who was lately at the vicarage. I feel union of heart with him. He seems truly contrite. I pray the Lord to appear for him, and heal the breaches which are made in his spirit, and restore to him health and cure. I hope we shall see you ere long in the King's dale. Your kind expressions of love in Christ Jesus towards us I really believe, for you have shewn it; and I am sure that the same bond holds us to each other that holds us to Christ our head. His Majesty's herald, I believe, is well. My soul was sweetly fed yesterday under his excellent oration. I wished him to continue his sound till midnight. I believe I should not have fallen down with Neep. He brought forth milk and strong meat, that each might have a portion in due season. I really think he has had much of the power and presence of God with him ever fince the meeting of our folemn assembly in the barn and the bower. Every time the Lord sends

you among us you confirm and strengthen the work on our souls done by the King's herald. So you see that self-interest is one motive of our wishing to see you. However, I believe one may say for many, that we love you dearly in the Lord Jesus as you do us. I should be glad to hear from you as soon as convenient. My other half desires to be kindly remembered to you. Must conclude, and remain

Your affectionate friend and fifter

in the Lord Jesus Christ,

The King's Dale.



T. PHILOMELA, of the King's Dale.

Beloved of God, thine epistle came safe to hand. The tidings are good; and God appears faithful, true, good, gracious, merciful, loving, kind, and tender; mindful of his covenant, and pitiful to self-lost, self-condemned,


and self-despairing finners. The bitterness of death is past, the fackcloth is put off, and the best robe is put on. He hath loofed “ the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.” The strong hold of Satan is demolished, the prison of unbelief has yielded up its prisoner of hope, and The that fat in darkness shews herself. Wonderful is the resurrection of the soul under the Spirit's quickening and comforting operations. When a sense of divine wrath, the intolerable burden of guilt, the spirit of heaviness, begin to be removed from off the soul; when despondency, dejection, and terrible apprehensions, begin to fubfide; the mind sweetly ascends, and every captivated and enraptured thought ascend with it. Attracting love from above draws the affections to the right hand of the Majesty on high ; while faith deals with dying love and all-atoning blood, hope casts her anchor within the veil; when charity cafts out every let and hindrance, together with every rival, and paves the way for the best Beloved to yield to an undiffolved union, to knit the marriage knot, and become one spirit with the dear-bought soul. O wonder of wonders ! Adieu.

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: 'TO NOCTUA AURITA, in the Desert.

che 'I HAVE not words to express my thankfulness for the favours you are heaping upon me." My debt is increasing, and I have nothing to pay. But I do verily believe that my dear Redeemer will give yoụ a full reward. Blessed be his name, he does give me a heart to pray for it; « and he that searcheth the heart knoweth what is the mind of the spirit, because the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us, according to the will of God." Your letter came as a broad seal to all that I had experienced from the Monday till Thursday evening in the week following, when I received yours. During those days my union to Christ was made as clear to me as ever I saw the fun at noon-day. What I felt in my soul of the effects of dying love no tongue nor pen can ever express. The godly sorrow it produced in my heart melted it. The Lord did give me to look on him whom I had pierced, and mourn; and this dissolved my stony heart, and broke it in a thousand pieces. The three verses of Mr. Hart's hymn on the Prodigal quite overcame me, viz.


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The prodigal's return’d, .

Th' apostate bold and base,
Who all his Father's counsels spurn'd,
· And long abus’d his grace.
What treatment fince he came?

Love tenderly expreft.
What robe is brought to hide his shame?

The best, the very best.
Rich food the servants bring,

Sweet music charms his ears:
See what a beauteous costly ring

The beggar's finger wears.

My joy and godly forrow kept inereafing; and on Tuesday following it rose fo high, that I was incapable of attending to the domestic concerns of my family. I could only go about the house faying, 6 Lord, I cannot live fo; I cannot, cannot. Do take me. Thou knowest I cannot bear up under fuch manifestations of dying love." Surely I was drunk with the new wine of the kingdom. The Lord did make me fo to drink as to forget my poverty, and to remember my misery no more. Surely the Lord is preparing me for something: but what I know not. However, I am persuaded I shall not be led in this way long; but am quite in the dark what will be my path next. I think he is either preparing me for glory, or I shall be exercised with fome fiery trial. However, what I experienced this last month I believe no teniptation that I shall be exercised with will ever erase

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