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U. S., 73 6 9

Dept. Interior.



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Vol. 18..Nos. 211 and 261, Fish Bulletins, etc.
Vol. 19..No. 223, Rebellion Records, Vol. 28, part 1.
Vol. 20..No. 224, part 1 },

Vol. 21..No. 224, part 2 S
Vol. 22..No. 228, Rebellion Records, Vol. 28, part 2.
Vol. 23..Nos. 229, 243, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266.
Vol. 24..No. 231, Consular Reports, 105 to 107}.

Smithsonian Report, 1889.


Vol. 25..Nos. 232 and 233, Consular Reports 108 to
111, and index to vols. 18 to 31.

Vol. 26..No. 234, Consular Reports 112 to 115.
Vol. 27.. No. 237, Opinions of Attorneys General,
Vol. 17.

Vol. 28..No 238, Opinions of Attorneys-General,
Vol. 18.

Vol. 29..No. 239, Opinions of Attorney General,
Vol. 19.

Vol. 30..No. 240 Rebellion Records, Vol. 29, parts
Vol. 31..No. 241 1 and 2.

Vol. 32..No. 244, Bulletins 55-61 Geological Sur-

Vol. 33..No. 245

Vol. 34..No. 246 (Rebellion Records, Vol. 30, parts
Vol. 35..No. 247 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Vol. 36..No. 248)

Vol. 37..No. 249, Monograph Vol. 16, Geological

Vol. 38..No. 257, Observations, 1885.

Vol. 39..No. 267, Consular Reports 116 to 119.
Vol. 40..No. 268, Special Consular Reports.
Vol. 41..No. 269, Fifth Report Entomological Com.

Vol. 42..No. 270, Animal Industry, 1889-'90.
Vol. 43..No. 271, Hayden's Volume 13, Scudder.
Vol. 44..No. 272, part 1 American Ethnology,
Vol. 45..No. 272, part 2 Vol. 2, Gatschet.
Vol. 46. No. 273, American Ethnology, Vol. 6.
Vol. 47..No. 274, Fish and Fisheries, 1888.

No. Vol.


Alaska, report on the salmon and salmon rivers of, etc
Resolution requesting the Secretary of the State to report to House
all correspondence between the Government of the United States and
foreign governments concerning the seizure of vessels for violation
of seal fisheries laws

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Alfrey, A. H., findings of the Court of Claims in case of.
Allen, Lewis D., findings of Court of Claims in case of



Anderson, Anna M., and others, findings of Court of Claims in case of..
Anderson, Allen E., resolution to refer claim to Court of Claims
Anderson, William H., findings of Court of Claims in case of
Appropriations, conference report on river and harbor bill





Architect of the Capitol, letter from the, transmitting estimate of the
cost of erecting a basement story under the National Museum.....
Arrears of Pensions, estimate of the probable cost of the repeal of the... 196
Askew, Allie V., administratrix, findings of Court of Claims in case of..
Attorneys-General of the United States:

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Badeaux, Ulger V., resolution to refer claim to Court of Claims...
Bailey, J. J., resolution to refer claim to Court of Claims...
Ballot-box forgery, resolution for appointment of committee to investi-
gate alleged

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Banks, Charles, resolution to refer claim to Court of Claims
Barksdale, Thomas M., findings of court of Claims in case of

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19 191

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