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But I fear I trespass too far upon your Grace's Time and Business, and therefore humbly imploring your Grace's Blessing, I lay these poor Papers at your Feet, infinitely unworthy, I confess, of the Acceptance of so great a Person, and the Perusal of so judicious an Eye, but yet at present the best Pledges I can give your Grace of those fecere Respects and Servi. ces, which your Grace ought always to claim, and shall never fail to receive from,


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මියගමගේ මෙමමය මෙයමය The Doctrine of Merit stated, and

the Impossibility of Mans Meriting of GOD,

Asserted in a DISCOURSE

The 22d of Job, and the 2d Verse.


On December 5th 1697. %E5%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

Can á Man be profitable to GOD?

Tisa Matter of no small Moment
certainly for a Man to be right-

ly informed, upon what Terms, 3D and Conditions, he is to transact with God, and God with him, in the great Busi





ness of his Salvation. For by Knowing upon what Terms he must obtain Eternal Happiness hereafter, he will know also, upon what Grounds he is to hope for, and expect it here; and fo be able to govern both his Actions and Expectations according to the Nature of the Thing he is in Purfuit of; Left, otherwise, he should chance to fail of the Prize he runs for, by mistaking the Way he should run in

St. Paul, as plainly as Words can express a Thing, tells us, That Eternal Life is the Gift of God; and Confequently to be expected by us only as such : nay, He asserts it to be a Gift in the very same verse in which He affirms Death to be as due toʻa Sinner, as Wages are to a Workman, Romans 6. 23. Then which Words nothing certainly can be more full and Conclufive, That Salvation proceeds wholly upon Free-Gift, though Damnation upon strict Defert.

Nevertheless, such is the Extreme Folly, or rather Sottisbness of Mans Corrupt Nature, That this does by no Means satisfy Him. For though indeed he would fain be Happy, yet fain would He also Thank none for it but Himself. And though He finds, that, not only His Duty but His Necessity brings him every day upon His Knees to Almighty God

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