Bradshaw's illustrated travellers' hand book in [afterw.] to France, Edição 1

Cengage Gale, 1855 - 336 páginas
Adapted to All the Railway Routes; with a Short Itinerary of Corsica, and Guide to Paris: With a Short Itinerary of Corsica, and Guide to Paris. With Maps, Town Plans, and Illustrations

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Página xxxvii - Les mois de l'année janvier, January février, February mars, March avril, April mai, May juin, June juillet, July août, August septembre, September octobre, October novembre, November décembre, December Les jours de fête fêter v., to celebrate a holiday; bonne fête!
Página xxiii - ... humors. It is the best of all constitutional remedies for mind and body, although it acts but slowly on the whipcord nerves of the English. It is good for the brains and the stomach.- It invigorates the imagination, loosens the blood and makes it leap through the veins, dispels the nebulous mass of the stay-at-home animal, and, liberating the spirit from its drowsy weight of prejudices, sends it rebounding back, lighter and brighter than ever, with the fresh morning beams throbbing in its pulses....
Página xxxvii - Days of the week: lundi (Monday), mardi (Tuesday), mercredi (Wednesday), jeudi (Thursday), vendredi (Friday), samedi (Saturday), dimanche (Sunday...
Página 7 - Bartholomew," was passed from man to man. But out spake gentle Henry, "No Frenchman is my foe: "Down, down, with every foreigner, but let your brethren go.
Página lxiii - Académie française. — Académie des inscriptions et belles lettres. — Académie des sciences. — Académie des beaux arts. — Académie des sciences morales et politiques, quai de Conti , 23, à Paris.
Página lxxii - London consists in the greater purity and dryness of. the atmosphere, its freedom from smoke and fog, and in the weather being less variable from day to day. The summers are hotter, and the winters equally cold if not colder. The average quantity of rain which falls throughout the year is about as great in the one as in the other capital. It would not, therefore, be advisable to select Paris as a winter residence for delicate invalids, or those whose cases require attention to climate. It agrees,...
Página xxiii - With what curiosity he peers into shop-windows and bazaars ; with what vivacity, wondering se cretly all the while at his miraculous accession of gusto, he criticises picture-galleries and museums ; how vigorously he hunts through royal parks and palaces to collect gossip for the table d'hote; how he climbs lofty steeples and boasts of his lungs; what mountains of ice he devours in the heat of the day ; what torrents of lemonade gazeuse or Seltzer water he swallows ; what a dinner he makes amidst...
Página xli - I le second, la seconde, le, la deuxième, te troisième, the third. le quatrième, the fourth. le cinquième, the fifth. le sixième, the sixth. le septième, the seventh. le huitième, the eighth. le neuvième, the ninth. le dixième, the tenth. le onzième, the eleventh.
Página xxii - ... Out of England, he is out of his element. He misses the unmistakeable cookery, the rugs and carpets, the bright steps and windows, the order, decorum, the wealth and its material sturdiness. He comes out of his fogs and the sulphurous atmosphere of his sea-coal fires, into an open laughing climate. His ears are stunned with songs and music from morning till night; every face he meets is lighted up with enjoyment; he cannot even put his head out of the window without seeing the sun.
Página xxiv - I observe that few English shine in conversation with the French. There is a lightness and brilliancy, a sort of touch and go, if I may say so, in the latter, seldom, if ever, to be acquired by strangers. Never dwelling long on any subject, and rarely entering profoundly into it, they sparkle on the surface with great dexterity, bringing wit, gaiety, and tact, into play. Like summer lightning, French wit flashes frequently, brightly and innocuously, leaving nothing disagreeable to remind one of its...

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