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As there is sense in truth, and truth in yirtue,
I am affianced this man's 'wife, as strongly
As words could make-up 'vows. As this is 'true,
Let me in safety 'raise me from my knees,
Or else forever be 'confixéda here,-
A 'marble monument.

Lord Angelo hastily interrupts :

I did but 'smile till now:
Now, good my lord, give me the scope of 'justice;
My 'patience here is touched. I do perceive,
These poor informal women are no more
But instruments of some more 'mightyo member,
That sets them on. Let me have way, my lord,

To find this practice out.

Ay, with my heart;

And 'punish them e'en to your height of pleasure.-
Thou foolish Friar, and thou pernicious 'woman,-
Compact' with her that's gone,-think'st thou, thy

Though they would swear-down each particular saint,
Were testimonies 'gainst 'his worth and credit,
That's sealed in approbation ?6—You, Lord Escalus,
Sit 'with my cousin: lend him your kind pains
To find-out this abuse, whence 't is 'derived.
There is 'another Friar that set them on;
Let him be 'sent for. I, for a while, will leave you;
But stir not 'you, till you have well 'determined

Upon these slanderers.
The Duke goes out hastily. Lord Angelo is dumb with per-
plexity. Lord Escalus questions Lucio:
Escal. Signior Lucio, did not you say, you 'knew that
Friar Lodowick to be a 'dishonest

person ? Lucio. Cucullus non facit monachum , honest in nothing

but in his 'clothes; and one that hath spoke most 'vil

lainous speeches of the Duke. Escal. We shall entreat you to abide here till he come,

and then' 'enforce them against uim. We shall find



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this Friar a 'notable fellow. Lucio. As any in Vienna, on my word. Escal. Call that same Isabel here once again: I would speak with 'her.

[A a fixed to one spot. bcrazy, distracted.

.0, R. more mightier. d wicked scheme, artifice.

fin league.

& stamped with the mark of approval.

Exit an

e inserted word.
h the cowl does not make the monk.

i inserted word.

Isabella is brought-in, in the custody of two Apparitors; and immediately the Duke, again habited as a Friar, approaches with the Provost. Lucio cries out: Lucio. My lord, here comes the rascal I spoke of; here,

with the Provost. Escal. In very good time:-Speak not 'you to him, till we

call upon you. Lucio. Mum!

The disguised Duke enters.
Escal. Come, sir: did 'you set these women on to slander

Lord Angelo? they have confessed you 'did.
Duke. T is 'false.
Escal. How! know you where you are ?
Duke. Respect to your great 'place! and let the 'Devil

Be sometime 'honoured for his burning throne.

Where is the 'Duke? 't is 'he should hear me speak. Escal. The Duke's in 'us, and we will hear you speak:

Look you speak 'justly. Duke.

'Boldly, at least.—But, O, poor souls ! Come you

to seek the 'lamb here of the 'fox?
Good-night to your 'redress. Is the

Duke 'gone?
Then is

your 'cause gone too. The Duke's unjust,
'Thus to retort" your manifest appeal ;
And put your trial in the 'villain's mouth
Whom here you come to 'accuse.

Lucio cannot longer restrain himself:
Lucio. This 'is the rascal! this is he I spoke of !

Lord Escalus says:
Escal. Why, thou unreverend and unhallowed Friar,

Is 't not enough thou hast suborned these women
To accuse this worthy man; but, in foul mouth,
And in the witness of his proper ear,o
To call him 'villain ?
And then to glance' from 'him to the Duke 'himself-
To tax 'him with injustice !—Take him hence;
To the rack with him!-We 'll touse you joint by


But we will know your purpose.—What! unjust ? Duke. Be not so hot; the Duke

Dare no more stretch this finger of mine, than he

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a refer back (to Angelo). b O. R. which,

a to censure indirectly. e tear, drag.

cin his own hearing. 10. R. his.

Dare rack his 'own: his 'subjecta am I not,
Nor here 'provincial. 'My business in this State
Made me a looker-on here in Vienna,
Where I have seen corruption boil and bubble,
Till it 'o'er-run the stake: 'laws, for all faults,-
But faults so countenanced, that the strong statutes
Stand, like the forfeits in a barber's shop,

As much in 'mock as 'mark!
Escal. Slander to the State!-Away with him to prison !

The Lord Deputy determines to investigate further : Ang. What can 'you vouch against him, Signior Lucio ?

Is 'this the man that you did tell us of ? Lucio. "T is he, my lord.—Come hither, goodman bald


pate: do you 'know me? Duke. I remember you, sir, by the sound of your voice:

I met you at the prison, in the absence of the Duke. Lucio. O, did you so? And do you remember what you

'said of the Duke? Duke. Most notedly, sir. Lucio. 'Do you so, sir ? And 'was the Duke a flesh-monger,

a fool, and a coward,—as you then reported him to be? Duke. You must, sir, 'change persons with me, ere you

make that 'my report: 'you, indeed, spoke so of him;

and much 'more, much 'worse. Lucio. O thou abominable fellow! Did not I pluck thee

by the nose, for thy speeches? Duke.... I protest, I 'love the Duke as I love 'myself. .

Lord Angelo angrily interrupts : Ang. Hark, how the villain would gloze now, after his treasonable abuses !

Lord Escalus adds : Escal. Such a fellow is not to be 'talked withal:-Away

with him to 'prison! Lay bolts enough upon him; let
him speak no more.-Away with those giglots' too, and
with the other confederate companion !

The Provost lays hands on the Duke.
Duke. Stay, sir; stay awhile !
Ang. What! 'resists he? Help him, Lucio.


one under the dominion of another. b subject to a superior, CO. R. stew. d articles left as security for payment. e extenuate, wheedle (O. R. close).

fwanton women,






[Takes Angelo's chair of state.

Lucio willingly comes forward. Lucio. Come, sir ; come, sir; come, sir! Why, you bald

pated, lying rascal! you must be 'hooded, must you ? show your knave's visage! show your sheep-biting

face, and be hanged an 'hour. Will 't not off In the struggle, the supposed Friar throws off his disguise. All are in amazement! Lucio shakes with fear; the Duke derisively says: Duke. Thou 'rt not the first knave that e'er made a Duke.

First, Provost, let me bail these 'gentle three.-
Sneak not away, sir ; [lucio] for the Friar and you
Must have a word anon.-

Lay hold on him.
Lucio. This may prove 'worse than hanging!

The Officers seize Lucio, The Duke then addresses Escalus: Duke. [Escal.] What 'you have spoke, I pardon; sit 'you

We 'll borrow place of 'him.—[ams.) Sir, by your leave:

Hast thou or word, or wit, or impudence,
That yet can do thee office? If thou hast,
Rely upon it till 'my tale be heard ;

And hold no longer out.

O my dread lord,
I should be 'guiltier than my guiltiness,
To think I can be undiscernible;
When I perceive, your Grace, like Power Divine,
Hath looked upon my passes.' Then, good Prince,
No 'longer session hold upon my shame,
But let my trial be mine own 'confession:
'Immediate sentence then, and sequenta death,

Is all the grace I beg.

Come hither, Mariana.
Say, [atos.] 'wast thou e'er contracted to this woman?
Ang.... I was, my lord.
Duke. Go, take her hence, ... and 'marry her instantly.-

Do 'you the office, Friar Peter ;
Return him here, again.-Go with him, Provost.

Come hither, Isabel.

0, give me 'pardon,
That I, your vassal, have employed, and pained,
Your unknown sovereignty!

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[Ex, Ang., Mar., F. Peter, and Provost.

a not merely hanged till dead, but for an hour longer. knaue that ere made'st a Duke, c devices (tres passes).

bO, R. Thou art the first diinmediately following.



You 'are pardoned, Isabel :
And now, dear maid, be you as free to 'us.
Your brother's death, I know, sits at your heart;
And you may marvel 'why I obscured myself,
Labouring 1-) 'save his life. Now, peace be with him !
That life is' better life, 'past fearing death,
Than that which 'lives to fear: make it your comfort

'So happy is your brother ! Isab. (1

I do, my lord.
Friar Peter and the Provost return with the new Bridegroom and
his Bride-Lord Angelo and Mariana.
Duke. For this new-married man, approaching here,

Whose foul imagination yet hath wronged
'Your well-defended honour, you must 'pardon,
For 'Mariana's sake. But, as 'he adjudged your

The very mercy of the law cries out
Most audible, even from his proper tongue,
“An 'Angelo for 'Claudio! death 'for death!
Then, Angelo,—thy fault thus manifested,--
We do condemn 'thee to the

very block
Where Claudio stooped to death, and with like haste.-
Away with him!

Mariana exclaims : Muria.

O my most gracious lord,
I hope you will not 'mock me with a husband ?
Duke. It is your 'husband mocked you with a husband.

And for his possessions,
Although by confiscation' they are 'ours,
We do instate and widow 'you withal,

To buy you a 'better husband.

O my dear lord, I crave no other nor no better man. Duke. You do but lose your labour. Away with him to

Maria. O my good lord !-Sweet Isabel, take my part:

Lend me your knees; and, all my life to come,
I 'll lend you all my life to do you service.

The Duke speaks :
Duke. Against 'all sense you still' do importune her:

'Should she kneel down, in mercy of this fact,



a generous. 10. R. confutation,

bO. R. salt. cfrom his own mouth.

e sense of reason and affection,

cown. fingerted words,

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