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reign. Then came the Revolution. Has lived ever since in the iron age of double taxes, the expenses of which have amounted "to something above 5,000/., "of what your brother and I have paid. And had "there been no land tax att all, as in all other reigns "before King "William's, hee and I might have had att "this day 10.000Z. in our pockets."

"Pray take this small labour in good part from

Tour loving Father,

E. S."

The Very Rev. the Provincial of the Order will be happy to further the objects of the Commission in every way in his power.

Jos. Stevenson.

The Manuscripts Of The Corporation Op Abingdon.Additional Report.

Since the publication of the preceding Report, some additional documents belonging to the Corporation, illustrating the history of this Borough in the middle and latter part of the 16th century, have been brought to light, and have been obligingly placed before the Commission by Mr. Godfrey, the Town Clerk. — Before entering upon a somewhat detailed account of their contents, I gladly avail myself of this opportunity of correcting a clerical error in p. 98 of the former Report. It was to Mr. Godfrey, Jun., son of the Town Clerk, and not to Mr. Morland, Jun. as there stated, that I should have expressed my obligations for his courtesy and kind attentions during my brief but pleasant visit to the town.—

Chamberlains' Accounts of the Borough of Abingdon A.D. 1583-7: a series of small quarto paper sheets, which appear to have been formerly stitched together in the reverse order of tho years, 1587 coming first, and 1583 last, but are now loose: the accounts for 1587 and 86, being uppermost, have been much eaten away at one corner of the leaves by mice. An entry on the obverse of the outer loaf of the first set of Accounts, describes it as the—" Acounte of Rychard Tesedale, Chamberlyn ffbr "the yearo 1587, W. Braunch, Mayor : " Tesedale was a member probably of the same family as Thomas Tesedale, one of the founders of Pembroke College, Oxford: this surname occurs very frequently in these records. Under each year the receipts of rents and other moneys due to the Corporation are first entered, and then the payments for the year. The writing of the entries under 1587 and 1583 is very clear, that under the other years is in various places somewhat indistinct. The names of many of the then householders of the town appear in these pages: among them are the names of Mr. Humphrye Hide, or Hyde, Edward Hardynge, Mr. Anthony Tesedale, Thomas Godfrce, or Godfrey, and the families of Bostock, Bowie, and Stagpoole. "Mr. Orpwood's house" is mentioned more than once. In the set of Accounts next described, a Mr. Orpwood is mentioned as Mayor and Sheriff. The Sub-Mayor is occasionally cited as giving instructions for payments, in place of the Mayor. Among the localities of the town, the following are named, in general under each of tho years,—Broade Streate, the Winyard, Bore Streatc, East St. Helyns Streate, West Streate St. Helyns, Little Bury Lane, the Bars, Barre Streate, Bochirowe, the Steart, Bagley Close, Broade Streate, and Ockes Streate.

The following are some extracts from the payments made by the Chamberlain in 1587.—" Paid to Thomas "Porter [for] the cariage of iiii lodes of dunge ffrom the "Gy Id Hall dore, against the Sises, and sweepy nge of the "same place, vi d. Item, paid to Mr. Wiltun for wyne, "for beare, cakes, rosewater, and other thynges, at "the apointmeut Mr. Bostock, when he was Maior . . ". . the summe of, xii s. i d. Item, paid to the Scole"master ffbr his yore wagis lii s. Item, for ii plankes "to mend the Cage viii d. Item, to Tytus Webb for viii "great nails to naille on the plankes on the Cage viii d. "—When my Lord of Leseter [Leicester] was in toun. "Item, for vii quartes of seckevs. xd. Item, ffor xviii "quartes and a half of claret wine xii s. iiii d. Item, "paid ffor bere xii d. Item, paid for cakes ii s. Item, "paid to the Quenes Plaiers xx [«.] Item, paid for v "loades of gravill bestowed by the Marcat house xvi d. "Item, Paid to Mr. Kysby for a dyner at the etynge of "venysun sent to Mr. Maior and his compainy by Mr. "Dunche, the sum of xxiii,«. Item, paid to Mr. Kisbyo "for a potell of secke and a potell of claret wine "given to the Byshyp of Salysbury at his Visitation, "at the apointmeut of Mr. Bostock, then Maior, iii s. "iiii cJ. Item, paid to Mr. Kisby ffor vi dosune of

"bread and a kildarkin of bere, geven to the pore upon "the Quenes holyday, x s."

From another Account, apparently for 1587.—" Item, "paide to Henry Vickars for a daies traynyng at the "muster for tho towne viii d. Item, to Trewlock, "for making the buttes, ii«. Item, paide untr two "men for wearing the towne harnes at traynyng, xvd. "Item, paid unto Mr. Braunche, for fetching the veny"sun given by my Lord Norris, vis. viiic/. Item, paid "unto Thomas Bradsone, for cc. of tiles for the Schole"howse, vs. Item, paid for x. burdens of mosse for "the same Scholehowse xx d."—This custom of covering houses with moss, at a much earlier date, has been already noticed in this Report.

From the Account for 1586.—" Item, payd to the Earll "of Lestars Players xvs. Item, payd to the Queens "Players, xx s." Nine leaves of this account are almost entirely torn away.

From the Account for 1585.—"Item, payd to Mr. "Mayott, Maior, thatt he had payd to John Webb afTtor "that ho was prest for a sowdyor, iis. Item, payd to "Mr. Richird Mayott for on sadell thatt was lost by "a post ryder, viii s. x d."

From the Account for 1584. — Payd Mr. Smethe, "Mayor .... that ho had layd forthe to noblomeus "players, v s. Item, payd to Mr. Kesbey for wyne, "sugger, and cackes, when my Lord of Lesseter "cam thorowgh the town ferst thys yeero, xxviii ?, "Item, payd for on pottell of claratt wyne and a quartt "of secke, sentt to Docktar Martyn, xx<7. Item, payd "for on gallon of claratt wyno sentt to the Prechor att "Mr. Maiors debeytes [or dowytes,? "duties"] iis. "Item, payd to Mr. Gesbey for on gallan of claratt "and on gallan of sacke, thatt was sentt to the Earll of "Leseter at Mr. Reades, iiii s. viii <?."

From the Account for 1583.—Among the disbursements are a series of Charges laid out uppon the Cage. "Item, "delivered to Mr. Branch, Maior, for to give to Earle "of Oxfordes Players ye 2 daye of June, xxef. Item, "given to ye Queenes Plaiers at Mr. Braunch Maior his "commaundiment, xx s. More given the same Plaiers "in wine at Mr. Braunch, Maior, his commaundiment, "xvi d. Item, paid for a locke which hangeth on tho "Consaile house dore viii d. Item, paid to Goddard "for riddinge ye Steart in Little Burie Lane, and for "wawlinge and paving yt, iiis. Item, for timber to "kiver the Baid Steart, ii s. viii d. Item, given to "y" Bushippe of Glocester, at Mr. Braunch, Maior, his "commaundiment, the xxxth daie of September, a "pottle of sacko and another of clarret, ii s. iiii d. Item, "layd out for foulc which was sent to my Lord Norris, "that is, for a doosen of quailes xs., for v duckes and "mallardes iis. vi </., for half a doosen of woodcockes "iiis., for two teales virf., for a doosen of suites ii s., "for six doosen of larkes iii s. iii d. Item, laid out "for my meat, when I was at London about the townes "buysines ten daies, xs. Item, for my horse-meat "at the same tymo xs. x d. Item, for bote hire xii d. "Item, for horshire,—what you will. Item, for y° "carrage of x lodes of stones out of the Abbyo into "yr Steart and Winiard iiis. iiiirf. Item, for ye "carrage of xii lode of stones out of the Abbie to "Hart, iiii s. Item, for carrage of on lode of stones "out of thabbie into Little Bury Lane iiii rf. Item, "for carrage of v lode of stones out of thabbie into ye "Burie xx d. Item, for carrage of on lode of stones "out of the Abbie to ye Ilde [Guild] Hall, iiii d. Item, "for xxix lode of stones at xx d. the lode, out of the "Abbie, xlviii s. iiii d. Item, payd to William Raphe for "showlinge gravell out of yc Themes, two dayes, xii d. "Item, paid to another laborer for showlinge gravell out "of yc Themes, on daie, iiii c/. Item, paid to Thomas "Hill, painter, for gildinge the vane uppon ye Market "house vii s. For a banquet at my house, when Mr. "Box sent us a doe, xxvi s. viii d. More left unpaid "when my Lord Norris send a bucko xiiii *."

These Accounts occupy 92 leaves in all, including those previously mentioned as being nearly entirely torn away.

Chamberlains' Accounts of the Borough of Abingdon, A.D. 1558-81 : a series of small folio paper leaves, 184 in number, in fair condition, now detached, but formerly bound up in one or more volumes, to all appearance. As in the case of the preceding set of Accounts, when bound together, they were arranged in the reverse order of the years, the year 1581 commencing the volume or volumes, and 1558 coming last. In general, these accounts are more legible, and much more carefully kept, than those previously described. The names of localities are the same as'those before mentioned; tho same names of families frequently meet the eye, and among surnames more or less peculiar, those of Grigg, Sweetappie, Brakspere, and Overthrow, may be mentioned. The following are some extracts,—

From the Account for 1581.—"Item, geven in reward "to my Lord of Wostars [Worcester's] Playars vi e. x d. "Item, geven in reward to therle of Darbes Playars v s.

1580. "Item, paid to my Lord of Shrosbures Playars "vis."

1579. "Item, geven in reward to the Lord Barcleys "Playars, at the commaudement of Mr. Mayot, Mayor, "and by the handes of Mr. Leonell Bostock, v s. Item, "paid for a shrowd and buryeng a poor wenche, "Glasyars daftar, ii s."

1578. "Item, paid to Mr. Hallewell [Town Clerk] "for ye retorn of eatteng fleshe [in Lent] lis."

1577.—"Item geven in reward to hem that browght "a bucke ffro Mr. Coffarars vs. Item, payd for the "bakenge of the same venesun v s. Item, payd to ii "men that went to the hundreth Cort to Comnar *' [Cumnor] the 5 of Ocktober iis. Item, when the "Cowrt was adiorncd unto ye 21 of Ocktober, at whych "tyme ther was sent to my Lord iii quartes of sacke, "ii s." In this year severall tenants of the Corporation property are excused their rents, as being "vere poor."

1576. "Item, paid to my Lord of Sussex Playars "upon St. James Daye, at Mr. Mayors commandment, "x s. Item, payd to Good wyf Tesdall for a dyshe of "fyshe sent to Sir Fettepac [Fettiplaco] iiis. virf. "Item, payd to good wyf Kesbe for a bottell of sacke "sent to Sir John Fettepace ye same tyme xiiii d. Item, "paid for a bottell of muskadell, sent to Sir John "Fettepace the same tyme, xvii d. ob. Item, payd to "Good wyf Kesbe yc 4 of Marche for a pottell of sack "sent to Sir John Fettepac and other Justeces at the "New Inn xvi d. Item geven to my Lord of Lestars "bearward in reward, the syxt of March, vis. viii d. "Makeng the buttes.—Item, payd to John Wyse for "viii lodes of turf iiiis. viii (J. Item, payd for dyggeng "the turf, and makeng ye buttes, v s. viii d. Making "a Turk [as a mark] for shott.—Item, boards, nayles, "and makeng, xvii d. ob. Item, the paynteng xii d. "Item, payd for a dynnar geven Sir John Fettepac and "othar Justes at y* New Inn, at a mostrenge, xviii s. "viii d. Item, geven the tomblars that plad befor "Mr. Mayor and his company, in reward, iii s. ix d. "Item, paid to therle of Baths Playars, in reward, v «."

1575. "Item, payde for fowle to give to my Lorde of "Essexe viis. id.—the same tyme for one gallyn of "muskadell iiis. iiiid. Item, the said accowntant "askithe allowans of monye by him paid at the com"mandiment of Master Mayor to yc Queenes bearward."

1574. "Item, payd to John Vernoke for a callyve "[calliver], a morrene [? morion], atowche boxe, and a "naske, xxiis. Item, paid to the Players synce Mich"allmas, and at the commandement of Mr. Mayor, "iiii s. vi d."

1573. "Item, paid to Master Fisher for 8 pownde of "suger, and sent to my Lorde Norrys at his being in "this towne, xvi d. Item, payd at the comawndiment "of Master Mayor unto Mi-. Cowmptons Players iiii s. "Item, paid to Master Stevinson for a pottell of clarret "wine x d., and a pottell of seek xvi d., and geven to my "Lady Hobbye, ii s. ii d. Item, payd to Master Fisher "for xii fattyeeles, and gevin to Master Shreve [Sheriff], "and a suger loff, at the Lent Assize, xvii s. iiiirf, "Item, payd to Master Ffisher for a pownde of suger at "the commandiment of Master Mayor, and gevin to "my Ladye Hobbie, xvi d. Item, payde more to the "Erie of Wyssyters [Worcester's] Players iiii s. viii d. "Item, paid mony unto the sowldiers, more then was "gatheryde at the goynge forthe, vi s. viii d. Item, "payde more for a payer of shoos for the towne soldyer "xvi d. Item, payde for a dagger for the same soldyer "iii s. iiii d. Item, delyveryd him in his purse redy "mony ii s. Item, payd for wine and appulls for, and "at too severall tymes uppon, Master Dunche, ii s. ii d."

1572. "Item, payde to Master Pudseye for makyng "of two bylles indentyd of the presentment of xii men '* for eatyng fleshe in the Lent, accordyng to the Statute, "iiiis."

1571. "Item, paide more to the same Master Pudseie, "at Trynvtye Terme, layd out upon expences for him"self and his horse, first at Henleye goying towards "London, his dyner, vii d. His horsemeate at Henleye "iii d. His supper at Colbrocke [Colnbrook] viii d. His "horsemeat that night viii d. Item, at London, being "ther viii days, for meate and dryncke, ixs. Item, for •' his horsemeate at London, for viii days at vi d. daye "and night, iiiis. Item, paide to the Queenes beare"warde vis. viiirf. Scolemaster—Item, payde to "Master Argall, at the commawndement of Master "Mayor, xs.

1570. "Item, payde unto my Lorde of Laysyters

"[Leicester's] Players, at the commaundment of Master "Mayor, x s. vi d. Item, paide to one in Oxford for iiii "paire of gloves, at the commandement of Master Mayor, "to geve to the Judges and ther wifes at Mydsomer, "xiii iiii d. Item, paid to Mistris Fisher for ii coople "of capones and iii chykynes to geve unto my Lorde "of Laysyter, and that at yc commandiment of Mr. "Mayor, viii s. Item, paid more to the goodman Kisby "for a ronelet of clarett wyne of vi gallens viii s. Item. "paide to Thomas Byeson, for carrege of the same wyne "unto my Lorde, iiiirf. Item, paide at the commandi"ment of Master Mayor unto Mr. Smythes Players of "Coventree iiis."

1569. "Item, paide more at ye first Assize to Thomas "Laptone for ii fatte sheepe, and gevin to ye Shreeve, "xiiis. iiii d., and paide more for ii freshe sallmons at "viii s. a peese, and gevin unto ye Shreeve. Item, "paide more to Master Waynemans Players, at the "comaundement of Master Mayor, xiirf. Item, paid "to John Peerse for skowring and revetyng the towne *' harnes, and for one dossin of poyntes to poynt the "same harnes xviii d. Item, paid to Thomas Higgins "for wering of the harnes to Comnor vi d."

1568. "Item, payd to the Queenes Players, at the "commawndement of Master Mayor, vii s."

1567. "Item, to here [Goodwife Kysbie] paide more "for a pottell of secke and a pottell of claret wine, and "a pownde of suger, send to my Lorde Bishope of Saruin, "iis. xd.— Goodes of Roger Virall, distrayned for rent "the 3 day of November. Item, inprimis, twoo sawcers, "two platters, one potinger, three brass kettelles, a "skellett, a skjmer, one owldchaffing dishe, a friing pan, "a broche [spit], a pot of brasse, tow candill stickes, a "table, and a joynyd forme, which implementes are all in "the Cownsell howse, saving the tabull and the forme, "which are at John Walkelletes, fuller, etc."

1566. "Item, paid to the Players, at the commaundi"ment of Master Mayor, xv d. Item, the said accountant "dothe aske allowa[n]ce for monye by hym payd for "the new gylldyug and payntying of the Kynges armes

in the Telde Hall XII s.

1565. "Item, payd for drynck for the men that brofc "the stoune from the pyllorye into the Scole howse yerd "viid. Item, payd for glovers shreddes for to make "sysse for the walles [of the Yeld Hall] x d. Distraynyd "a flew, or fishing nett, for ii yeres rett of John Laud."

1564. "Item, payd to yc Players, at ye commandment "of Master Mayor and his brethren, ii s. i d. Item, "payd mor to the Queues Players, at the commaunde"ment of Master Mayor, iis."

1563. "Item, payd uppon the Assencion Day un[to] "the Players that playd before Master Mayor in tho "Yelde Hall, at Master Mayors comandiment, xxtf. "Item, payde to Gerret Steyneborke, for makying a "spyndyll for the wether cocke, with a flower in the "mydill of y" spindill, xii d.; payd more to Willm "Jerret for mending tymbre worke a boughte yr same "bell ii d.; payd to Suttons man for logating y* same "bell, and leggyng of formes in the Yelde Hawle, vi d."

1562. "Item, payde to Mr. Amyes Clarke, at the "syttyng of inquyrye of Abbaye landes and bowses, "iii s v d."

1563. "Item, payd at Mr. Mayors commandement to "sertyn Playars xii d."

1559. "Item, payd for Master Yeates drinckyng iii d.; "and at the commandiment of Master Mayor paid to "serten Players at the Newynn iiis. iiirf. ; and payd "more for Master Yeates dyner at Robart Stevinsonnes "xiii s. iiiirf."

1558. "Item, payd for a chest carried from the Church "to the Cownsell howse, and for the keye thereof, v d." This last Account contains a list of the names of all the then tenants of the Corporation property, with the amount of yearly rent due from each.

In addition to the two preceding series of Accounts, there are still existing six mutilated leaves of an oblong folio book, or set, of Accounts, of probably earlier date; four of which contain receipts by the Chamberlain, Wyllyam Wyttynton, of rents and other payments due to the Corporation from tenants and other persons in the year 1557: the names of the localities are also given, being similar to those already mentioned. The other two leaves contain, apparently, rough notes of payments made by Richard Ely, Chamberlain, between Michaelmas 1557 and Michaelmas 1558. The entries are decipherable, but quite destitute of interest; with the exception of the following,—" Item, paid to Adams for a load of stones, "digynge in thabbie, for grownd pinnynge, iirf."

Henry Thomas Rilby.

The Petyt Manuscripts: Inner Temple.

William Petyt, Keeper of the Records in the Tower, in the reign of Queen Anne, and at one time Treasurer of the Inner Temple, made a large collection of printed books and manuscripts, which, after his decease, came into the possession of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, in the year 1708.

Among these manuscripts two of the most remarkable. volumes are those marked No. 538, Vols. 46 and 47: thick folios, which have been recently rebound, in red morocco leather, the contents being in general carefully mounted on stout paper.

The original title of the first of these two volumes seems to have been, from a fragment of parchment inlaid in the paper on rebinding,—" Originall Letters "of severall Kings and Queenes, the Life of St. Edmund, "Archbishop of Canterbury." In the catalogue made by Petyt himself, or under his inspection, fol. 276, the volume is thus described:—" A Collection of Originall "Letters of Queenc Anna Cleve, Edward 6, Queen "Mary and Elizabeth, and^Great Men. Considerations "about a peaco with Spane, and reasons for and against "it. Secret and last instructions given by Phillip "2d King of Spaine to his Sonne Phillip the 3rd, "touching how to governe himself after the decease of "his said Father. A Copy of the Elector of Saxony "his Answer to the King of Denmarkes Letters for a "League to be made between the princes of Religion. "A Treatise of peace between England and Prance, "1498."

The following is a somewhat fuller account of the diversified contents of this volume :—

Fol. 2. A Letter, in Latin, finely written, addressed, in the name of the "Consules and Pneconsules" of Cadiz, to William Lord Burleigh, High Treasurer of England, asking for compensation for damage done to Cadiz by the English Fleet. The fleet would have perished they say, from famine, in the opinion of many, had it not been relieved by the ships of Cadiz (nostratum naves). It is not signed, but is endorsed, in the same hand in which the rest of the letter is written,— "Humilis declaratio Jacobi Kemerlingk, nomine inclyti "SenatusGedanensis, apud suamReginalemMajestatem "Anglias agentis."

Fol. 4. A Letter from the Privy Council to the Princess Mary, signed by "E. Somerset, T. Cant.," and others, endorsed "To my Lady Marye's grace." . The date is indistinct, but apparently, "Richmond, "7 July 1549."

Fol. 5. A Letter from King Edward the Sixth to the Princess Mary (apparently the original), dated 25th of November 1547, asking her to exchange manors which she has in Essex, St. Osythes, Claxton Magna, Claxton Parva, and Willeighe. It has the signature, apparently in the king's hand, "Edward" at the top. This letter has been printed in Nichols's "Literary Remains of "Edward VI.", edited for the Roxburgh Club, in 1867.

Fol. 7. A Letter signed by "E. Somersete" and the rest of the Council, with the signature "Edward" at the top, and—" By the King," addressed to the Princess Mary 22nd of July 1550. It notifies the appointment of Lord Riche as Chancellor, and Sir William Petre as one of the principal Secretaries. Hopes are expressed that she will show herself " Con"formable to that which on our behalf shall by them be "proposed,"—a change of her religion, namely.

Fol. 9. A Letter from the Princess Mary to King Edward the Sixth; in a cramped hand, and very faint ink. At the end is written, in larger writing and a darker ink:—"From Beau Lyeu, the xvith of Maye, "scrybled with a rude hando." It concludes,—" Your "Majestye's most humble Sister, Marye."

Fol. 10. A Letter of Prince Edward to the Princess Elizabeth, 18th of December 1546. Printed in Nichols's "Literary Remains of Edward VI " (p. 32), with two slight errors.

Fol. 12. A Letter from Maria, daughter of Emanuel, late King of Portugal, to the Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII., King of England; in Latin, and finely written. It is dated " Santarem [Santarenam], Nonis (5) Decembris 1546." A complimentary letter to the Princess, extolling her virtue and erudition.

Fol. 13. A Letter from Anne of Cleves to the Princess Mary, dated the 8th of January 1553, and signed— "Yourasured lowyng frynd to her lyue [s'endj, your "to command, Anna the Dow[ager] off Cleves." It treats of the King's taking her manor and lands at "Bysham in Barkshyre," and giving her, as a recompense, the house of Westroppe in Suffolk.

Fols. 15 to 28 are occupied by a small printed book

inserted, being a treatise addressed to Pope Paul V. in favour of the Venetians. Its title is,--" Ad Paulum V. "Pont. Max. Epistolm IIII. Clarissimorum Italiee "Jurisconsultorum. Phinopoli 1606."

Fol. 29. A list, in writing of the early part of the 17th century :—"MSS. out of John Fox his Study." There are 23 articles mentioned, several of which are bound up in the present volume. It begins with " 1. "Regis Henrici Sexti Miracula,"—probably, Blackman On the Virtues and Miracles of Henry the Sixth," published by Hearne at the end of Otterbourne. "2. *' Vita et Mors Regis Edwardi Secundi, ex Gallico "Thomaj de la Moore, Equitis, in Latinam versa:" this is contained in the next volume, or Vol. 47.

Fols. 31-33. "Delia dispositiono dell' Inghelterra "per questa impressa." Finely written, with faint ink, in a hand of the 17th century.

Fols. 35-379. A large mass of papers relative to the war with Spain, and foreign affairs generally at the close of Elizabeth's reign. The following is a summary of them, with but little variation, as given in fol. 35, the various articles themselves being written in different hands :—

Fol. 36. Against making peace with the Spaniards. Fol. 47. Conditions touching the intended peace with them.

Fol. 49. Articles betwixt the King of Spain and the Leaguers—" Copye made by the original brought from "Paris."

Fol. 53. A Discourse of the state of Denmark and Norway, A.d. 1588.

Fol. 66. An Overture how Queen Elizabeth might readily have peaco with Spain.

Fol. 69. Reasons of State against peace with Spayn.

Fol. 83. Conditions of resignation of the 17 Provinces by the King of Spayn to the Archduke.

Fol. 87. A treatise nofto trust an enemy.

Fol. 103. Conditions touching peace with Spayn.

Fol. 139. Reasons for peace with Spayn, and an answer to it.

Fol. 142. "Duces Sabaudi» nihil juris habent in "Genevam."

Fol. 156. A Letter to the Earl of Essex against peace with Spayne ; in Latin.

Fol. 162. The French King's speech to the Parisians, going to war; in Latin.

Fol. 164. Articles with the Estates of the 17 Provinces, when they were given to the Archduke.

Fol. 166. "Treatise " of Blois, between Queen Elizabeth and Charles IX. of France, A.d. 1572.

.Fol. 168. Instructions given by the Archbishop of Lyons to the Duke of Guise.

Fol. 171. A " Treaty" that it is lawfull for a Popish Priest to make a league with a Protestant.

Fol. 175. A Letter from the State of Geneva to Queen Elizabeth, touching their distresses; in French.

Fol. 180. Propositions from the Commissioners of England to them of Spayne; in English and French.

Fol. 183. The authority granted to the Earl of Leicester in the Low Countries; in Latin.

Fol. 187. A Coppie of the Elector of Saxony his Answer to the Kinge of Denmarke's Letter for a League to be made between the Princes of the (Reformed) religion; in English.

Fol. 194. A Relation of Cales Voyage, 1596—the Expedition under the Earl-of Essex to Cadiz.

Fol. 198. A Treatise, in Latin, for all princes to oppose the Spanish greatnesse.

Fol. 220. Conditions offered by Sigismund, King of Sweden, to the Poles, to chuse him King; in Latin.

Fol. 224. The Answer of the States of [the] Low Countryes to the Poles, why they obey'd not the Spanyard; in Latin.

Fol. 229. Letter by the King of Navarre to the Clergy and Nobility of France and Paris, A.d. 1586; in Latin.

Fol. 241. Copy of a Letter of the City of Verona to Brescia; in Italian.

Fol. 244. "In Libellum Baronianum." In Latin: it begins—" In Libellum Baronium [sic] la. Gu. Co. Cr. I. V. D. Salvete, qui salutem nobis denegastis." Tbo penmanship of this treatise is exquisite.

Fol. 256. A printed broad sheet, with the Venetian Lion at the top, being a Declaration of Leonardo Donato, Doge of Venice, against the Bull of Pope Paul V. j in Latin. "Impressa apud Rampazettum Typographum "Ducalem."

Fol. 257. A Letter of a Suisse Canton to the Pope, 28th May 1606; in Italian.

Fol. 259. Copy of a Letter from the King of Spain to the Pope; in Italian.

Fol. 262. A discourse from the Agent in Turkey, in Latin; addressed, — "Illnstri et Magnifico Anglias "Cancellario U. U. Domino et amico observan"dissirao."

Fol. 279. A treatise or oration against the Jesuits; in English.

Fol. 319. Heads of the peace between Spayne and England, A.d. 1604; in Latin.

Fol. 339. '' Oratio habita per Senatorem Alexandrum "Ronidium Londini die 30 Maii 1604, respondentem "Comiti de Northampton in prima conferentia."

Fol. 342. The Treaty of accord betwixt the Queen and tho United Provinces, A.d. 1585; in English.

Fol. 379. The State and Force of the port and other maritime townes in Kent,—bearing reference more expressly to the tonnage of the vessels and boats of tho various places, and the several landing-places of the county; of the time apparently of Henry VIII.

Fol. 385. A Letter from Mr. Rosni [afterwards Duke de Sully] to the Queen Regent of France; translated into English.

Fol. 386. Extracts from Rudborne's "Historia "Parva," as to the Life of St. Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury; made apparently by W. Lambard, tho Kentish antiquary.

Fol. 391. "Cardinalis Pole de sua ac Carol. Moroni "suspensione ad Papam Expostulatio."

Fol. 431. The Lord Protector and tho Counsell the xxiiiith of June [1549] to Mr. Gregorye. In English; its object being "For encouraging the frequent and "dyscrete prenthing of God's hollie word and com"mandement."Signed,—"E.Somerset, R. fUohe Cane, "F. Shrewesbnry,W. St. John, A.Wyngfeld, Arrendelle, "Edward Mountagu." On the reverse is a communication, of the same date and to a like effect, to Mr. Dr. Raynoldes. They both apply to the West of England, then under the government of the Lord Privy Seal. These and the following Letters, down to fol. 471, are all copies of the original documents.

Fola. 432a.-4346. Letter from my Lord Protector and the Council to my Lord Privy Seal, 29th June 1549, with several signatures. It seems mostly to bear reference to the late rising at Sampford Courtney in Devonshire, occasioned by the recent alterations in the Church Service.

Fol. 435. From the Lord Protector and the Council, the 10th of July 1549, to tho Lord Privy Seal. It begins, "Wo do understand at good length your "contynuall travaill for tho scayre of the rabelle in "those partes." Signed by " E. Somerset, W. Petre, "R. Richc," and several others.

Fol. 4366. From the Lord Protector to the Lord Privy Seal, the 12th of July 1549.

Fol. 438a. From the Lord Protector to tho Lord Privy Seal, the 17th of July 1549.

Fol. 4386. From the Lord Protector and Council to the Lord Privy Seal, the 18th of July 1549.

Fol. 4396. From the Lord Protector and Council to the Lord Privy Seal, the 22nd of July 1549.

Fol. 442a. From the Lord Protector and Council to the Lord Privy Seal, the 24th of July 1549.

Fol. 4426. From the Lord Protector and Council to the Lord Privy. Seal. "the Kyngys Majesties Lord "Lieutenaunt in the WeBt parties; dated, apparently, the 26th of July 1549.

Fol. 4436. From the Lord Protector and the Council to the Lord Frivy Seal, the 27th of July 1549.

Fol. 444a. From the Lord Protector and Council to the Lord Privy Seal, apparently the 17th of July 1549, but query.

Fol. 440. From the Lord Protector and Council to the Lord Privy Seal, the 28th of July 1549.

Fol. 447. From the Lord Protector and Council to the Lord Privy Seal, tho 10th of August 1549.

Fol. 449a. From the Lord Protector to the Lord Privy Seal, "Leutenaunt of the AVest parties," the 8th of August'1549; signed only "E. Somerset."

Fol. 4496. From the Lord Protector and Council to the Lord Privy Seal, the 10th of August 1549.

Fol. 4506. From the Lord Protector and Council to the Lord Privy Seal, the 10th of August 1549.

Fol. 451a. A similar Letter, 11th August 1549.

Fol. 4526. „ 23rd August 1549.

Fol. 456a. „ 19th August 1549.

Fol. 458«. „ 20th August 1549.

Fol. 4596. „ 22nd August 1549.

Fol. 460a. „ 27th August 1549.

Fol. 462a. „ 10th September 1549.

Fol. 465a. „ 12th September 1549.

Fol. 4656. „ 18th September 1549.

Fol. 466a. „ 25th September 1549.

Fol. 467a. „ 6th October 1549,

Fol. 4676. A Letter to the Lord Protector, dated the 7th of October 1549, and signed "Your loving freinde."

Fol. 469a. A Letter from the Lord Protector to tho Council, at London, 7th of October 1549.

Fol. 470a. To the Lord Protector, the 11th of October 1549, signed "John Russell, Wylliam Harbert."

According to an entry at fol. 29a. in this volume, already noticed, all the above transcripts, from fol. 431, are MSS. "out of John Fox his studye."

Fol. 481. "VitaB. Edmundi Cantuariensis Archie"piscopi," written in a fine hand of the last half of tho 16th century. According to the entry at fol. 29, above noticed, this was also from Fox's study.

The Second Volume of this Collection (No. 538, Vol. 47) is much thicker, and somewhat taller, than the preceding one, and similarly bound in modern morocco leather. A much larger proportion of its contents are original than in the preceding volume; in Petyt's written catalogue, already noticed, they are thus briefly described:—"A Collection of original papers, under tho "hands of Queene Jane, Bishop Bonner, Queene Mary, "Queene Elizabeth, and of many of the great officers; "and of other papers relating to Religion, and the "Church and Convocation, in her raigne, and alsoe "concerning Priests and Jesuites."

Fol. 2. A copy of a Letter from Edmund Bonner, late Bishop of London, to Queen Elizabeth, dated the 26th of October 1564, from the Marshalsea Prison in Southwark. It is written in Latin, and begins, "Attli"Hum meura a Domino. Serenissima, clcmentissima, "et optima Regina, salutem, addere etiam .... felici"tatem, eamque perpetuam, cum omni raeo obscquio "et servitute," and is signed " Edmundus BonncruB," from *' sede tribunalis tui regii in Southwarke." Tho letter is of considerable length, and in it he appeals to the Queen's clemency, and quotes from the Fathers in support of his conduct in the preceding reign.

Fol. 3. A fragment of an original Letter of Bonner while Bishop of London, and dated — July 1558. From the mention in it more than once of " Your Grace" it no doubt was written to Cardinal Pole, the then Archbishop of Canterbury. In the latter part, in reference to the heretics then awaiting punishment, is the following passage :—" . . . Your Grace and my Lord Chan"cellor, I should doe well to have theym [the heretics] "burnt in Hammersinythe, a myle from my howse here "[Fulham]; for then can I giff sentence against theym "here in the Parishe Church very quickly and without "tumult, or having the Sheriff present." A somewhat similar letter on tho subject of burning tbe heretics at Hammersmith, addressed to the Lord Chancellor [probably Heath, Archbishop of York] was in existence among the records formerly preserved in the Tower.

Fol. 4. A curious paper, written probably about 1560, and headed " Bonner's petigre;" making out that ho was the bastard son of one Sir Jhon Savage, a priest, who had seven illegitimate children " by three sondry "women," the fourth of them being " Edmund Boner, "gotten of Elizabeth Frodsam; which, when he was "conceived, was sent to Elmesley in Worcestershire, to "one Thom. Savage, and after was married to a car"pentor called 'Boner,' of Potters Handley, by Mal"verne Hill. Of this Edmund Boner came D. Darbi"shere, Chauncellor (?), as the fame talketh." Strypc apparently altogether rejects this story.

Fol. 5. A short Latin address to Queen Elizabeth, on persecution for religion's sake, quoting St. Augustine, and citing the case of King "Nabugodonosor," and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

Thus far the pagination is in pencil. Here it recommences, with fol. 1, in ink.—

Fol. 1. A Letter from Edmund Boner, directed "To "the Kinge's Highnes," " At Roane . . . the ix. day of "August." He has been at Lyons and elsewhere, having been sent upon an Embassy, with Thomas AVyat the Elder, to the King of France.

Fol. 3. A Letter from the same "To the ryght "Honorable my very singular good Lorde, my lord "Pryvey Seale." Dated also "At Roan the ix. day of "August." A long letter; in it he expresses a hope that he "may sute my proceedings to the King's "contentation."

Fol. 5. A Letter from Edmund Boner " To the King "of England." Sent by the hands of this "Currour "[Courier] Francesco." Dated at "Burges in Bary "[Berri]," the 18th of August. He mentions the departure of the Bishop of Winchester [Stephen Gardiner] and Mr. Dr. Thirleby [altenvards Bishop of Westminster] from Lyons,

Fol. 7. A Letter of the same date, from E. Boner to the Lord Privy Seal.

Fol. 0. "The Copie of my Letters sent from Blese "[Blois] by Barnabie, secundo Septembris." A Letter Boner, filled with complaints against his fellow voy, Mr. Wyat, whose former imprisonment in the Tower is alluded to. The Letter is very long, and remarkably curious; it is in Boner's handwriting, and the original was intended probably for the Lord Privy Seal. The following is the charge under head ix.:— "I can not commend Mr. Wyat, in that in all his factcs "and doynges he useth Mason as a God Almyghty, who "is as glorious (sic) and as malitious a harlot as ony '' that I know; and withall as greate a Papisto, wher he *' dare utter it."

Fol. 12. Original Letter of Lady Jane Grey as Queen, signed at the top, "Jane the Queene," dated " the 18th "of July in the first yere of our reign," and addressed to "our trustie and well-beloved Sir John Saintlowe "and Sir Anthony Kingston, Knight;" commands them to levy forces for putting down the seditious movement against her, and for the purpose of so doing to proceed towards Bucks.

Fol. 13. An original Letter, signed "Mary the Queene" at the top, dated "9th of July 1553, at our "Manonr of Kennynghall," and addressed to Sir Edward Hastinges, Knight; reminds him that by reason of the death of her brother, she is now the lawful Queen, and charges " him to have an harte and an ie vigilant "and fully bent to Godes glorye, our honour, the suertie "of our persone, the universalle quyetnes of the whole "realme, specially of that our County of Middlesex."

Fol. 14. Original Letter of the Lords of the Privy Council to the Bishop of Worcester [John Whitgift] dated 28th of May 1581, and signed by Bromley Chancellor, W. Burghley, F. Walsingham, F. Knollys, and others; enjoins him to make enquiry in his diocese as to recusants.

Fol. 15. Original Letter of the Lords of the Privy Council to the Bishop of AVorcester, dated the 7th of March 1582, and signed by R. Leicester, F. Walsingham, F. Knollys, and others. A lawsuit is mentioned between John Russell (apparently) of Strentham, Co. Worcester, and Thomas Handforde of Wollashullc, in the same county, as to stopping the course of the river Avon, to the prejudice of the poor, especially. Ho is requested to mediate in the matter.

Fol. 16. Original Letter of the Lords of the Privy Council to the Bishop of Worcester, against recusants; dated 1st of April 1582, and signed by Walsingham, Hatton, Bromley, Knollys, and others.

Fol. 17. Draft apparently of a long Letter in answer thereto, sent with the Bishop's " Certificates of such as "refuse to come to the church."

Fol. 18a. "Oure opinyon concernynge the proceed"inge with the Jesuytes and Scmynarie priestes, and "other Papistcs, by such as shalbe appointed to have "Conference with them." In the next page a list is given of 25 Protestant Divines, beginning with Dr. Fulke [Master of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge], and ending'^with Mr. Tower.

Fol. 20. Copy of a Latin Letter of John [Whitgift], Archbishop of Canterbury, to Queen Elizabeth, asking her to nominate one of the Clergymen, whose names he has given, to be a Suffragan Bishop within the Province of Canterbury.

Fol. 21. Letter of Edmund [Grindal], Archbishop of of York, to Matthew [Parker], Archbishop of Cantorbury, 4th March 1574. Printed in the "Remains of "Archbishop Grindal," p. 353, published by the Parker Society. In the next page is the draft of Archbishop I'nrker's answer to it, given in p. 474 of the "Parker "Correspondence," edited in 1853 for the Parker Society by John Bruce, Esq., and the Reverend T. T. rerowne. In addition to those named in the sequel, there are about 25 letters in this volume, written either by Archbishop Parker or his correspondents, which arc piinted in the volume above-mentioned.

Fol. 25. Original Letter of the Lords of the Council to the Bishop of Winchester [Robert Home], dated Grenewich 7th November 1573, on the observance of the Book of Common Prayer; signed by W. Burghley, T. Lyncoln, T. Sussex, R. Leyccstor, and others.

Fol. 26a. "A Copy of a Letter from Gentlemen in "Suffolk to the Councell, concerning favour towards "Ministers." It speaks of an odious name put upon them by certain persons,—"the name of puritanisnic; "we detest both the name and herisy: it is a compound "of all the heresies aforcsayd. The Papist is pure and "immaculate, he hath, short of goodness for himself, "plenty for others. The family cannot sinne, the be

"so pure, that God is homified in they, and they deified "in God."

Fol. 266. Written in the same neat hand as the preceding. "A Copy of a Letter from 7 of the Privy "Councell to the two chief Justices, to observe favour "towards Protestants throughout the Circuit."

Fol. 28. Original Letter from Dr. William Maister, —" To tho Right Worshipfull Sir Christopher Heidon, "Knight," dated Norwich, 15th of May 1574. Endorsed, apparently by Archbishop Parker,—" Dr. Maa"ters. How he was handled in Norffolk for putting "down the prophesy men." Master appears to have been Chancellor of Norwich, and in his letter he complains that great people have set him, "a poor Chancel"lor," to carry out commandments which they would have scrupled to carry out themselves.

Fol. 29. A Letter of Thomas Lamphy to the Archbishop of Canterbury, dated the 3rd of October 1571; as to tho discontinuance of his lecture at Whitington College, unless ho would sign certain articles. He speaks of himself as having been one of about 30 of the Synod, who wanted certain faults to be removed which they found in the Book of Common Prayer. This letter does not appear in the " Parker Correspondence," abovementioned.

Fol. 30. Part of a Letter in Latin, without a name, addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury, treating of the Hebrew names of the Deity, Adonai, Elohim, and Jehovah.

Fol. 31. Copy of a list of names of persons, desirous of supporting "a Supplication to my Lorde Burley, "Chancellour of Cambridge, for reformation of certain "matters amisse in the new Statutes of that Univer"sity." Dated the 6th of May 1572, and endorsed,— "The names of such as joyned against the heades, "touching the new Statutes at Cambridge."

Fol. 32. A Letter of Robert Jhonson to the Archbishop of Canterbury, date 14th of August 1571. He had forborne to answer the first of his Lordship's three articles,—" for. that it seemed to me to contayne a licence "of ministering baptism to women, a thing forbidden "by the word of God," for which he has since stood suspended and sequestred from preaching and ministering tho sacraments,—"and thereby My Lord and his "familyo have longer then their accustomed maner "hath been, wanted those most necessary, comfortable, "and Cristian helpes, &c." He offers to make submission on certain terms. This letter does not appear in the " Parker Correspondence."

Fols. 33, 34. A Letter of the Archbishop of York to the Archbishop of Canterbury, dated 28th of August 1571; and, apparently, the draft of an answer by tho latter, dated 8th of September 1571, beginning,—" Mr. "Bullinger's book is done in Lattin, not without the "advice of My Lord Burghley."

Fol. 35. Draft of a Letter written by Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, to Lord Burghley, 4th June 1571, in reference to the examination of Mr. Goodman and others. Printed in the "Parker Correspondence," p. 381.

Fol. 38 (no fols. 36 or 37). The Lords of tho Council to Archbishop Parker and Sandys, Bishop of London, 15th of June 1571. Printed in the "Parker Correspondence," p. 384.

Fol. 39. "Mr. Cartwright's refusall to dispute with "Mr. Whitegifte before the Masters of Colledges," 8th of March 1570, 1. The paper is signed by John Whitgifte, Vice-Cancel., Andrew Pern [Master of Petorhouse], and six others.

Fol. 40. Original Letter of "Jhon Whitgift," dated from Trinity College, Cambridge, 29th of December 1570, and addressed apparently to the Archbishop of Canterbury, in reference to Cartwright's examination.

Fol. 41. An address to Queen Elizabeth by a person whoso name is not given, but Christopher Goodman, no doubt, in reference to "the displeasure unjustly con"ceyved" by her against him, ho having written "a "boke against the usurped authorite and regiment of "women." It ends,—"It apperteineth to you there"fore to grounde the justice of your authoritie not upon "that law which from yere to yere dothe change, but "upon the eternall providence of Him who, contrarie "to nature, and without your deserving, hath thus "exalted your hed."

Fol. 43. A paper, signed by Goodman, and addressed to "Your good Lordshippes," expressing contrition for some things written in his work.

Fol. 44. "The declaration of James Clcrckc, of tho "Middle Temple, London, Gen., made septimo Junii "towchinge Parsons the now Jesuito." It gives a full account of Parsons's early life, his education at Taunton

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