Imagens das páginas



Arrria, Josep do, to D. Methuen; I. IS.

Abbadie, Jacques, Dean of Killaloe, letters of; II. 232.

Abbey of the Holy Ghost, The (a treatise, 15th cent.); II. 106.

See Alcock, Bishop.
Abbeys, a book relating to; I. 32.

Abendonensis monasterii, Fsalterium secundum morcm Nigro-
runi Monachorura (printed, black-letter, 1528) j II. 127.
See Abingdon.
Aberbrothock, Registrum de; II. 186.
Abercorn, Lord, letters of, 1720; I. xiii.; II. 232, 235.
Abercrombie, Dr. j II. 205.

General, letters of j II. 29.

George, letters of; II. 27.

Sir James, letters of; II. 188, 189.

Sir K., letters of; II. 29.
Abercromby's letter to Lord Brougham; II. 192.

burgh of, records of the; I. xii.

report on the records of the; I. 121.

church of, lists of elders and deacons of the; I. 122.

collegiate church of St Nicholas, register and chartulary
of the; I. Ill, 122, 123.

monastic houses of, charters of the; II. 200.

Carmelite, Franciscan, and Dominican friars at, charters of
the; I. 111.

Franciscan convent of, mortuary of the; II. 201.

presbytery of, a protestation against the ; II. 198.

University of, letters to doctors and professors of the ; I. 113.

documents belonging to the; II. xix.

report on the records and MSS. of the; II. 199.

King's College, Principal of, Dr. Guild; I. 121.

Manschal College, records of; II. 200.

Blair's College, near, the collection of MSS. at; I. 112.

Old, Orem's history of; II. 200.

Bishops of, charters by; II. 180.
Aberdeen, Karl of: I. 19.

letters of the (beginning of 18th cent.); I. 118.
Aberdonensis, Martyrologium secundum usum Ecclesia: (15th

cent.) ; I. Ill, 121.
Aberdonensium Episcoporum, Boetius de vitis; II. 146.

Corporation of, records of the; I. zi. ; II. xv.

report on the records of the; I. 98.

additional report on the records of the; II. 149.

some MSS. belonging to, repaired and bound; II. ix.

Abbot of, Ethelwold, his translation of the Rules of St
Benedict; I. 94.

Papal Nuncio, an absolution by ; I. 96.

Christ's Hospital at, records of; I. xi.

report on the MSS. of the; I. 98.

See Abendonensis.
Abingdon, Lord, to the Earl of Nottingham, 1702; I. 15.
Abington, Thomas:

his antiquities of Worcestershire; I. 53.

his account of the Powder Plot; I. 53.

letters of; I. 53.
Abjuration oath, the; II. 234; oaths, 1715-22; I. 103.

Earl of, letter to the, 1645; I. 115. See Gordon, Lord

Lady; II. 180.
the family of; II. 180.
Aboyne Castle, report on the Marquis of Huntly's papers at;

n. 180.

Abridgments, a book of, Hen. VI. to Ric. III. ; I. 32.

"Absalom and Achitophell," translated into Latin verse by the

son of Lewis Atterbury; I. 15.

private and personal, from the 16th cent ; I. 11.

in the Hatton collection; I. 33.

of receipts and expenditure, 1347-60 j I. 104.

various, 14th to 16th cent ; I. 110.

of personal expenditure, 1699-1700; I. 118.

1650-54 ; II. 178.

of a family in Ireland, 1652-96; I. 127.
among the Stair Papers; H. 191.
books of, temp. Hen. VIII.; II. 72. 1627-51 ; II. 199.

of the priory of Lillechcrche or Hcyham (Kent);

I. 74.

at Abingdon; I. 98; II. 149, 150.

at Coventry ; I. 101.


at Wells ; I. 107.

at Westminster Abbey; I. 95, 96.

in the Chapter Archives, York ; I. 97.

at York; I. 109, 110.

parcels of, at Nottingham; I. 105, 106.
register of, at Edinburgh; I. 126.

rolls of, belonging to the Dean and Chapter, Norwich j I. 59.

college; I. 64 sq., 78 sq. ; II. 117 sq., 128 sq.

monastic, 15th cent.; II. 119.

Public, Commissioners for, 1668 ; I. 51.

temp. Ann.; I. 54.

journals of proceedings before the, 1700 sq ; II.


Achellens, Thomas, his "Cupidinis et Psychis Nuptiaj," 1573;

I. 61.

Acheson, Sir Archd., letter of; II. 185.

Henry, letter of; II. 185.
Acton of Alderley, deeds belonging to; I. 46.
Actors, 18th cent.; II. 70, 71. See Players.
Acts of Court Books, in the Bishop's Registry, Norwich; I. 86.
Adair, Sir Robert:

despatches from; II. 3.

letters of; II. 232, 233.

accounts of; II. 235.
Adam, the painter [of Scotland], payments to, for portraits;

II. 199.
Adams, Mr.; II. 69.

Adamson, Robert, letters of; II. 185.

Addison, Joseph, of Queen's Coll. Oxford (1687) ; II. 138.

letters of; I. xiii. 13 ; II. 69, 189, 212, 232, 234, 249, 250,

letters concerning; II. 71.

portrait of; II. 69.

his tragedy of Cato; II. 234.

secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland; t'6.
Administrations, copies of, at Tablcy House; I. 46.

- at King's College, Cambridge; I. 67.

Admiral, Lord High, George Prince of Denmark; I. 22.
Admiralty, the ; I. 19, 21 (its).

"De officio Admiralitatis Anglise;" II. 40.

a treatise on; II. 41.

letter of, 1718; II. 217.

letters of, 1733 ; II. 212.

letters dated at 1759 ; I. 41.

orders of (17th cent.); I. 17.

Court of, commissions of appeal in the; I. 34.

treatises on the practice of the; I. 43; II. 156.

Lords Commissioners of the, letters to the, 1695; II. 2.

Lords of the, send a squadron against the Czar, 1719 ; I. 41.

Registrar of, [in Ireland,] notes of fees received by him
and his clerks; II. 156.

suits, commission and articles of inquiry in, 1626; I. 43.
Adrian VI., Pope, account of the election of; H. 90.
Adriatic, papers relating to the formation of an Imperial navy

in the, 18th cent.; II. 212.
Advertisement of a loyal subject to his gracious Sovereign

(James I.); I. 47 j II. 51.
Advocates' Library. See Edinburgh.
^Equatorium Campani, a Latin treatise called; I. 46.
Aeronaut, letters of an, 18th cent; I. 127.

travels, &c. of Capt John Smith in, 1593-1629 ; II. 4.

account of " the petrified city" in; II. 116.
Agar, Thomas, to Viscount Hatton; I. 15.
Aghaboe fair; II. 260, 261.

Agincourt, battle of, contemp. letter touching the; II. 94.
Aglionby, William, to the Earl of Nottingham; I. 15.
Agnew, Thomas, letters of; II. 188.

Aids, commissions to levy, temp. Hen. VI. ct Edw. IV.; II. 94.

Lord, letter of. 1682; I. 15.

letters of, 18th cent.; I. 127.

and Elgin, Lord, letter of, 1735 ; I. 15.

Miss, of Berwick-upon-Tweed, report on a MS. of; II. xii.,

Robert, letters of; II. 190 (6ts).

Earl of, report on the MSS. of the, in preparation; I. 112.

his MSS. at Cortachy; II. xvii.

report on his papers at Cortachy Castle; II. 186.

letters of the, 1652-4; II. 191.

Earls of, papers of the; II. 187, 188.
Countess of, letter of the, 1654; II. 191.
Airth, Earl of, William, letter of, 1633; II. 184.
Aix, account of the present state of, by Wm. Mildmay, 1749 j
II. 3.

Aix-la-Chapelle, letters dated at; II. 189
Akdin, William, to Mr. Pulkin; I. 30.
Albani, Cardinal, letter of, 1764; II. 13.

Conntess of, Ionise de Stolberg, letter of, 1793; II. 13
Duke of [John Stuart], writ signed by the, 148-; II. 191.

Duke of (C. Monk), letter of, 1661 ; II. 79. letters to, 1684; II. 23.

chancellor of the University of Cambridge, letters of,

1684-5 i II. 114, 116.
Lord, letters of, 1709-14; II. 188.

letters of, 1718; II. 189.

Alberoni, Cardinal, letter of; II. 189.
Albert, Archduke, letters to the, 1608-9; II. 81.
Albumazar, a drama entitled, with notes [by Shakespeare ?];
I. x.

Albuquerque, Duke of; I. 22.
Alchemical notes; I. 11.

Alchemv, books on, in the Advocates' Library; I. 125.
Alcock.'Bishop, " The Abbey of the Holy Ghost" by; II. 106,
144, 145.

Alderby, prior of, accounts of the; I. 89.
Alderley (Cheshire), documents relating to ; II. 81.
Aldershott, letters dated at, 1627 ; II. 185.
Aldred, Mr., letter to ; II. 50.
Alehouse licenses; I. 30. See Public Houses.
Alehouses, a book touching; I. 31.
Alencon, Francis d', an English letter of, 1575 ; I. 60.
Ales and revels, orders at assizes for suppressing, 1633; I. 57.
Alexander the Great, Wars of (MS. 15th cent.) ; II. 106.
Alexander VI., Pope, account of; I. 33; Latin diary of pro-
ceedings in the time of; II. 44.
Alexander II., King of Scotland, charters of; I. 121; II. 166.
Alexander III., King of Scotland, charters of; 1.121; II. 166.

an inquisition after the death of, concerning lands in

England; I. 125.

Anthony, letter of; H. 185.

Bishop, letter of; II. 204.

letters to; II. 205.

Robert, letter of; II. 24.

Sir William, letters of; I. 116.

See Stirling, Earl of.

Alexandri Magui, Vita; II. 46. See Alexander the Great
Alexandrine MS., the (Bodleian Library); II. 253, note.
Alexandriai Fatriarchse, S. Johannis Eleemosynarii, vita,

auctore Leontio episcopo, etc.; II. 145. ,
Alfred, King:

his translation of Orosius; I. 60.

letter to, from the Archbishop of Rheims; II. 75.
Algiers, narrative of a captivity in, 1622; I. 61.

See Dey.


licenses of; I. 33, 34.

pardons of; I. 33, 34.
Alienations, Office of Compositions for, [treatise] by Lord Bacon

on the; II. 2.
Allan, David (" the Scottish Hogarth "):

letters of; II. 24.

letters touching; II. 25, 26.
Allegiance, oaths of; I. 15, 21, 108.
Allein, Francis, letters of; II. 185.

Cardinal, commentary on his letter in defence of Sir W.

Stanley's betrayal of Deventer; I. 61.
Dr., letter to, 1577 ; 11.41.
J., to Viscount Hatton ; I. 15.
Thomas, to Lord Hatton; I. 30.

W., letter to O. Cromwell, with his tract, "Killing no
Murder;" II. 87.
Allestre, Richard, to Lord Hatton; I. 15.
Allibond, Sir Peter, letters to; I. 61.
Allured, nee Alured.

Almack. Mr., of Melford, Suffolk, catalogue of the papers of;

I. 1.

Almack Collection, report on the; I. 55.

Almains, compauies of. in service of Hen. VIII. and Edw. VI.;

II. 96.

AJmanack, an, 1723; I. 33.

Almanacks, a book of, 1734-61 ; II. 2.

Almoner, charters of lauds belonging to an ; L 88.

accounts of an; I. 89.

fees due to a Bishop's; II. 89.

Alphabet, an Irish tract on the; II. 223.

Alphington vicarage, dioc. Exon. ; I. 91.

Altamont, Lord, letters of (18th cent.); I. 127.

Althani, Ro., to Lord Hatton; I. 15.

Althen, Couut d', letter of; II. 217.

Althorp, Lord, letters relating to, 1768 sq.; II. 13.

Alum Commissioners, letter touching the, 1620; II. 58.

Alured (or Allured), Thomas, his letter to the Marquis of Buck-
ingham against the Spanish match; I. 48, 54; II. 79,

Alva, Duke of, letters from the nobility of Scotland to the, 1568;

II. 183.

A view of the privileges of, by Sir R. Cotton; I. 42.
Relation of the proceedings against ambassadors that ex-
ceed their commission, by Sir R. Cotton; II. 44, 90.
accounts of, temp. Car. II.; DL 83.

and foreign ministers, list of presents to, from Chas. H. to

George II.; H. 83.
credentials to, temp. Ann.; II. 79.
audiences of, papers touching, 18th cent.; II. 83.
British, at foreign courts, correspondence of, 1768-72; H.
26; 1782-9, II. 30 1783,1.18.

travels, &c. of Capt. Jchn Smith in, 1593-1629; n. 4.
a proposal for supplying provisions in (no date); L 28.
letters touching the discontents in, 1765; II. 12.
copy of Lord Chatham's plan for settling, 1775; II. 28.
papers relating to affairs in, 1778; II. 192.
documents connected with ; II. 216.
North, letter to the commander of H.M. forces in, 1783;
II. 20.

North-west continent of, observations on Great Britain's
right to the, &c. (1748 ?); II. 3.

affairs, letters on, 1766; II. 30.

(North) colonies, papers relating to the, 1764-5 ; II. 2.
Rebellion, Gibbon's letter on the; I. 41.

letters and papers touching the; II. 12, 13, 24, 28,

29, 30, 48.

Amiens, Bishop of, Louis Fr. Gabriel, letter of; U. 147.
Amity, bonds of (Scotch); II. 178. See Friendship, bonds of.
Amphitrion, sive de Jovis et Alcmene amoribus (MS. 14th

cent.) ; II. 81.
Ampleforth, St. Lawrence's College:
MSS. in the library of; II. xiii.
report on MSS. in the library of; II. 109.
Amsterdam, letters dated at, 18th cent.; I. 19, 40, 41; II.
71, 189.

Anabaptistas, Contra (a paper in Latin); II. 154.

Anatomy, grant by Queen Elizabeth of two bodies for the study

of; II. 118.
Anchorage, a roll touching; I. 31.

Ancrum, Earl of, Robert (1st Earl), letters to the; I. 116.

See Ker, Sir Robert.
Anderson, James (compiler of Diplomata Scotia;), papers of;
I. 125.

Andover, charter to the men of; I. 71.

Andover, Lord, speech of, in Parliament, 1640; I. 63.

Andre, John, Major, letter of; II. 24.

Andreas, John, his Commentary on the Constitutions of Cle-
ment V.; II. 81.
Andrew (St.), Martine's Reliquise divi Andrccae; II. 186.

Francis, Provost of Dublin University, letter of; II. 2.

Miles Peter, his relation of the appearance to him of Lord
Lyttelton's ghost; H. 37.

A. (?), to Lord Hatton; I. 15.

C, et al., to Lord Hatton; I. 15.

E., to Lord Hatton; I. 15.

J. (?), to Lord Hatton; I. 15.

Thos., to Lord Hatton; I. 15.
Angell, Nich., letter to; I. 30.
Angers, expenses of students at, 17th cent.; I. 116.
Angevilliers, M. d', letters to; II. 32.

Earl of, Lord Privy Seal, temp. Car. II.; II. 213.

his treatise concerning Parliaments; II. 7.

Lord, letters of [beg. of 18th cent.] ; I. xiii.; II. 232.

the party of, 1714; II. 234.

Angleterre, Les Annates d' (from Brutus to Q. Eliz.); I. 124.
Anglo-Norman instruments, in the Hatton Collection; I. 14.
Anglo-Saxon charters, in the Hatton Collection; I. viii., 14.

in Westminster Abbey, I. 95. See Saxon.

Anglo-Saxon glosses; I. 14.

Anglo-Saxon Homilies, 10th cent.; I. 14; about to be printed

by the Early English Text Society; U. ix.
Anglo-Saxon times, a will and charters of the (at Peniarth);

H. 105.

Anglo-Saxon volume, a, (King Alfred's translation of Orosius);

I. 60.

Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman Princes and Kings, genea-
logies of; II. 42.
Anglorum Gestis, excerpta ex, (MS. 12th cent); II. 145.

— liber de miraculis; ib.

de viris illustribus ; ib.


Countess of, contract by the, 1375; II. 206.

Jane Wemyss, account of expenses of; II. 178.

Earl of, letter of the, 1598; I. 55.

William, letter of, 1633; II. 184.

Archibald, letters of, 1643-1651 ; II. 197, 198.

letter of the, (? date); II. 183.

and Morton, Earls of, lives of the; I. 114.
house and family of, Hume of Godscroft's History of the;
[. 114.


shire of, gentlemen of the; II. 188.
Anjou, Duke of:

copy of treaty of marriage with Q. Elizabeth; II. 39.

a volume of documents touching his proposed marriage
with Queen Elizabeth; II. 86.
Anley, John, to Lord Hatton j I. 15.
Annals, Latin, in Rothe's Register of Kilkenny; II. 258.
Annandale, Earl of:

letters of the; 1640, sq.; II. 9.

James, letters of, 1626-42; II. 184.

Princess (afterwards Queen), guarded by 3,000 horse and
800 foot, 1685; I. 24.

letters touching her flight, 1688; II. 11, 16.

at Tunbridge (1690 ?); I. 22.

her marriage to Prince George; I. 44.

Queen; I. 15, 19, 20.

at Bath, 1702; I. 22.

letters of; II. 99, 188, 217.

autograph letters of; I. 30.

letters to; I. 18, 49, 79.

letters on the accession of; II. 233, 242.

memorial to; I. 33.

petition to, 1702; I. 23.

speech to, at her coronation; L 62.

account of the death of; II. 79.

Anne de Bretagne, Queen of France, Book of Hours of;

H. 202.
Anne of Cleves:

letter from, to Princess Mary; II. 151.
a paper relating to the funeral of, 1568; I. 96.
Anne of Denmark, Queen of James I.; I. 55, 107.
jewel book of; I. 124.
her letter in behalf of Sir W. Raleigh; II. 8.
letter of; II. 37.
privy seal warrants by; IL 79.
account of the funeral of (a roll); II. 86.
Annesley, Francis, one of the Commissioners for Irish For-
feitures, letters of; II. 232, 233, 234, 244 (ois).
Sir Francis, letter of; II. 61.
Annesley and Sherlock, case of; 234.
Anson, Lord (of the Admiralty), letters of; I. 41.
Anspach, Margrave of, letter of the, 1620; II. 57.
Antichrist, the Mystery of (15th cent.); n. 106.
Antigua, clergymen for; II. 235.
Antiphoner, an (15th cent.) ; I. 45.
Antiphoners, account of (15th cent.) ; II. 208.
Antiquitie of Gentry, Nobleness, and Coat Armour, The, (an

heraldic MS.) 1676; I. 53.
Antoninus, annotations to the Itinerary of; I. 32.
Antonio, Don (styled " king "):

a follower of, arrested as a Spanish spy; I. 60.
draft of Queen Elizabeth's passport for; II. 45.
accounts of expenses for; ib.
Antrim, Marquis of, Reginald, bond by, 1647 ; II. 226.

J. C, Esq., of Eaton Hall, Cheshire, MSS. of; II. xi.

report on his MSS.; H. 69.

the Rev. Mr.; II. 235.

English soldiers in, 1583 ; II. 73.

instructions by Q. Elizabeth touching money borrowed at;
IL 95.

deed of security for money lent by a merchant of, to Sir
T. Gresham, agent for Q. Elizabeth; H. 104.

religious house at; II. 195.

letters from, 1550; II. 40.

letters dated at, 18th cent. ; II. 29, 234.
Anwill, Rob., letter to ; II. 87.
Aphorisms, books of; I. 32, 33.

a book of, by R. Dallington, 1609; I. 32.
Apothecaries' accounts, 1667-76 ; II. 191.
Apothecary, appointment of an, by Anne, Queen of James I.;
II. 79.

Apparel, inventories of, 16th and 17th cent.; II. 101, 102, 187.
See Dress.

Appleby, documents relating to; II. 125.

Appollonio, Gulielmus, letter of, relating to ecclesiastical aflairs;

I. 15.

Apprenticeship indentures, books of enrolment of, at Cork; I.
129; at Norwich ; I. 103; at York; I. 108, 110.
entries of, at Abingdon; I. 98.
Appropriation of two churches (Carlisle Cathedral MSS.);

II. 125.

Appropriations of churches and assignations of vicarages, regis-
ter of, at Norwich ; I. 86.

Appropriations of northern churches to monasteries, a volume
on the; I. 97.

Ap William, Thomas, a Latin and Welsh dictionary by ; II. 106.

William, letter of; II. 88.
Aquas-villa (Waterton ?), Nicholaus de, sermon by ; I. 60.
Arabian writers, MSS. of the; I. 77.
Arbitration, awards of, at York ; I. 108. See Awards.
Arbor of Battailes, a French treatise, translated by Roger
Fremys; I. 14.

Arbroath, abbey of; I. 118.
Abbot of; II. 184.

Chancellor of Scotland, warrant to the; II. 166.

abbots of, commissions by the; II. 187.
baillies of the regality of; II. 187.
regality court of; II. 187.

Arbuthnot, R., letters of; II. 189.

Archbishop, order of attendants and services appertaining to an
II. 81.

Archdeacon, Daniel, letter of; II. 184.

James, of Kilkenny, papers touching; II. 226.

John, alderman of Kilkenny, letters to; II. 226, 227.
Archer, John, his History of the Earls and Barons of England

I. 45.

Archery butts; II. 149, 150.

keepers of the, at Wells, temp. Hen. VI. ; I. 106.
Arches, Court of, commissions of appeal in the; I. 34.
Ardchatton (Scotland), priory of, rental of the; II. 197.
Argyll, the Episcopal See of; I. 113.

Countess of, letter of the, 1685; I. 116.

Earl of, papers relating to his burning the castle of Airlie;

II. 187.

letters of the, 1568; H. 183.

Archibald (7th), letters of, 1620-6; II. 184.

(8th), letters of (1627-56); II. 184.

letter of the, 1640; II. 178.

Marquis of, letters of the, temp. Car. I.; I. 116.

letters to the, 1646; II. 176.

(temp. Car. II.) ; II. 213, 214.

Archibald, his daughter Jane, wife of the Marquis of

Lothian; I. 116.
Duke of, letter of the, 1704; I. 116.

John, letters of the, 1715; H. 26, 184; 1716; II.

178 (its).

letters of the, 1736; II. 27.

1742 sq.; II. 191.

1745-6; II. 179.

the "Claim of Rights" brought into the Scottish

Parliament by the, 1708; I. 15.
Argyll and Greenwich, Duke of, letter of the, circ. 1730 ; II.

Argyllshire, names of soldiers going from, to France, 1627 ; II.

Arianism, 18th cent.; II. 235.

Aristotelis, Liber Politicorum (MS. 14th cent.); II. 208.
Aristotle's Rhetorikes, the second booke of; II. 4.
Arithmetic, a book of, mentioned in an inventory, 16th cent.;
II. 102.

Arlidg, Abraham, to Lord Hatton and another; I. 15.
Arlington, Earl of; I. 17.

letter of the, 1665 ; I. 54.

signature of the, 1666; I. 58.

Henry Rennet, letter of, 1672; I. 55.

letters of the, 1674-9; I. 56.

letters of the (? date) ; II. 19.
Armada, the Spanish; II. 178.

letter of one who was with; II. 45.

papers relating to preparations for ; II. 46.
Armagh, Archbishop of:

Reynard, indulgence by, 1248; I. 96.

petition by the (and others), 1679; II. 10.

Michael, Lord Justice of Ireland, instructions , 168.S;
II. 216; letters to; 217. See Boyle, Michael.

Narcissus (Marsh), letter of, 1703; I. 15. See also Marsh,

16th cent.; II. 150.

return of, 1603; II. 81.

note of, rated on the clergy, 1612; II. 86.

agreement respecting, 1634; II. 48.

a list of, 1642 ; II. 48.

private, note of, 1601; H. 47.

list of, 1644; II. 48.

Armourers' bills, 1644; II. 48.

a grant of, 1504 ; II. 13.

4 Hen. VIII.; I. 33.

1682; I. 127.

books of; I. 31.

MS. book of; II. 3.

drawings of, in colours; I. 48, 49.

plates of, coloured; I. 31.

roll of, 16th cent ; II. 6.

in early deeds; II. 69.

of Chancellors of the University of Cambridge; I. 13.
of Kings and nobles; I. 114.
of Kings of England; I. 33.
of Welsh princes; I. 49.

of Cumberland and Westmoreland families, with a cata-
logue of the Books and Collections thereof; II. 195. $
Heraldic MSS.

Archibald, " plesant" to James I. ; I. 122.

letter of; II. 19.

Mr., letters of; II. 189.

LI 2

aim; ■

the, temp. Car. 1. et II. ; I. 51.

the English, letter from, to the Earl of Northumberland

[temp. Car. I. ?] ; I. 63.
the, assessments for, 1651-3 j I. 54.
letters relating to the, temp. Car. II.; II. 36.
letters and papers touching the, 18th cent.; 1.54 ; II. 24, 25.
documents relating to the, temp. Geo. II.; II. 190, 191.
an Act to reduce the; I. 23.
accounts, 1706-10; I. 54 {bis).
affairs, 1689-1704 j I. 22.
contracts j I. 44.

taxes (receipts for), levied on college property in time of
the Commonwealth; I. 77.
Arnold, Thos., to Lord 11 at ton; I. 15.
Arnot, David, letter of j II. 184.
Arnott, Mungo, letter of; II. 185.
Arran, Earl of, " James G.," letter of; II. 183.

commissioners of, in King's County, their rules and orders,
1672; I. 127.

commissions of, for all counties, by Dugdale; I. 31.
Art, English, as exhibited in a Psalter of 12th cent.; I. 11.
Arthur, King, collections about; II. 125.

Arthur, Prince, Duke of Britanny, letter of Richard I. touching
the proposed marriage of, to the daughter of the King of
Sicily; II. 85.
Arthur, Prince, son of Henry VII.:

a -writ by [as Earl of Chester] ; I. 46.
marriage of, 1501 ; I. 75.

description of his visit to Coventry, 14 Hen. VII.; I. 100.
letters of; I. 100.

and PrinceBs Catharine, his wife, letters and papers of the
Council for managing their affairs; II. 72.
Articles, the Forty-two, of Religion (a Latin copy); I. 86.
Artists, contracts with (17th cent.); II. 185.

Countess of, Lady Anu Dacre, extracts from writings and

a martyrology belonging to; II. 5.
Earl of, Richard, computus of the bailiffs of, 13 Ric. II.;

H. 74.

William, letters of, 1 & 2 Ric. III.; II. 91 ; writ to

him; ib.

Philip, arraignment of, 1589; I. 47 (bis).

Philip, a collection touching the attainder of; II. 42.

Lieut, of co. Sussex, instructions to the [temp.

Eliz. ?] ; II. 96.
Arundel and Surrey, Thomas Lord, letter of, 1633 ; I. 67.
Arundell of Wardour, Lord:

MSS. of; II. xii.

report on the MSS. of; II. 33.

MSS. given by, to Stonyhurst College; II. 144,145, 146.
letter of, 1617; II. 53.
Arundell, family of, documents relating to the, with their corre-
spondence; II. 34.
John, to Lord Hatton; I. 15.
John, letters of; I. 50.
Thomas, suit by the Crown against; L 51.
Wm, poems by, about 1650; IL 106.


Captain, captured by the Americans, letter touching; II.


letters from and to, ib.

Lady, letter of [1783] ; II. 20.

Lord, to Lord Hatton, 1699; I. 15.

John, letter of; I. 51.
Ashe, St. George, Bishop of Cloyne, &c, letters of; II. 232.
Ashley, [Lord], letters of, 1661-2 ; I. 47, 55.
Ashmole, Mr., his collection of curiosities destroyed by a fire in

the Temple; I. 44.
Ashmolean MSS., extracts from the; II. 37.
Asia, travels, &c. of Capt. John Smith in, 1593-1629; II. 4.
Aspilogia: libri tres, (a paper so beaded,) I. 31.
Assaium Argenti (extract from the roll of the Exchequer,

S Eliz.) ; II. 81.
Assart rents and lands, accounts of; I. 30.
Assassination, a letter against; I. 42.
Assembly, the General, of the Scotch Church ; I. 26.

letter touching, 1607 ; II. 51.

letters relating to the business of (1663-1709); I. 116.
volumes of proceedings of, 1690-1725; II. 201.
registers of, 1712-17; H. 201.
register of, 1726-36; II. 200.
at Glasgow, letters to; I. 113.


Commissioners' inquiry for moneys received for, since 1642,
(dated 1662) ; 1.47.

particulars of, in Ireland, 1672-79; I. 127.
Assignations, among the Marquis of Lothian's records ; I. 116.
Assignment, an, 1S18; 1.33.
Assize roll, an, 1 Hen. V. ; I. 11.
Assize of bread:

six books relating to the, at Cambridge, 1596-1836; I. 73.

the, at Watcrford; I. 131. ]


the office of, in London, 1634, papers relating to; I. 34.

papers on, 16th cent; II. 40.

Astier, , letters of; I. 124.


Lords, memoirs relating to, 17th cent.; II. 147.
Herbert, letter to; I. 61.

Sir Walter, ambassador in Spain, memorial by; I. 15.

letter of; H. 59.

Astrological notes, 15th cent.; II. 84.

treatises, Gaelic ; I. 126.
Astrolop, The descrypcion and knowlege of the (a volume so

entitled); II. 65.
Astronomical treatise, a Latin, 17th cent.; I. 46.
Astronomies;, Tabulse (16th cent); II. 109.
Astronomy, letter touching a discovery in, 1728; H. 116.
Atalantis, The (a work) ; I. 51.
Athenry, Lord, letters of; II. 232.

camp at, letters dated at the, 1691; II. 217.
siege of; II. 232, 238.

CounteBs of, letter of the [1618?] ; II. 55.

Earl of, declaration of the, and others who took up arms

for Chas. II., 1650; I. 128.
Marquis of, letters of, 1703; I. 15.

Duke of, his narrative of the discovery of Captain Fraser
and his accomplices, 1704; I. 33.

letter concerning the, 1715; I. 117.

letters of the, 1742 sq.; II. 191.


Francis, Bishop of Rochester; I. 51.

papers relating to, 1700-3; I. 52.

[his] paper against Burnet's articles; I. 52.

intended prosecution of; I. 52.

retractation by; I. 52.

. and others, letters touching the trials of, 1723; II.


letters of; I. 52.; II. 64, 69, 78.

petition of, to the House of Lords, »6.

his letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons

(copy); II. 79.

Lewis, to Lord Hatton j I. 15.
Attorney, letter of, 15 Edw. 2; II. 93.

warrants of, in the Hatton Collection; I. 84.
Attorney, the Office of an (a treatise); II. 90.

instructions for an, etc.; II. 90.

Attorney's Academy, The, by Tho. Powell. 1630; II. 89.

Almanack, by same; ib.

Aubespine, M. De L\ letters of; I. 124; II. 50.

Aubigny, M. d', Avis au roy de la Grande Bretagne par; II. 44.

Audit Books, of Colleges; I. 64, 72.


Thomas Lord,of Walden, Chancellor; I. 12.
Thomas, letter of; II. 72.
Augmentations, Court of, the articles of its union to tho Ex-
chequer; II. 90.
Aug-, line, St., on the Psalms and Homilies (Univ. Aberdeen);
II. 200.

works of, copy 14th cent, at St. Andrew's; II. 208.
Augustini, S., Floriger sententiarum ex operibus (15th cent);
U. 201.

Augustinus, S.. de Spiritu et Anima; II. 143.
Aulnage, entries of, at Norwich, 1580-1610; I. 103.
Aungier, Dr., proposed publication of his MSS. at Oxford; II.
234 (bis), 235, 254.
Francis, letters of; I. 15; II. 211.
Aversberg, Count d', letter from; I. 25.

Papal court at, expenses of a journey to the, 14th cent;
II. 140.

list of the King's (Pretender) subjects at, 1716; I. 117.
letter from an antiquary of [18th cent]; II. 122.
Avon, river; II. 153.

Awards, copies of; I. 46. See Arbitration.

Lord. See Ailesbury.

Tho., letters signed, 1642; II. 127.

Guicciardini, to Christopher Hatton; I. 15.
Sir William, letter of; II. 58.
Ayshford, J., letter of; I. 15.

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