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Anthony, to the Earl of Essex ; I. 47. letter to; II. 51.

Sir Anthony, an apology of the Earl of Essex dedicated

to; II. 8.
Mr. F., to Lord H. H. ; I. 47.

Francis, Viscount St. Alban's, Lord Chancellor, On the

Use of the Law; I. 31.

a book of Selden's dedicated to j I. 32.

commissioner touching the Gunpowder plot; I. 58.

his " Character of a King" ; I. 62.

his opinion touching Yelverton; II. 56.

autograph of; I. 57.

copies of his Letters of State ; II. 2.

a treatise by j ib.

charges and speeches by; ib.

early copies of three of his Essays; I. 58.

letters of; I. 57 j II. 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 60,

61, 62, 122.

letters to; IL 57, 58, 59, 61.

ordinances by, touching the Chancery j I. 31, 63.

petition against; I. 57.

secretary of, T. Meautys; I. 58.

speeches of; I. 31, 62.

his submission and supplication to the House of Lords,

1621 ; I. 62. See Keeper, Lord.
Lady, letter to, from Archbishop Parker, touching Lord

Bacon; II. 154.
Sir Nicholas; L 65.

Thomas, Master of Gonville Hall, Camb.; II. 118.
Baden, Margrave of; II. 71.

Badger, Bryan, committed for heretical opinions, 1621 ; I. 62.
Badges. See Liveries.
Baggs, Zachary; II. 70.

Baginton Hall, Warwick, report on Mr. Bromley-Davenport's

MSS. at; II. 78.
Bagnio, proposals for building a, at Cambridge; II. 122.
Bagot, Sir Charles, despatches of j II. 2.
Bagshaw, Dr.:

paper by; II. 154 ; letter to j ib.
Bail Book, a, 1661-83, at Coventry; L 101.
Bailiff's Court, amercements in a, 1344; I. 103.
Bailiffs' accounts:

at Belvoir Castle; I. 10.

at Bridgwater; I. 99.

at Pembroke College, Cambridge j I. 70.

at Norwich; I. 103.
Baillie, David, letters of; II. 190 {bis).
Baillieul, Rachel, to Lord [Hatton] ; I. 15.
Baird, Mr., letters of; II. 179.

W. R., Esquire, of Bayfordbury, Herts, MSS. of; II. xi.

report on his MSS.; II. 69.

Austin, Father, treatises by; II. 109, 110.

S., to "my Lady Cisly "; I. 16.

Wm., letter to; II. 72.
Bakers, regulations for; II. 78.

Earls of, charters of the; H. 181.

Lord, letters of, temp. Car. I.; 1.116.

paperB of, temp. Car. I. et H.; I. 124.

See Crawford and Balcarres, Earl of.

Balcarres Papers, The, in the Advocates' Library; I. 124.
Baldwin, Father, the Jesuit; I. 61.
Baldwini, Francisci, consilia pro Regina Anglia:; II. 44.
Bale, Bishop; II. 156.

Balfour, Sir James, collections of; I. 123, 124, 125.

keeper of Edinburgh Castle; II. 183.

Balfoure's Practiques; II. 186.
Balfour's Account of the Scottish Peerage; II. 200.
Ball, Wm., of Queen's College, Oxon. ; II. 138.
Ballard, —, execution of [temp. Eliz.] ; II. 41.
Balliard, Margaret, to Lord Hatton; I. 15.

John de, estates lately belonging to, 1331; I. 70.

letters of; H. 5.

names of arbitrators chosen by; ib.

fealty, &c. done by; ib.

Peter, of Guernsey; I. 22.
Ballymore, siege of; II. 232, 237.
Balmerinach, Registrum Chartarum de; II. 186.
Balmerino, Lord:

letters of [temp. Car. I.?]; 116.

letters to, 1646; II. 176.

letters of (beg. of 18th cent.) ; I. 118 ; II. 204.
Baltemore, Lord, to Lord Hatton, 1671-3; I. 16.
Banckes, John, " The Seaman's A B C" by; II. 4.
Bancroft, Richard, Archbishop of Canterbury, letter of; II.

Banff, community of, letter of the; II. 205.
Bangor, Bishop of;

letter to the, 1615; II. 87.

his answer to Dr. Snape, 1717; II. 234. See Hooper, John
Bangorists, the; II. 235.
Bankrupt, commissions of; 1.34.

Banks, Sir John, Attorney General; I. 51. See Banckes.
Bar, Duke of, Henry of Lorraine, letter of; II. 51.


governor of, 1721 ; II. 26.

island of, trees and plants in; I. 33.
Barbara, Daniel, his " Relazione dTnghilterra" ; II. 45.
Barber, Sir Wm., lease by; II. 72.
Barberini, Cardinal:

instructions by, 1644; I. 16.

Francis, letter of; II. 157.
Barbour, Richard, to Lord Hatton; I. 16.
Barclay of Brechin, family of, register of the, by H. Maule

Barducci, Cavalier, his account of movements in Ireland, 1578

sq.; II. 44.
Baretti, Joseph, letters of; I. 127.

Barillon, M., French Ambassador at London, letter to; II. 79.
Barker, Pentecost, letters of; I. 51.

Dr.; I. 23.

Rosend, treatise by; II. 109.
Barlowe, Mrs., letter touching Charles II.'s marriage with; II.

Barnet, Dr., letters of; II. 15.

Barnstaple, M.P. for, 1609; I. 62.

Barnwell, Robert, execution of [temp. Eliz.] ; II. 41.

Barodat (?), M. de, letter of; H. 63.

Baron Courts, Scotch, records and registers of; II. 196, 19",


of England; I. 81 (its).

a book of precedents concerning the rights of the

H. 6.

a, " in pedigrees "; II. 45.
Baronagium Anglise (MS. 16th cent.); II. 7.
Baronetcies, warrants for patents of -, I. 34.
Baronets, letters touching the creation of, temp. Jac. I. et Car. 1.;
II. 47.

Baronets and knights, fees payable by; II. 83.

Baronianum, Libellum; H. 151.

Barony, notes to illustrate tenure by; II. 44.

Barres, John, report of, touching an unknown country; II. 45.

Barrett, Sir Edward, letters of; II. 58, 62.

Barrey, —, letter in French by; II. 29.

Barry, Arthur, letter of; II. 68.

Barrymore, Lord:

letters to, 1735-9; II. 68.

letters of, 1732-46; ib.
Bas. See Le Bas.

Bassett, letters touching the game of, II, 82.
Bassompierre, M. de, letter of; II. 61.
Bateman, Bishop, letter concerning ; II. 122.

corporation of, licence to the; I. 57.
Queen Anne of Denmark's visit to, 1613; I. 107.
letters dated at, 18th cent.; I. 55.
Bath, Earl of:

letters of the, 1624; II. 61. 1667; I. 51. 1676-86;

I. 56. 1685; II. 23. 1688; II. 10. 1689; I. 52.
(mid. 18th cent.); II. 38.

copies of Council letters by the, 1690; I. 52.
Bath and Wells, Bishop of:

Robert, letter of, 1292; H. 5.

letters of the [temp. Hen. VI.?]; I. 95.

1637; II. 48.

his pretensions to the precentorship in Exeter Cathedral
[1702] ; I. 21.

See Ken, Thomas; King, Oliver.
Bath, Knights of the; II. 8!.

Order of the, a long account of the; 1. 32.

the, visit to (1703) ; II. 70.

in England, licence to a Scotchman to visit the, 1570

II. 196.

Bathurst, Moses, to Lord Hatton; I. 16.
Bautru, M. de, letter of; II. 63.

Baxter, Richard, the Nonconformist, letters of; I. 100.
Bayfordbury, Herts, report on Mr. Baker's MSS. at; II. 69.
Bayly, J. W., Esq., of Finglas:

documents in possession of; I. xii.

report on documents in the possession of; I. 128.
Baynes, J., to Lord Hatton; I. 16.
Bayton, Leonard, letter of; II. 226.
Beach, Sir R., letter of; II. 11.

Beachy Head, accounts of a [naval] engagement near, 1690;
II. 8.

Beacon, Sibyl, letter of; I. 67.

Beacons, instructions touching, temp. Eliz.; II. 96.


Bartholomew, letter of; I. 16.

Dr., complaint of the fellows of Pembroke Hall [Cam-
bridge] against; I. 32.
Robert, collections, notes, and compositions by; II. 40 sg.

conferences of; 11.41.

letters from and to; II. 41, 42, 43, 44, 45.

instructions to; II. 43, 44, 97.

negotiations of; II. 45.

Bearward, Queen Elizabeth's; II. 150 (bis).

Beaton, James, Archbishop of Glasgow:

letters from Mary Queen of Scots to; I. 120.
a rental book of; I. 121.
will of; L 121.

a panegyrical oration on his elevation to the cardinalate;
n. 207.

letters of; II. 209. See Beton.

Joan de, release by, 1434 ; I. 50.

Viscount, Edw. Seymour, his patent; I. 32.
eauclerk, Topham, letters of; I. 127.

Duke of, Henry first, account of his progress through
Wales, 1604; I. 54.

prisoner in Turkey, 1669; II. 21.

letter of the, 1685; II. 88.

Duke and Duchess of, letters about their divorce (circ.
1742) ; II. 81.

Cardinal, Bishop of Winchester, member of St. Peter's

College, Cambridge; I. 77, 78.
Henry [afterwards Cardinal], at Queen's College, Oxford,
1391 ; H. 141.

Cardinal, obit of; H. 131, 132, 144.

Beaulieu, M. de, letters of; II. 52, 62.

Beanly (Scotland), House of, register of the; I. 111.


Captain; I. 17.

family of, papers relating to the ; I. 50.
Beau voir:

Anne de, to Lord Hatton; I. 16.

CD., to Lord Hatton; I. 16.

Daniel de, to Lord Kirby [Hatton] ; I. 16.

G. de, et al., to Lord Hatton; I. 16.

James de, to Richard Beauvoir; I. 16.

letters from, to Viscount Hatton; I. 16.

Jeanne, to Lord Hatton; I. 16.

Peter de, letters of, to Lord and Christopher Hatton; I. 16.
Richard de, letters of, to Viscount and Chistopher Hatton;

I. 16.

Richard, letter to; I. 16.
W. de, letters of, to Lord Hatton, et al.; I. 16.
Beauvoir la Noile, M. de, letters of; II. 50.
Bee (in Normandy), monastery of, documents relating to its

possessions in England; I. 68, 69.
Beckford, Wm. (at Fonthill), letters of; II. 25.
Beckington (or Bekyntone), Thomas, at New College, Oxon;
H. 134.

Bishop of Bath and Wells ; I. 107.

letters of; n. 66.

obit of; II. 131.

his executors; II. 131, 135.

Beda, Ven., de Naturis Rerum ; II. 145.

Beda's Ecclesiastical History (MS. 12th cent.); H. 104.

Bedee, Ven., Epilogium de obitu; H. 144.

Expositio super Tobiam; II. 145.
Bede Rolls; I. 64.
Bedell, Bishop, Life of; II. 233.

Countess of, letter of the, 1591 ; II. 82.
Earl of, Francis, instructions to, in various offices, temp.
Mar. et Eliz. ; II. 95, 96.

a Latin poem to the [temp. Eliz. ?] ; II. 66.

letter of the, 1617; II. 53.

Earls and Dukes of,documents connected with the; II. 1, 2.
Bedford, Duke of:

his collection at Woburn Abbey; I. ix.

sends an inventory of his MSS. at Woburn Abbey; II. ix.

inventory of his MSS. at Wobum Abbey; II. 1-4.
Bedfordshire, account of riots in, 1757; II. 91.
Bedingfield, Mary, prioress of Nazareth, petition of, 1798;

II. 89.

Beech, Thomas, letter of; II. 121.
Behn, Aphra (authoress), letters of; II. 70.
Beisly, Capt. William; II. 217.
Bekyntone. See Beckington.
Beleth, Johannes:

de Ecclesia; Officiis; H. 144.

Summa de ecclesiasticis historiis, &c.; II. 145.
Belgici," " Summarium facultatum Nuncii; I. 16.
Belgium, foundation of an English convent in, 1660; II. 147.
Belhaven, Lord; I. 16.

Bell, the big, at Westminster Abbey, account of a mob on its re-
moval to St. Paul's; I. 43.
expenses for a, 16th cent. ; II. 150. See Bells.

Alexander, letters to; I. 44.

Richard, his " History of the Borders;" II. 123.
Bella Landa, liber S. Maria) de; I. 45.
Bellarmin's Notes of the Church; L 22.
Bellasyse, Lord:

Governor of Tangier, Sc., instructions to, 17 Car. II.; I.

letters from and to, temp. Car. II.; I. 54.
Bellegarde, M. de, letters of; II. 61.

Bellendini, Gulielmi, Scoti Gelmerdeunensis, opuscula; II. 201.
Bellingham, Sir R., letters of; I. xiii.


Lady, correspondence of, 1664 sq.; II. 34.

Sir Richard, Comptroller of the Household to Queen
Catharine, wife of Chas. H., accounts of j H. 34.

his correspondence; ib.

Bellomont, Lord, to Lord [Hatton ?], 1690; I. 16.

consecration of (1400); H. 135.
expenses for, 14th cent.; II. 140.

(of Celtic Saints), hereditary keepers of, in Scotland; II.
187. See Bell.
Belvoir Castle:

the Duke of Rutland's collection at; I. x.

report on the Duke of Rutland's MSS. in; I. 10.
Belvoir Priory:

chartulary of; I. 11.

register of the lands and tithes of; I. 11.
Bely, M., to Lord Hatton; I. 16.
Benbow, Admiral; I. 27.

instructions to, 1702; I. 22.

Benedict, St., fragment of the Rules of; I. 94.
Benedictines, English:

narrative of the dissolution of the houses of, in France;
H. 109.

statutes of the; II. 110.

granted by the Lords of Commission, 1649-54; II. 79.
lists of, in London, Middlesex, and Essex ; II. 89.
various estimates of all; ib.
Benn, Sir Anthony, Recorder of London, essays by; II. 8

Bennet.St., Order of, MS. concerning the (A.D. 1707) ; II. 109.

Dr., letter of Hen. VIH. to; II. 42.

letters of; ib.

Henry (Secretary of State), letter of; II. 86.

Sir John, letter to; II. 57.
Bentham, Jeremy, of Queen's ColL, Oxon.; II. 138.
Bentinck, —, letter from, 1688; H. 14.
Bentivogho, Cardinal, his " Relatione d'Inghilterra "; H. 45.

Dr.; 11.71.

Richard, assignment by; II. 70.
Benton, H., to Viscount Hatton; I. 16.
Berdmore, John, to Lord Hatton; I. 16.
Berengaudus, super Apocalypsim; II. 145.

Lady, letters of; II. 232.

Sir Marcus; II. 234 (bis).
Berew, Matthew, letters of; H. 72. See Berowe.
Bergenopsoom, Journal du siege de; II. 30.
Bering, Captain, a relation of nis expedition to Kamtschatka;
II. 216.

Berington, C. M., Esq., of Little Malvern Court:

MSS. of; II. xii.

report on the MSS. of; II. 72.

(Lady) E., to Lady Hatton; I. 16.

Lord John, Lieutenant-General of Ireland, commission by,
1670; H. 211.

instructions to, 1670; H. 216.

instructions by; H. 216.

letters of, 1676-7; I. 56.

Lord, to Lord Hatton, 1683-7 ; I. 16.

orders to, 1688; II. 10.

letter of, 1688; II. 11.

family of, correspondence of the ; II. 73.
Colonel, letter to; II. 11.

George (Bishop of Cloyne), letters of; II. 232, 234, 245.

F., to Mr. Hatton; I. 16.

J. [? Lord], to Lord Hatton; I. 16.

Sir Maurice, pardon to, 26 Hen. VHI.; I. 33.

Maurice, letter of [temp. Jac. I.] ; I. 57.

William de, charter to; I. 11.
Berks, county of; H. 138, 139.

lands in; II. 73.

Berkshire, Earl of, to Mr. Chester, 1626; I. 16.

letters dated at, 17th cent.; I. 36, 87,40.

18th cent.; I. 42; II. 72, 190.

Bermingham, Lord; II. 211.

Bermondsey, priory of, extracts from a book of the; II. 45.
Bernard, St.:

epistles and treatises of; II. 145.

works of (Aberdeen University); II. 200.
Bernard, John:

to Chr. Hatton ; 1.16.

Sam., to the Earl of Nottingham ; I. 16.
Berne, letters dated at, 1716; II. 189.

Berners, Dame Juliana, Treatises of (a portion of the edition of

St. Alban's, 1486); II. 80.
Bemewelle, prior of, licence by the; II. 118.
Berowe, Wm., of Bullocks Hall, Hants, letters of; II. 72. Set


Berry, Sir John, letter to; II. 10; letter of; ib.
Bertie, Charles, letters of; I. 16, 56.
Peregrine, letters of; II. 82.

Bertrand, Jaqnes, letter of; I. 124.

President, letter of j I. 124.
Bertye, Richard, husband to Catharine Duchess of Suffolk, his

answer to the book of John Knox, 1558; II. 42.

Commissioners at, papers of, temp. Mar. et Eliz.; II. 123.

deeds relating to; I. 12.

town and castle of, ancient statutes of the; II. 95.
new orders for the town of, with other documents, 1560;

one of the ordinary captains at [temp. Eliz. ?]; II. 97 (bis).

Recorder of, speeches of the, to Chas. I.; I. 62 (bis).

North, priory of, writs of the; II. 186.
Berwick, Duke of:

letters of the; I. 56. 1688; II. 10, 11.

papers relating to the, 1709-13; II. 32.

letters to the; ib.
Bcsford, grant of tithes of corn in; II. 72.
Besser, —, letter to ; I. 37.
Bestiary, a (Aberdeen University); II. 200.
Beton, Mary, a MS. supposed to have belonged to j II. 202.
Betoun, Alex., Chamberlain of Dunfermline; II. 184.
Betterton (the actor) ; EL 71.

Mayor, &c. of, letter of the; I. 109.

Alured of, his history, MS. 15th cent. ; II. 104.

Bevis, T. (?), to Lord j I. 16.

Bewdley, borough of, letters relating to the j I. 55.

copies of the Latin (13th cent.); I. 45 ; II. 4.

several splendid MSS. of the; I. 61.

description of a, 14th cent; I. 66.

a printed (mentioned in an inventory, 1540) j I. 71.

MSS. of the, in the Advocates' Library; I. 125.

fragments of a Latin, 12th cent. ; II. 34.

a comparison of the translations of the; II. 78.

redemption of a (1354); II. 128.

the (English Bishops' version) ; II. 143.
Bible of English Policy, the (a poem, 15th cent.); II. 7.
Bibles, right of the University of Oxford to print; II. 71.
Biblia Sacra Latina, 13th cent.; I. 45. 15th cent.; II. 144.
Biggs, Dorothy, to Mr. Strethay; I. 16.
Bilani, Father Vota de, letter of; I. 37.
Bilboa, merchants at; II. 78.
Bill, Charles, poems by, 16th cent; II. 85.
Billingsgate, customs at ; II. 69.

at Belvoir Castle; I. 11.

in the 11 at ton Collection ; I. 30.

17th cent.; II. 47.
Binding, ancient, specimen of; I. 70.
Bingley, Sir John; Tl. 3.

Binham (Norfolk), registrum cartarum prioratus de (transcript);

H. 186.

Binning, Lord, letter of, 1619; K. 55.

Binns, Lieut.; I. 19.

Biographical collectanea; II. 80.

Bird's (or Doddridge's) Magazine of Honour; H. 44.

Birmingham, riot at (Hen. VI.); I. 50.

Birr Castle, Ireland:

narrative of sieges of, 1688 and 1690 ; I. 128.

papers connected with the surrenders of, 1642 and 1688;
II. 217-223.

See Parsonstown.
Birse, barony of; II. 180.
Births, registers of, at Aberdeen; I. 122.
Bisham monastery, Berks, exemplification of a grant to j II. I.
Bishop, George, letter of; II. 201.
Bishop, fees due at the consecration of a, &c.; II. 89.
Bishoprics, a book relating to; I. 32.

patents and congas d'eTire for; I. 34.

marriage of, letter of Lord Burleigh touching the; II. 82.

valuation of the livings of, with their tenths; II. 89.

a note of their order of precedency; ib.

a " spiteful speech " to; II. 155.

a poem against the [temp. Car. I. P] ; I. 63.

the seven, imprisonment of, in the Tower, by James U.;

I. 22.

committal and acquittal of; L 44.

copy of the warrant for their imprisonment; I. 52.

the, memorandum of Bishop Trelawny respecting their
reported invitation to the Prince of Orange; I. 52.
Bissett, Mr.; I. 22.
Blacfan, John, letter of; I. 57.
Blackburn, Dean, letters of; I. 52 (bis).

Blackfriars, examination of witnesses touching some land at;
II. 63.

Blackhal (or Blakal), Gilbert, a priest of the Scotch mission, his
"Narration of the services done to three noble ladies;"
II. 180, 202.

Blackman, Dr.; II. 69.


Sir L., to George Stepney; I. 39.

William, "the arch-priest," papers relative to; II. 154, 156.
Blair, Dr., "Journals of Journeys in Italy " by, 1716-19; I.

Blair's College, MSS. in the library of; II. xx.

report on the MSS. in the library of; II. 201.
Blaithwaite, Mr.; I. 21.

Blaithwayte, Mr., letters to; I. 13. See Blathwayt.
Blakal. See Blackhal.

Blake, Humfrey, father of Admiral Robert Blake; I. 99.

Peter, letter of; I. 50.
Blanc. See Le Blanc.

Bland, Nicholas, the King's poulterer, letter for arrest of, 1668;
II. 92.

Blantyre, Lord, 1702; I. 16.

[Lord], letter of (? date); II. 183.

Blathwayt , his correspondence with Geo. Stepney, 1695-8;

I. 35, 36.

William, letters of; I. 16. See Blaithwaite.
Blechynden, T., to Lord Hatton; I. 16.

Blickling Hall, Norfolk, collection of the Marquis of Lothian at;

I. x.

report on the Marquis of Lothian's MSS. at ; I. 14.
Bligh, Lieut-Gen., his " Review Returns," 1758 ; II. 4.
Blois, treaty of, 1572 (copy); I. 42.
Blood, CoL, letters touching; II. 10, 19.
Blount, —, to Lord Hatton; I. 17.
Blue Boy's Hospital, the; I. 15.

Blythe, Dr. Samuel, master of Clare Hall, Cambridge, &c, letters

to and from; II. 113, 114, 115.
Bobinet, Jean, and another, medical evidence by; I. 17.
Bocaccio's " Fall of Princes," translation of, by Lydgate; I. 11.
Boccasius on Illustrious Men and Eminent Women; H. 131.
Bochetel, —, letters of; I. 124.

Bodleian Library, pieces extracted from MSS. in the; II. 37.

the Alexandrine MS. in the; II. 258 (note).
Bodley, Mr., Councillor of State in the United Provinces,

instructions to; II. 104.
Bodvill, Elizabeth, letters to; I. 26.

Boetie, Etienne de la, his tract "De la Servitude Volontaire;"

II. 42.

Boetius, Hector, a present by the town of Aberdeen to; I. 122.

Deidonensis, de vitis episcoporum Aberdonensium;

II. 146.

excerpts from (touching St. Margaret); H. 146.

a MS. given by, to the College of Aberdeen; II. 200.

de consolatione Philosophia:; i6.

Bohemia, a discourse concerning the Palsgrave's acceptance of

the Crown of; II. 43.
King of, Frederick, letters of, 1620; II. 57.

letter of, 1625; II. 62.

letter to, 1627 ; H. 63.

Prince of, a description of the late, 1629; I. 60.

Queen of, Elizabeth, letters of; II. 58, 61, 62, 82, 83, 170,


letters to ; n. 58, 82, 83.

papers touching; II. 59, 88.

See Elizabeth; and Palatine, Electress.
Bohemia and Moravia, protest by the nobles of, touching the

burning of John Huss and Jerome of Prague; I. xii.,


Bohun, Humphrey de, Earl of Hereford, &c., grant by; L 12.
Boileau, translations from, by Prior; II. 71.
Bointon, of Airdock, letters of; H. 26.
Boislortj, M. de, letter of; II. 54.
Boleyn, Anne, Queen:

letter from, to Henry VIII.; I. 54.

announcing the birth of a Princess [Elizabeth] j 1.100.

Bolingbroke, —; I. 51.

Lord, flight and impeachment of, 1715 ; II. 234.

proceedings of Parliament on impeachment of, 1715;

II. 235, 255.

letters of, 1714, &c.; II. 12, 15, 84.

letters from and to [mid. 18th cent.] ; II. 38.

letter of, to Lord Winchelsea, 1744; I. 17.

Bologne, Godfrey of, a paper on his expedition to the Holy
Land; II. 42.

Bolton, Theophilus, Bishop of Elphin, letters of; II. 232.
Bommare (?), J., to Lord Hatton; I. 17.
Bonamy, Capt. J.; I. 18.

John, to Lord Hatton ; I. 17.

P., to Lord Hatton; 1. 17.
Bonaparte (Napoleon), letters touching, 1797-8; II. 13,29. See
Napoleon I.

Bonaventura, St., the " Stimulus Amoris" by, translated by

Walter Hilton ; II. 83.
Bonaventurse, S., Dieta Salutis; II. 145.

Bond, Dr., master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, better to; H.

Bond of Union, the, between Charles I.'s loyal subjects m

Scotland; 175, 176.
Bondman, a document relating to a claim to a; I. 109.
Bonds, in the Hatton collection; I. 30, 34.

a register of, temp. Eliz.; I. 110.
Bonteuil, M. de, letter of; II. 62.

Bonhor, Honorius, Prior of Salom, his treatise, "The Arbor of

Battailes," dedicated to Charles V. of France; I. 14.
Bonion, Holcroft; II. 113.
Bonnar, Ninian, of Kelty, knight; II. 168.

Bonnell, James, accountant-general of Ireland:

letters of; II. 232, 233.

1 etters relating to the death of, &c.; II. 233.

biographies of; ib.

Jane, letters of; II. 232.

Mrs., letters of; II. 233.
Bonner, Edmund, Bishop of London:

Sir T. Wiat's reply to the charges of; II. 40.

letters to ; II. 42.

letters of; II. 42, 152, 153, 155.

"petigre" of,- II. 152.

instructions of Stephen Gardiner to; II. 155 {bis).
Book-binding, expenses for, 15th cent.; II. 137.

in the Hatton collection (described) j I. 30-34.
privilege for a London merchant to import j I. 34.
accounts relating to, 14th and 15th cent.; II. 118, 129,
131, 207.

account of (of Archbishop Langham) ; I. 96.
accounts of expenses for, 15th cent.; II. 91, 96. 1699-1700 ; I. 118.

catalogue of, in King's College, Cambridge, temp. Henry VI.;

I. 69.

1643; II. 197.

indenture touching, 1483; I. 97.

inventories of, in the library of Corpus Christi College,
Cambridge, 14th and 15th cent.; I. 66.

14th cent.; II. 110.

15th cent.; II. 112, 131, 135.

—— in Queen's College, Cambridge, 1472; I. 72.

temp. Henry VH.; I. 76.

1506; I. 67.

16th cent.; II. 6, 7, 102, 122, 131, 135.

17th cent; II. 139.

1747 ; II. 191.

lists and catalogues of; I. 30.
legacy of, 14th cent; II. 140.

payments for writing, illuminating, and binding, I4th cent;

H. 129.

plan for supplying the Irish clergy -with, 1692; II. 233.

purchase of, 14thcent; H. 141.

treatise on the craft of limning, 15th cent; II. 84.

and collections concerning the arms of families in Climb,
and Westmor., catalogue of, by Mr. Machel ; II. 125.

18th cent.; II. 234, 254.

correspondence with, 1684-5; II. 232.

London, competition between, 1702 ; II. 233, 242.
Boon, accoimt of the siege of, 1703 ; I. 51.
Booth, — (actor) : II. 71.

—, of Twemlow ; I. 49.

family of, genealogy and arms of the; I. 49.

Sir George, declaration by; H. 81.
Bord, Jean, to Lord Hatton ; I. 17.
Bordelegh, church of, grants to the; II. 78.
Borders, Scotch:

appointment of commissioners for suppression of outrages
on the [temp. Mar.] ; II. 96.

proceedings under a royal commission for the settlement of
the, 1605 ; II. 181, 182.

documents relating to the, 15th, 16th, and 17th cent; II.
123, 124.

from 1505; I. 116.

temp. Hen. VIH.; II. 17.

temp. Elii.; II. 104.

16th cent; II. 12. 40.

temp. Jac. I.; I. 62.

commission to survey the lands of the Grahams upon the;

II. 78.

history of the, by Richard Bell; II. 123.
Boreman, Wm., to Chr. Hatton; I. 17.

Bornhem (near Malines), English monastery at,MSS. connected

with the; II. 147.
Borough, Sir John, his Observations concerning the Nobillitye of

England; II. 3.
Borough accounts, of Cambridge; I. 100.
Borringdon, Lord, letters of, 1789-91 ; II. 9.
Bostoc, Peter, a Latin poem to; H. 66.
Bostock, Mr., verses by; I. 47.

Boston, an address to the King from the borough of (undated);

I. 17.

Boswell, William, letters of, 1628; I. 68.

Richard, grant by; II. 72.

Wm., letters of; I. 17 ; II. 64.
Bothwell, Earl; I. 55.

copy of his marriage contract with Mary, Queen of

Scon*; IL 41.

James, dispensation for his marriage with Lady Jean

Gordon; II. 177.
Boucaud, J. de, to M. Hatton; I. 17.
Bouderie, M. de la, answer to the complaints of; II. 51.
BouhauU, J., to Lord Hatton; I. 17.

Duke of, letter of the, 1603; H. 51.

DucheM of, letter of the, 1588; H. 50.

Jean, to Lord Hatton; I. 17.

Boulstred, 'Sell (a lady), epitaph on, by Ben Jonson ; H. 79.
Boundaries, papers respecting; I. 46.
Bourbon, Duke of:

taken prisoner at the battle of Poitiers, letter concerning
the; II. 132.

letters of the, 1725; U. 32.
Bourbon, Isle of, and the French Islands, papers relating to the,

1786; II. 28.
Bourger, Albert, depositions of; I. 25.
Bourne, Ja., to Lord Hatton; I. 17.
Boutteiller, E., to Lord Hatton; I. 17.
Bowen, T., letter of; II. 71.
Bower, George, letter of; I. 17.

Bower's continuation of Fordun, at Brechin Castle; I. 119.

selections from (1509), in the library of the Catholic

bishop of Edinburgh ; I. 121.
Bowes, Sir Robert, his appointment as commissioner on the
Scotch Borders; II. 96.

Sir William, ambassador to Scotland, &c, instructions

to; II. 104.
Bowie, Dr. John, letter of; II. 57.
Bowling alley, expenses for making a; II. 199.
Bowls, accounts of losses at, 17th cent.; II. 199 (bis).
Boyd, Ninian, letter of; H. 25.

H., letter of; n. 188.

Michael, primate of Ireland, &c, letters of; II. 212, 238.

See Armagh, Archbishop of; and Dublin, Archbishop of.
Mr.; II. 69.

Mr. Secretary, letters from and to, 1709-10; II. 79.
Robert, letters of; II. 19.
Boyse's remarks on Bishop King's Discourse to Dissenters, 1694;
II. 233.

Bracton, a copy of, 14th cent; I. 53.
Bradford, Earl of:

papers of the; II. ix.

report on the MSS. of the (Belgrave Square); n. 30.
Bradforthe, John, treatise by, on the religious state of the

country; I. 60.
Bradley, monastery of, grants to the; H. 93.
Bradly, Mr., his "discovery relating to the parallax of fixt

stars;" II. 116.

John, letter of, 1600; I. 55.

Ned, letter of; I. 17.
Braganza, Duke of, letters of the, 1764; II. 13.
Braishe, Thos., letter of; I. 17.
Brakspere, the name of; II. 150.
Bramhall, letters of; I. 22.
Bramston, Geo., to Lord [Hatton ?] ; I. 17.
Brandenburgh, Elector of:

letters to the, 1698-9; I. 36, 37. See Elector.

ambassador from Wm. in. to the ; I. 40.

letter of the ambassador of the, 1620 ; II. 58.
Brasses in churches; I. 32.
Bray, Sir Reginald; I. 107.

papers of; I. 95.
Braybroke, Bishop, account of the despoilment of his corpse in

St Paul's, by the Duchess of Cleveland, 1675; II. 37.
Brazil, papers relating to an expedition to, 1582; II. 21.
Bread and beer, regulations for the sale of; I. 103.
Breadalbane, Earl of; I. 19.

letters of the, 18th cent; H. 190, 232.
Brechin Castle:

the Earl of Dalhousie's collection at; I. xii.

reports on the Earl of Dalhousie's MSS. at; I. 117 ; H.

documents connected with; II. 206.

Bishop of, Alexander, charter by, 1574; II. 187.

bishopric of, chartulary of the ; I. 119; II. 186.
Breda, letters dated at, 17th cent; H. 82, 171.
Brellington, church of St. Mary of, charter to the; I. 12.
Bremen, letters about the expedition to, 1795; II. 30.
Brenand, Wm., to Lord [Hatton?] ; I. 17.
Brent Robert, letter of; H. 14.

—, to Lord Hatton; I. 17.

O., letter of; I. 51.

Sir Thos. and Lady, papers relating to, 1646-1648; II. 6".
Breretons of Cheshire, deeds by and to the; II. 69.
Bretagne, Duchess of, roll of Henry VII.'s war expenses in aid

of the, against France; I. 96.
"Bretanno-Belgicus," by Thomas Powell; I. 63.
Breton, Thos., letter of; I. 17. See Le Breton.
Brett, Bishop, lettere of; II. 204.

Brett, W. G., Esq., secretary to the Historical MSS. Commis-
sion; I. xiii., 4, 133.
Breval, D., letters of; I. 17, 30.
Brevet, E, to Lord Hatton; I. 17.
Breviarium Romanum, illuminated; II. 200.
Breviarium Sanctse Katerina; (15th cent.) ; I. 121.
Breviary, a Sarura, 14th cent.; I. 118.
Brewer, John, letter of; I. 17.
Brewers' recognizances, temp. Eliz.; I. 110.
Brewood, prioress of, certificate by the; II. 48.
Breze, De, letters of; I. 124.

Brian, Sir Francis '•

letters of Henry VIII. to; II. 42, 43.

letter of; ib.
Bridgeman, —, letters of, 1679-89; I. 56.
Bridgman, Wm., to Lord Hatton; I. 17.

Corporation of, records of the; I. xi.

report on the records of the; I. 99.

Hospital of St. John at, documents connected with the; I.

Briechin, family of, register of the, by H. Maule; I. 119.
Brief, a lawyer's, of the 17th cent.; I. SI.
Brigham, Philip, to Thomas Streatthay; I. 30.

a colony of Grahams sent to; II. 181.

governor of, instructions to the, 1598; II. 104.
Brinker, Wm., letter of j II. 88. See Brynker.
Brinkhnrst, Susannah, abbess, petition of, 1798 ; II. 39.
Brisac, M. de, driven from France for preaching; I. 16.

—, to Lord Hatton ; I. 17.

D., to Lord Hatton; I. 17.
Brissac, J. de, to Lord Hatton; I. 17.

Bristol, the Dean and Chapter of, report on the MS. cartulary

belonging to; I. 97.
Bristol, Earl of:

John Digby, his letters from Madrid to James I., 1622; I.

his answer to articles exhibited against him in Par-
liament by the Duke of Buckingham, 1622; I. 62; H. 3.

papers relating to the charges against the; I. 30.

proceedings in the impeachments of the, temp. Car. I.;

II. 104.

declaration by the, of what passed between the English

and Scotch Commissioners at Ripon, 1640; I. 62.

[George Digby], his charge against Chancellor Hyde, 1663;
II. 8.

speeches of the (ob. 1677) ; II. 15.

letters to and from the; ib.

memoir of the; ib.


an early history of (15th cent.); II. 85.
Great, objections against the name or style of; I. 32, 48;
II. 85.

British History, ancient, a work on, by John Lewis, of Lyn-
wern; II. 104.

British Museum, MSS. acquired by the Trustees of the;
IL viii.

Britons, ancient, collections touching the; II. 124.

Britonum et Anglorum, Compilatio de gestis (in the Advocates'

Library); I. 124.
Britonum, Saxonnm, Danorum, et Normannorum, Annales de

gestis; II. 85.
Britton, copy of (MS. 14th cent) ; II. 105.
Broadside, a printed, 1595; II. 43.

1598; II. 40.

temp. Car. I.; II. 48.

(a satire on the Revolution) ; II. 88.
Broadsides, printed, Mr. Harvey's collection of; II. 91.
Brocerley, Cath., verses by, to Dryden; II. 70.

Brochard, —, to Lord ;I. 17.

Brock, Anthony, to Lord Hatton ; I. 17.
Brockie, Marianus, Father:

his histories of the monasteries of Iona and Dunfermling;
II. 202.

his Monasticon Scoticum; II. 202, 203.
Brocton (or Broughton), family of, of Henley, correspondence

and papers of the; II. 72.
Brodrick family, correspondence of the; I. 44.
Brodrick, Sir Alan:

his notebook on the trial of the Earl of Strafford; I. 44.

his correspondence with the Hyde family; I. 44.

Surveyor-General (of Ireland); II 157.
Brodie, Alexander, letters of; II. 191.
Broghill, Lord, letters to, 1657-9; II. 98.

M. leDucde; I. 11.

M. de, letters to; II. 32.
Bromehall (Berks), monastery of, deeds relating to the; I. 74,

Bromfeld and Tale, extents of the lordship of; II. 104.
Bromley, collections for; II. 5.

H., letters of; II. 84.

Mr., letter to; II. 79.

Thomas, Attorney-General, letter of; H. 82.
William, translations of records by; I. 46.
Wm., Secretory of State, letterbooks of; II. 79.

letter to; II. 78.

Bromley-Davenport, W., Esq., M.P.:
MSS. of; II. xi.

report on his MSS. at Baginton Hall, Warwick ; II. 78.

at Capesthorne, Cheshire; II. 80.

Bromore, prior and convent of, charter concerning the; I. 90.

Ar., letter of; I. 17.


Lord Fulke, his tract on the manner of Sir Philip Sid-
ney's death; I. 62.

Lord, letter of, 1621 ; II. 59.

Sir P., deeds of; I. 48.

Henry, letters of, 1806, sq.; II. 192.

letters to; II. 192.

Lord, a conversation with; II. 192.
Broughton, Sir Edward, letter of; II. 73. See Brocton.
Brousse, De la, letters of; I. 124.

Edward, letter of; II. 114.

Henry, letters to and from (at Londesborough) ; II. 17.

Sir Anthony, Justice of C. P., his treatise on the Queen of
Scots' right to the Crown of England; II. 42.

Peter, Provost of Trin. Coll. Dublin, letters of; II. 233
(bis), 240.

Bp. of Cork, letters touching the consecration of; II.

234, 245.

Richard, to Chr. Hatton; I. 17.

Sir Thomas; I. 21.
Brownlow, W., letters of; I. 127.

Robert, King of Scotland, charters of; I. 121; II. 167.

letters of; H. 5.

names of arbitrators chosen by; ib.

warrant by; II. 166.

Sir Alexander, to Lord ;I. 17.

Lord, letters to and from Mr. Sackvill, 1613; I. 17.

letters of (18th cent); I. 127.


I Lady ?) F., to Lord and Lady Hatton; I. 17.
Lord; I. 24.

to Lord and Lady Hatton, 1646-60; I. 17.

to the Earl of Nottingham; I. 30.

Thomas, a work by, on the creations and arms of the
nobility; II. 44.

two petitions about prisoners at, 1798; II. 39.
colloquy at, between English and Belgian merchants (15th
cent.) -. II. 39.

memorial of matters to be treated at the conference at,
between English and Spanish Commissioners, 1565;
II. 97.

religious house at; II. 195.

superior of the English nuns at, Lady Lucy Herbert, 1716

I. 45.

Bruhl, Count, his enormous expenditure; I. 41.
Brummere, abbey of, grant to the; I. 11.

ambassador from Will. HI. to; I. 40.

letters dated at, 18th cent.; I. 41.

Duke of, Christian, letters of, 1624-5; II. 61, 62.

English envoy at, for Charles H. and James II., letters to

the; I. 56.

English ambassador to, correspondence of the, 1782-92;

II. 30.

confessor to the nuns of St. Dominic at, letter and order to
the; II. 79.

letters dated at, 17th cent.; L 36; H. 55, 60, 184, 216.

18th cent; II. 30, 188, 189,

Brut y Brenhinoedd, MSS. of the, 13th, 14th, and 15th cent.;
II. 108.

Brnt y Tywysogion, MSS. of the, 15th cent; II. 103.
Brute Chronicle:

a, in English, extending to 10 Hen. VI. ; I. 60.

to the death of Edw. HL; I. 60.

the English; II. 4.

a French version of the; II. 7.

the English, four MSS., 15th cent.; II. 104.
Bruyn, Ambrosius de; II. 54.

Brynker, Ann Wynne, letter of; II. 88. See Brinker.
Bubb, George, letters of; II. 188, 189.
Bucari, documents on the revenue of; II. 212.
Buccleuch, Earl of, Walter, letters of, 1630-2; H. 184.
Buchan, Earl of, James, letter of, 1628; II. 184.

George, copies supposed to be by; II. 42.

a dialogue by; II. 42.

John, letters of; II. 27.

Robert, letters of; II. 197.
Buchanan's History of Scotland, translation of into English -,
I. 61.

Buchanan Castle, report on the Duke of Montrose's muniments

at; II. 165.
"Buchentour," the (Venice); II. 13.

Buck, John, his collection of matters concerning the University

of Cambridge; I. 68.
Buckhurst, Lord:

a volume of letters by, 1586-7; II. 44.
causes why the Earl of Leicester was aggrieved with (temp.
Eliz.); II. 45 ; proceedings between them; ib.
Buckie, the MSS. at; I. xi.

report on the MSS. at; I. 120,

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