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to with approbation by Carte in 1736. (App., p. 227.) As Mr. Gilbert has ascertained that the original, revised by Dry den, was offered for publication in 1741, it is to be hoped that the now missing portions may be brought to light through the medium of this Commission.

The manuscripts of the O'Conor Don, M.P., include two valuable volumes in the Irish language, not hitherto described in print, as well as some original papers, which are the only specimens of their classes yet brought to light in connexion with Irish Roman Catholics from 1641 to 1690. Mr. Gilbert's report is printed at p. 223 of the Appendix.

Archbishop King's correspondence and papers, submitted by Dr. Lyons (App., p. 231), comprise many unpublished documents of interest relative to England and Ireland from 1681 to 1728. Of these we may notice the correspondence of Addison, and that of Henry Dodwell, the letters of Berkeley, Earl of Sunderland, Robert Molesworth, Sir Robert Southwell and his son Edward, Robert Howard, Dr. A. Charlett, of University College, Oxford, and Samuel Molyneux. Among these papers were found King's memoranda for a reply to Lesley's Answer to his work on the state of the Protestants in Ireland under James II.; a report on the impeachment of Bolingbroke in 1715; and a discourse on the taxation of Ireland, 1716.

The "Register of the Antiquities and Statutes" of Kilkenny, compiled by Robert Rothe, first recorder of that town, in 1609, has hitherto been entirely unknown to historic investigators. This volume, which appears to have lain obscurely in private hands, is of high value, as it supplies copious extracts from documents which have been long missing. (App., p. 257.)

The collection of the Marquis of Ormonde at Kilkenny Castle, on which Mr. Gilbert has made a preliminary report (App., p. 209), is unarranged and uncatalogued. It comprises original documents commencing with the time of Henry II., and extending to the early part of the 18th century. In addition to the documents on vellum, there are letters, papers, and books in large numbers, including a large mass of correspondence in connexion with the public affairs of the second Duke of Ormonde, in the reign of Anne, from which valuable new matter for the history of the period may be derived. The collection includes mach of high interest to England, while so far as Ireland is concerned Mr. Gilbert states that he can say, without exaggeration, its value is beyond appreciation. A fuller and more detailed notice of this important collection will be submitted in the next report of the Commission.

Dr. C. W. Russell lias given an account (App., p. 103) of two manuscripts from the collection of Mrs. Willes, of Goodrest, Berkshire, widow of the late Edward Willes, Esq., of Newbold-Comyn, in Warwickshire, which promise to throw considerable light on the condition of Ireland about the middle of the last century. They consist of letters and memoranda on the state of Ireland, written in that country by an ancestor of the present owner, the Right Hon. Edward Willes, who was Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland. The letters are addressed to Lord Warwick, an intimate friend of Chief Baron Willes, and give an account of the writer's observations during his several circuits as Judge of Assize, between the years 1757 and 1768. The volume of notes and observations contains the autograph memoranda made by the Chief Baron in Dublin and elsewhere during his residence in Ireland. Neither volume can be said to have much direct bearing on the political or religious history of the period. The interest of both is almost exclusively social and economical; and the information which they supply as to the character of the people, the tenure of land, the mode of agriculture, the industrial and economical relations of the country, and in general its entire social condition, is such as will be sought for in vain in the printed sources of the history of Ireland during the 18th century. The letters appear to be well deserving of publication.

An index to this and the preceding Report of your Commissioners, as well as to the Appendices attached to both, will be found at p. 265 of the Appendix.

It only remains for Your Commissioners to state, that they feel perfectly satisfied with the success of their inquiry, so far as it has proceeded at present. They entertain a confident hope that their future labours will tend greatly to the advancement of Historical Literature, by bringing to the notice of the world important papers and manuscripts, the existence of which might possibly be unknown to the majority of those who may be interested in the inquiry. Your Commissioners are inclined to think that a continuation of their efforts may be the means of preventing those casualties to which valuable collections of MSS. are liable from various causes,—casualties arising not unfrequently from changes in families, from removal of MSS., and ignorance of the localities to which they have been transferred. It may also be of importance to the possessors of valuable documents to know where papers cognate with those in their possession are to be found, and into what direction the lines of correspondence consequent ou family alliances or intermarriage may have diverged; whilst to those who are engaged in biographical, historical, or political researches no greater boon can be offered than well-authenticated information, where materials which are indispensable for the due prosecution of their inquiries are preserved. Your Commissioners have also to suggest whether it might not be desirable (with the full consent of the owners) for copies to be taken of the more valuable papers in private collections, not with a view to publication but as an additional security against those accidents to which all manuscripts arc exposed, —accidents, which, in more ways than one, have already inflicted irreparable injury on the historical and biographical literature of this country; and not unfrcquently on the memories of those who have served it with the greatest efficiency and fidelity.







• W. Geo. Brett,


23rd May 18/1.


A List or Tiie Manuscripts Is The Duke Of Bedford's Study At Woburn Abbey.

I. Copies of Papers in French and Latin relating to Normandy, and specially to Rozcl (a.d. 1169-1643): in a vellum wrapper with marginal notes on the first pago by J. H. Wiffen. Folio.

3. MS. Collections—1st Earl of Bedford. J. H. Wiffen, 1825. (With Extracts from the Registers at Chcnies, 1592-1861.) Folio.

4. Copies of genealogical papers relating to tho Busscll family. Folio.

5. Copies of Letters, &c. relating to the Russell family (about 1544). Folio.

6. Inscriptions (1558-1647) on the family picturo of George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland, and Lady Margaret Russell, his Countess; at Skipton Castle, Yorkshire. 4to.

7. Copies of Letters, &c. by or relating to members of the Russell family (1564-1642 ?). Many copied by Mr. Wiffen. 4to.

8. Manuscript Letters, A.d. 1564-1770. 59 vols, folio.

9. The Desplaycngc of the gulye Lyon of Bercwcko yn Durias, together with his caveat unto Frauncys, Erie of Bedforde, his Lorde and Patron, by John Vowcll, alias Hokcr, June 6, 1578. 4to.

10. Commonplace Book: commencing with tho Commentary of Master Peter Martyr upon tho Booke of Judges, with a table prefixed. (F. R. on the sido.) Felio.

II. A commonplace Book, in four very large folio volumes; with an imperfect table of Contents at the beginning of vol. 1. (F. R. on the sides of tho volumes.)

12. A volume lettered "Letters to and from Sir "William Russell, Lord Dep. of Ireland, &c," begins with "Note out of the Kinge's Book to my Lord of "Buckingham, 1619;" at p. 15, "Notes out of the "Councill of Trent;" at p. 236, " Instructions for Sir "William Russell, May 3, 1594," &c. &c. Folio.

13. My Lord's [Sir William Russell's ?] Journall; beginning on Midsomcr day, 24 June, 1594, and ending May 26, 1597; with Sir W. Russell's project for impeaching of the Spaniards expected landing in Aug. 1599; a Proclamation of Q. Elizabeth, and Sir W. Russell's admission as burgess of Southampton. Folio.

14. Exemplification of Letters Patent of Edw. III., Edw. IV., and Henry VII., granting divers privileges to Bisharn Monastery, in Berkshire, made at the request of Lady Hizabeth Russell, 1595. Folio.

15. Grant of Pardon from James I. to the Lady Elizabeth Russell, 1603. Folio.

16. Copies and Extracts from Records and State Papers relating to Edward, 3rd Earl, and Lucy, Countess of Bedford (1603-32); copied from the originals at the Record Office, &c, by H. S. Sweotman, July 1862. 4to tied together.

17. "Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford, Commonplace Book." [In Latin. "Crono." on edge of leaves.] 8vo. Circa 1616.

18. "MS. Commonplace Book" (of Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford). [A table at each end.] 8vo. Circa 1616.

19. " Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford's Commonplace Book," begun 16th Dec. 1616. 4to.

20. "Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford's Commonplace Book," begun 1622, 26 Nov.; at tho other end, " The "Historie of Tythes." Fol.

21. "Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford, Commonplace Book," begun March 7, 1624. Folio.

22. " Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford, Commonplaco Book" [begun 1626, with a table of contents; Parliament notes—effect of Sir Benj. Ruddier's Speeches, 1628, &c.&e.] Folio.

23. Commonplace Book (of Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford F), begun May 23,1629. Folio.

24. Commonplace Book (of Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford ?), begun May 1, 1634. At p. 5, "Fra. Bed" 4to.

25. Commonplace Book (of Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford), begun the 1st October, 1639; at the other end, "Notes out of a booke sent to the Ladio Bayning." Folio.

26. Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford's Commonplace Book ; with a table prefixed, beginning " Polipragmon." Folio.

27. A book of severall messalanes and loose papers bound up together. "N. Carlile" on the cover; begins with " a prayer on psalm." [Some of the papers in the handwriting of Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford.] Folio.

28. Extracts (imperfect) from Mr. Prinne, against vanity of hairs and lockes, &c, with notes by Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford. 8vo. (Tied round with red tape).

29. A Commonplace Book in tho handwriting of Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford; with a table of contents at the beginning. (Imperfect, first legible entry is "buyinge & sellynge, 166.") Very large folio.

30. A treatise beginning " My very good L. it is often "sene," followed by eight leaves in the handwriting of Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford, followed by " Politique "discourses of truth and lying." 40 pages. 4to.

31. A Commonplaco Book (of Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford ?) (A table at the beginning commences with "Mr. Adams his six sermons," and ends with "Doctor Hall Via Media to the King concerning "Arminianus.") Folio.

32. "Francis, 4th Earl of Bedford—a school book "MS." 8vo.

33. An informacon in the Star Chamber against the Earle of Bedford, Sir Robert Cotton, 1629; with the Earl of Bedforde's Answere, &c, &c. Folio.

34. A Sermon preached at Titchfield, Aug. 31, 1634; being the first Sunday after the Earle of Southampton returned out of France with his newly espoused wifo the Lady Rachell, Baronesse of Masonfort. 8vo.

35. Copy of William, 5th Earl of Bedford's letter to his son3 Francis and William. 4to.

36. Manuscripts. Lord and Lady Russell. Original letters, papers, &c. 1658-1701. Folio.

37. Letters of the Right Honourable Rachel Lady Russell (a.d. 1679-1717, copied by Thomas Wellwood, A.d. 1748, from the originals). 4to.

38. Copies from MSS. at Latimer. Copied Aug. 1864.

1. A key to writing in cypher.

2. Detached memoranda written on the backs of


3. Lady Russell's Diary.

4. Lord Russell's Diary abroad. Folio.

39. Copies from MSS. at Latimer. Copied Aug. 1864.

1. Petition of Rachel, Lady Russell.

2. Conditions of Peace.

3. Jesuit's Letter.

4. Conversation with Prince of Orange.

5. Settlement of Cavendish property.

6. Letter of Prince of Orange to House of Commons.

7. Van Gravemoer. Letters Patent.

8. Letter of Charles II., 1678.

9. Letter of Lord St. Albans to Lord Southampton.

10. Letter of Lady Russell about Lady Vaughan.

11. Letter of Lord Ormonde, 1684.

12. Letter of Bishop of Derry.

13. Letter of Lord Clarendon, 1671.

14. Sermon preached to Lord Russell, 1683.

40. Lord Russell's Attainder. Opinions of Counsel. Lady Russell's petition; Acts of Restoration. 1685. Folio.

41. Copies of Papers by Rachel Lady Russell, and of her last Will, &c, &c. (In a case.)

42. Copies of Letters from Admiral Russell to the Earl of Nottingham, Secretary of State, March 5— Aug. 31,1692. Folio.

43. Copies of Letters from Admiral Russell to Sir John Trenchard, Secretary of State, March 25, 1694— Oct. 28, 1695. Folio.

44. Copies of Letters from Admiral Russell to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, &c, March— Oct. 1695. Folio.

45. Commonplace Rook. "Bedford, 1722." Folio.

46. Duke of Bedford's Memorandum Book, 1728-32. In green silk. 12mo,

47. Printed Papers relating to the trade to the Levant Seas, 1744, with MS. notes by the Duke of Bedford. Folio.

58. Rider's British Merlin used as memorandum books, by John, 4th Duke of Bedford, 1740-68, and 1776. 30 vols. 12mo.

59. Duke of Bedford's Commission as Major-General, Feb. 28,1755. Folio.

61. " Diary of John, 4th Duke of Bedford." July 1751—Dec. 1753. 4to.

62. A book of almanacks with memorandums, accounts, &c. by the Duke of Bedford, 1734-61, and loose leaves of accounts, 1742-62.

63. Copies of the Russian and Hessian Treaties, 1755, with notes by the Duke of Bedford.

64. Notes and Minutes, Feb. 16, 1747-8, March 30, 1759; Journal of John, 4th Duke of Bedford, Oct. 19, 1766—Dec. 28,1770 j Notes on the Douglas Cause, 1769. Folio.

65. Printed papers relating to the Douglas Cause with MS. notes by the Duke of Bedford.

67. Correspondence of the Duke of Bedford, Lord Lieut, of Ireland, Jan. 3, 1757—July 1, 1759. 8vo.

68. Letter from Francis Andrews (Provost) to the Duke of Bedford, Chancellor of Dublin University, on the expulsion of Mr. Johnston, with a copy of the Lord Primate's (George Stone) letter to the Duke, with observations, and a loose paper of observations on a smaller sized foolscap. Folio.

69. Watson's Almanack, Dublin, 1757, with notes by the Duke of Bedford relating to appointments, &c. in Ireland. At the end accounts, 1757-63 ; and diary, July and Aug. 1764. 8vo.

70. Watson's Almanack, Dublin, 1757-60, with notes by the Dnke of Bedford relating to appointments, &c. in Ireland. 4 vols. 8vo.

71. A list of applications for appointments (civil, military, church, household), in Ireland. Folio.

72. Memorandums (by the Duke of Bedford) of applications, appointments, &c, 1759-60. 8vo.

73. Watson's Kalendar, 1760, with a copy of a letter by the Duke of Bedford, dated Dublin Castle, Feb. 4, 1760. 12mo.

77. Le calendrier de la cour, 1762 and 1763, with memorandums by the Duke of Bedford. 2 vols. 12mo.

78. Docquetts, Duke of Bedford, Lord Privy Seal, 1762-3.

79. Manuscript Letters. Peace of 1763. 12 vols. Folio.

80. Bedford Papers: Peace of 1763. Vol. I. (March 1761—Aug. 1762.) [Copied by Mr. Wiffen ?] 4to.

81. Bedford Papers: Peace of 1763. (March 1761— June 1763.) [Copies.] 2 vols. 4to.

82. List of Papers, with extracts and observations in the handwriting of John, 4th Duke of Bedford. Folio.

83. Papers relating to the Barony of Botetourt, 1764, with MS. notes by the Duke of Bedford.

84. List of Papers, 1764-5, relating to the affairs of the North American Colonies; in the handwriting of John, 4th Duke of Bedford. Folio.

95. Eulogy on Francis, Duke of Bedford, spoken in the House of Commons by Mr. Fox, 1802. Folio.

96. Copies of Letters written when the Duke of Bedford was Lord Lieut, of Ireland, March 30,1806—April 20, 1807, in four volumes, A B C and C 2. Folio.

97. An Alphabetical List of Applications (to the Lord Lieut, of Ireland ?), 1806-7. Oblong.

114. Sir Charles Bagot, Despatches, 1831. Folio.

115. Copies and Extracts of Despatches having reference to the services of Lord William Russell when attached to the Embassy at Brussels in 1831. Folio.

116. Copies of Papers relating to Lord William Russell's Mission to Belgium in 1831; with memoranda [in a case]. Folio.

137. Notes to the List of Portraits at Woburn Abbey, by Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford; finished Sept 29 1791. 4to.

139. Notes to the Portraits at Woburn Abbey, by Horace Walpole, 1791: [printed], with additions in MS 4to.

140. List of Pictures, with their disposition and size, as placed at Woburn Abbey. Folio.

141. Woburn Abbey. List of Paintings arranged under their respective painters, with reference to their situations as placed in Dec. 1807. Folio.

153. Drawings of the Manor House, Church, and Monuments, Ac, at Chenies. [Lettered on side " Isen"hampstead Chenys."] Folio.

154. A copy of the Inscriptions standing on the Tablets and Monuments in the Chapel Chenies Church, BuckB. 4to.

155. The Bedford Purlieus: 1713. Copies of Letters proving the Earl of Westmoreland had no right to hunt in Bedford Purlieus, &c. 1784. Memorandum of setting out Freeboard between the Duke of Bedford and Lord Exeter.

161. Papers relating to the Parishes of St. Paul and St. Cuthbert, Bedford, and to the Church Clock, 1811.

167. Inscriptions on Mural Tablets in Eversholt Church, &c. 4to.

169. Copy of the Inscriptions on tho Tablets and Stones in Woburn Church, 1861. 4to.

170. Monuments in Goldington Church. 4to.

171. Inscriptions in Knotting Church, Beds. 4to.

172. Inscriptions in Stevington Church, Beds. 4to.

173. Monuments in Willington Church. 4to.

174. Notes in Pencil of Inscriptions on Monuments in Milton Bryan Church (at the end of a catalogue of books). 12mo.

175. Toddington Manor House. Copy of Plan made 1581, house and gardens.

176. Plan of Toddington Manor as it was when it belonged to William Earl of Strafford.

179. Epinomis (England ?) under (from) the first inhabitants (to Richard I.). Imperfect, first leaf wanting, and all after cap. 10. Folio.

180. Early Ecclesiastical History of England, beginning "The Tradition of tho Glassenbury Monks, "&c." Extracted from . Folio.

181. Chronicle of the Kings of England. Alfred— 6 Hen. VI., by Rycharde Fox; an Account of the Proceedings touching the Deposition of Richard II. and Coronation of Henry IV.; Narrative relative to the Parliament at Bury St. Edmunds, 1446; Acts of Parliament, 27 Hen. VI.: Orders by the Common Council of London, 1448. Folio.

182. Copies of Letters beginning with My Lord Legate's fWolsey) to the King's Orators at Rome of the 25th of March (1523 ?), signed T. Car1'8 Ebor., and ending with a Letter to Francis Walsingham, Dec. 7, 1571, from Rob. (Earl of) Leicester. Folio.

183. "Letters of State. MS. temp. Q. Elizabeth." Instructions for Walsingham, Aug. 11, 1570, &c. Ac. (1570-2). Folio.

184. Earl of Southampton's Ciphers and Characters: from the original in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. 4to.

185. Mr. Wentworth's Exhortation to Her Majestic for establishing her Successor to the Crown. A Treatise conteyning Mr. Wentworthc his judgment of the heire apparent. Folio.

186. The coppie of a Letter written by a Master of Arts in Cambridge, concerninge some proceedings of the Earle of Leicester and his friends in Englande, &c, written in the yeare 1630. Peyton's book (on the cover Leicester's Commonwealth). Folio.

187. Journall of matters discussed in the Lower House of Parliament, Feb. 19, 1592—April 9, 1593; with the King's Order and Decree in Chancery, &c, A.d. 1616. Folio.

188. Sir Robert Cecill hiB Negotiations into Fraunce, 1597-8. Folio.

189. Journall or Abstract of soe much as passed in the Lower House of Parliament at Westminster, Oct. 27 — Dec. 19, 1601; collected by Mr. Heyward Townesend. Folio.

190. A true copie of the Lord Chancellor Bacon's Letters of State from the time of his being Sollicitor till his death [1626]. Folio.

191. Of the latelie erected Service called the Office of Compositions for Alienations, written by Francis Lord Verulam. (Imperfect.) Folio.

192. The Charge of Sir Francis Bacon against Duells: his Charge against William Talbot; with other Charges and Speeches of Sir Francis Bacon. Folio.

193, 194. A true Presentacon of forepast Parliaments to the viewe of present tyme and of posterity. (2 copies: one unbound, one bound in vellum.) Folio.

195. The Arraignment of Sir Griffith Markham and others at Winchester Castle, Nov. 15, 1603, for treasons and conspiracies, unto which the Lord Gray, the Lord Cobham, and Sir Wa. Rawley were approved confederates, &c. Polio.

196. The Earle of Bristoll his Answere to certaine articles exhibited against him in Parliament by the Duke of Buckingham: with a relacon of his carriage here, and alsoe in Spaine and other places. 1622. Folio.

197. Proceedings in Parliament, 18 June 1625— 2 March 1628. Folio.

198. A Booke of several Parliament matters: "The "King's Declaration, 18 Jan. 1633-4;" " Sir Robert "Cotton's Speech, 1625;" " Mr. JohnGlanvill's Speech, "May 23, 1628." "Journalls from Hen. VIII. to 1st "yeare of James," &c. Polio.

199. St. John's Argument on Ship Money, &c, Nov. 4,1637. Polio.

200. Proceedings in the House of Commons touching impeaching Edward, Earl of Clarendon, with the debates and speeches, anno 1667. Polio.

201. Proceedings in Parliament, March 6, 1678-9— May 27, 1679. Polio.

202. Notes on the Death of the Earl of Essex, 1683. Folio.

203. The principal proceedings and occurrences in the Lords and Commons Convencon which made the Prince of Orange King [Jan. 22, 1688—Aug. 19, 1689.] Folio.

204. Notes on the (intended) attempt on St. Malo and Brest, Feb. 26—Aug. 1 (1694). Polio.

205. Letters of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, 1732-7. 3 vols. Folio.

207. Considerations relating to the present condition

of the Colonies, in a Letter from Thos. E , of W ,

Feb. 6,1733-4. Folio.

208. Some observations on the right of the Crown of Great Britain to the North-west continent of America, with copies of Mons. Geraldine's letter (1736) to the trustees for Georgia, and the answer of the trustees thereto, and the names of the Indian nations in Georgia in alliance with Grest Britain (in Mr. Martyn's of April 7, 1748).

209. Mr. Onslow Burrish's letter to Lord Harington, dated St. Petersburgh, Oct. 6, 1740, with a memorial with regard to the trade through Russia to Persia, July 1740.

210. Abstract of the regiments of marines as sent to General "Wolfe, Dec. 24, 1744—March 24, 1746.

211. Account of Letters, Ac. written by the Duke of Newcastle, 1746-7; eight papers, with a list of the names of ye Governors, Consuls, &c. in a separate paper.

212. Report upon the condition of the Fortifications of Ireland, with plans annexed. Surveyed (1754-5) by Thos. Eyre, Surv. Gen. Folio.

214. Abstracts of the Money Bills, beginning the first of William and Mary (and ending with the 19th of George II., 1746), showing the sums given and clauses, appropriation, &c. Oblong.

215. Establishment of the Duke of Devonshire's household at Dublin Castle in 1755, with the attendance to be observed, &c. 4to.

216. The Civil Establishment of Ireland as it stood Jan. 20, 1757. Folio.

217. The Civil Establishment of Ireland as it stood Oct 5th, 1759. 8vo.

218. The Military Establishment of Ireland, 1759. 8vo.

219. An alphabetical list of Livings in Ireland in the gift of the Crown, with the names of the present incumbents, &c. (1760 P). Folio.

220. Copies of Treaties, Conventions, &c. &c, 1749-66.

221. Accounts of Receipts and Payments in the Treasury Office, &c. &c, 1756-60. 3 vols. 8vo.

222. Despatches of the years 1794 and 1795. Folio.

223. Despatches by Lord Granville, Sir Morton Eden, Lord Harrowby, &c, 1797-1805.

224. Official Despatches of the year 1798, with some Despatches to and from Sir Arthur Paget. Folio.

225. A book containing copies of some French intercepted correspondence, Sept. 3, 1803—Aug. 9, 1804. Folio.

226. Sir Arthur Paget's correspondence, March 21, 1804—April 25,1805. Folio.

227. Copies of Despatches from the English Ambas

sador at Vienna, June 18,1806 May 29, 1807, with an appendix. Folio.

228. Declaration de la Cour de Vienne a la Cour do France, du 27 Mars 1809. Folio.

229. Copies of Despatches from Sir Robert Adair, 4 vols. Folio.

Vol. 1. (To Lord Palmerston) Aug. 9, 1831—
May 22, 1832.
„ 2. May 25—Nov. 27, 1832.
„ 3. Nov. 27, 1832—Dec. 27, 1833.
„ 4. Jan. 1, 1834—June 16, 1835.

230. Chevaliers de l'Ordre du Thoison d'Or. (Arms of the Knights, with portraits of the Chiefs of tho Order, Jan. 1429—Aug. 1559.) Folio.

231. Arma Gentilicia, sive Insignia vera Nobiliu Civitatis Venetiarum viventium, Anno Domini, 1561. Folio.

232. Notes on the Nobility of England, beginning with Cornwall and ending with Glanvill. (Labelled, Heraldic Notes.) Folio.

233. Observations concerning tho Nobillitye of England, auntient and moderne, by Sir John Borough. Folio.

234. "MS. Book of Arms " of the Nobility of England, from the Conquest; chronologically arranged under the Reigns of the different Kings to Queen Elizabeth. Folio.

235. Notes of Proceedings in the Court of Chivalrie, before the Earle of Lindsey, Lord Constable, and the Earle of Arundell and Surrey, Earl Marshall, in the matter of Donald Le Reay and David Ramsay, 1631-2. Folio.

236. A brief Diary of the Case of the Merchant Strangers for buying and transporting Gould and Silver (in the Star Chamber, 1619 ?) Folio.

237. The Earle of Suffolke, the Ladie Katherine his Wife, Sir John Bingley, Defendants, in the Star Chamber, Michaelmas 1619.

238. Notes of Proceedings in the Star Chamber: Camera Stellata; Pasch. 1 Car. [1625] (Remington v. Allen)—Hil. 3 Car. (Sir John Dauers v. Lady George). Folio.

239. In the Exchequer Chamber in Hillarie Terme, 8° CaroliR., 31 Jan. 1632; William George, and others, Defendants. Folio.

240. Camera Stellata, tormino Hillarii, Anno 9° Caroli Regis, Veneris 19 die Januarii (1634), &c. Folio.

241. Of Archbishopps and Bishopps, their Election, &c. &c. [A Treatise on Ecclesiastical Law written about the 12th of Charles I. 1637.] Folio.

242. Argument of Mr. Justice Crooke upon the case of the Scire Facias out of the Exchequer against John Hamden, Esq., the 4th day of April 1638. Folio.

243. Dominus Rex vers. Civit. Lond. sur informacon in natura, de Quo Warranto (Pollexfen's Argument? 1683). Folio.

244. The Abuses of the Court of Chaucerie, and tho Remedies. Folio.

245. A Treatise of the Court of Starre Chamber. Folio.

246. "An Argument upon the question of Impositions, by one of his Learned Counsell in Ireland" (Sir John Davies). [Imperfect at beginning, 1 leaf wanting.] Folio, circa 1620.

247. An Index or Abstract of Law, Parliamentary Proceedings, &c. [Imperfect, begins "Burrough and Burgesses," ends "Wittnesses."] Folio.

248. An Act for the better preventing of Clandestine Marriages, with alterations in MS. (as altered in the Committee and upon the Report in the House of Commons). Folio. [1753 ?]

249. Acts of Parliament and other printed papers relating to Marriages (1753-5), with MS. Notes by the Duke of Bedford.

250. An Abstract of the Lawes of Newe England. [Imperfect.] Folio.

251. Jus Publicum Germanise, &c. 4to.

252. A Representation of the State of Provence, 1743-8, by William Mildmay. Folio.

253. Supplement to the Representation of the State of Provence, being an account of the present State of Aix and Marseilles, Nov. 1749. Folio.

254. Copy of a pro memoria for the Earl of Rochford on the Ceremonial of the Court of Turin with regard to Foreign Ministers as drawn up by Mr. Villettes. (Circa 1750.) Folio.

255. Relazione [di M. Foscarini Amb. Straord.] Folio, (Circa 1750).

256. Notes respecting what passed in Austrian Netherlands; copied from the Letters of Viscount Torrington in 1787 [March 26—Oct. 2.] 4to.

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