The Owl, Volumes 3-5


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Página 80 - Resolved, that it be recommended to the several assemblies, Conventions and Councils or Committees of Safety of the United Colonies, immediately to cause all persons to be disarmed, within their respective Colonies, who are notoriously disaffected to the cause of America, or who have not associated, and refuse to associate to defend by Arms the United Colonies against the Hostile attempts of the British Fleets and Armies.
Página 80 - December in the ffowerteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles the second by the grace of God of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland king Defender of the faith etc.
Página 80 - I think, should be well rooted in some spot of a native land, where it may get the love of tender kinship for the face of earth, for the labours men go forth to, for the sounds and accents that haunt it, for whatever will give that early home a familiar unmistakable difference amidst the future widening of knowledge...
Página 80 - DECLARATION on this paper; and when so done to make return hereof, together with the Name or Names of all who shall refuse to sign the same, to the GENERAL ASSEMBLY, or Committee of Safety of this Colony. M. WEARE, Chairman.
Página 80 - The nobility of the Spencers has been illustrated and enriched by the trophies of Marlborough ; but I exhort them to consider the Fairy Queen* as the most precious jewel of their coronet.
Página 25 - The frame of government was before long completed by the creation of a second class of legislators. On a " complaint that the freemen were put to . 1638. many inconveniences and great expenses by their continual attendance at the Courts...
Página 24 - Batchelr is required to forbeare exercising his guifts as a past' or teacher publiquely in or patient, unless it be to those hee brought with him, for his contempt of authority, & till some scandles be removed.
Página 80 - There may be, and there often is, indeed, a regard for ancestry, which nourishes only a weak pride; as there is also a care for posterity, which only disguises an habitual avarice, or hides the workings of a low and groveling vanity. But there is also a moral and philosophical respect for our ancestors, which elevates the character and improves the heart.
Página 24 - But he refused to desist. Whereupon they sent for him, and upon his delay, day after day, the marshal was sent to fetch him. Upon his appearance and submission, and promise to remove out of the town within three months, he was discharged.
Página 15 - I believe we are all indebted to my father's mother, for a large portion of the little sense and character which belongs to us. Her name was Susannah Bachelder; she was the daughter of a clergyman, and a woman of uncommon strength of understanding. If I had had many boys, I should have called one of them "Bachelder.

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