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'When we arose from the table, grace was repeated, and the English traveller took his leave, after entering his name in the visiter's book, and expressing in feeling and appropriate terms, his acknowledgements for the hospitality he had received. The monks also retired, each to his respective cell, and I was left alone, to amuse myself with the manuscript volume before mentioned. I turned over its leaves with considerable interest, from the number of my distinguished countrymen, who had there recorded their names, and their gratitude.

'The greater number of these travellers visited the Hospice in the months of July and August; and, consequently, beheld the scene under a far different and more cheerful aspect than myself. A few, however, appeared to have encountered all the hardships of the most inclement weather, and the horrors of the tempest.'

Of the embellishments, we shall only now say generally, that the selection does credit to Mr. Watts's taste, and that they form altogether the most splendid series of engravings we have seen in any volume of the kind. We shall probably take some other opportunity of entering into more minute criticism, and of examining at the same time the opinions expressed touching the arts and artists.

Turner's Annual Tour contains twenty splendid Turneresque views on the Seine, illustrated by a lively series of travelling sketches and historical notices from the ready and graphic pen of Mr. Leitch Ritchie. It is altogether a delightful volume; but, having named the subject, the artist, and the writer, we do not know that we need add a word of recommendation.


Edward, the Black Prince. By Mr. James.

Outlines of Forensic Medicine. By William Cummin, M. D., Lecturer on Forensic Medicine at the Aldersgate Medical School.

The Third Part of a Dictionary of Practical Medicine, with numerous Formulae of Medicines. By James Copland, M.D. F.R.S. The Fourth Part will speedily follow the publication of the Third.

Human Physiology. By John Elliotson, M. D., F.R.S., &c. With which is incorporated much of the Institutiones Physiologise of Blumenbach. 5th Edition, with numerous Anatomical Woodcuts.

The Classic and Connoiseur in Italy and Sicily; in which will be condensed the best Observations of the more distinguished Tourists through those Countries. With (as an Appendix) an abridged Translation of Lanzi's History of Painting. 3 vols. 8vo.

Elements of Medical Police; or the Principles and Practice of Legislating for the Public Health. By Bisset Hawkins, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in King's College. 1 vol. 8vo.

Dr. Adam's Roman Antiquities. Edited by the Rev. J. R. Major, M.A., Head Master of King's College School, London. Twelfth Edition, with Additions and Corrections. 1 vol. 8vo.

Faustus, a Dramatic Mystery; the First Walpurgis Night; the Bride of Corinth. Translated from the German of Goethe, by John Anster, LL. D. Barrister at Law.

A New British Atlas; comprising separate Maps of every County of England, and the three Ridings of Yorkshire. Wales will be contained in four sheets, which will be so contrived that they can be joined together, and form one Map. By J. and C. Walker. This Work will be completed in 23 Numbers, consisting of two Maps each, and will be published every Month, price 1*. 6d. plain, and 2*. coloured.

N. B. The Maps will be the same size as those done under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. The first Number will be published early in 1835.

A Third Volume of the Doctor; (in the Press.)

A new and enlarged edition of The Moral of Flowers. Royal 8vo., with 24 coloured plates.

The Transactions of the Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. Vol. 18. Part 2. With coloured plates.

Journal of a Visit to Constantinople and some of the Greek Islands in the Spring and Summer of 1833. By John Auldjo, Esq. F. G S' Author of the "Ascent of Mont Blanc," "Sketches of Vesuvius," &c.

English in India, and other Sketches. By a Traveller. 2 volspost 8vo.

An Exposition of the Nature, Treatment, and Prevention of continued Fever. By H. M'Cormac, M.D., Physician to the Hospital,


The Village Churchyard, and other Poems. By the Right Hon. Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley. 1 vol. post 8vo."

In the Press, Spiritual Despotism. By the Author of " Natural History of Enthusiasm." 1 vol. 8vo.

In the Press, Selections from the Works of Bishop Reynolds. 1 vol. 18mo.

In the Press, in 1 vol. 12mo., Directions to the Converted, for their Establishment, Growth, and Perseverance. By Richard Baxter. Now first reprinted.

Early in 1835, will be published, Memoirs of the Life, Character, and Writings, of Sir Matthew Hale, Knt., Lord Chief Justice of England. By J. B. Williams, Esq. LL.D., F.S.A. Embellished with a full length Portrait, from an original picture in possession of the family.

The Rev. T. Williams, of West Charlton, proposes (if the undertaking meet with suitable encouragement) to publish a volume, containing the substance of Discourses preached at Bristol, by the late Rev. Robert Hall.

Nearly ready, Specimens of the Table-Talk of the late Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Esq., in 2 vols, foolscap 8vo.

Journal of a Residence in America. By Mrs. Butler (late Miss Fanny Kemble). 2 vols, post 8vo.

A History of Architecture, illustrated by upwards of 90 Engravings by Moses, Shaw, Le Keux, and Basley, from Drawings made by the Author. Royal 8vo. By the late Thomas Hope, Esq., Author of "Anastatius."

A General View of Egypt, and the Topography of Thebes, made during a Residence of more than Twelve Years in Egypt and among the Ruins of Thebes. With Illustrations. 8vo. By J. G. Wilkinson, Esq.

Mr. Bird is preparing a new Edition of his Emigrant's Tale, and Miscellaneous Poems.

In the Press, an Account of China. Comprehending its Political History, Government, Laws, Literature, Institutions, Manners, and Customs; its Geography, its Commerce, internal and external; the Duties and Regulations in respect to Foreign Trade; an accurate Account of the Coins, Weights, and Measures at Canton; a History of British Intercourse with China; a Description of the Articles which constitute the Returns in its Foreign Trade; Abstract of Acts and Regulations at Home, &c, &c. In two vols. 8vo, with numerous Plates.


Sketches in Portugal, during the Civil War of 1834. By Captain J. E. Alexander, K.L.S., 42nd Royal Highlanders, Author of " Travels in the East," &e. With Observations on the Present State and Future Prospects of Portugal. 8vo. Plates, 10s. 6rf.


The Third Volume of Mr. Montgomery's History of the British Colonies; containing the whole of our Possessions in North America, and exhibiting the Present State of Canada. With Nine Accurate Maps and Official Tables never before published. 8vo. To Non-subscribers, 25s.

THEOLOGY. Sacred History of the World, philosophically considered; in a Series of Letters

to a Son. By Sharon Turner, F.S.A., U.A.S.L. The Second Volume. 8vo. 14s.

Horse Hebraicae; an Attempt to Discover how the Argument of the Epistle to the Hebrews must have been understood by those therein addressed. With Appendices on Messiah's Kingdom, &c., &c. By George, Viscount Mandeville. Royal 8vo., 16s. in cloth.

The Causes of the Corruption of Christianity. By the Reverend Robert Vaughan, Professor of Ancient and Modern History in the University of London, Author of the " Life of Wycliffe." &c. 8vo, 10s. 6d. cloth.


Sketches of Corfu, Historical and Domestic; its Scenery and Natural Productions. Interspersed with Legends and Traditions. Foolscap 8vo. Price 8s. cloth extra.



For FEBRUARY, 1835.

Art. I.—Remain* of Alexander Knox, Esq. In two Volumes. 8vo. pp. xx, 932. Price 11. 4*. London, 1834.

f~\UR readers will be in some degree prepared, by our recent ^ review of the Correspondence between Mr. Knox and Bishop Jebb, for the extraordinary character of these volumes. Those who can take delight in conversing with an independent and masculine thinker, although his sentiments may be to them a foreign dialect of thought,—who can derive instruction from opinions they see no reason to adopt, yet which claim to be admitted in qualification of the truths they hold,—those who wish to study Truth in all its phases, and to detect the sources of error, which are always found in the immediate neighbourhood of cognate truths,—as rivers flowing in opposite courses often take their rise in the same ridge or mountain plain,—in a word, readers who seek to exercise and inform their minds, rather than to gratify their self-love or pride of opinion, will not be disappointed of the high intellectual repast they will anticipate in these volumes. To be perused with advantage, they must not be taken up in the spirit of controversy, for what polemic was ever disposed to allow their due weight to the opinions of his opponent? Much, very much that is controvertible will be found in the statements and sentiments contained in Mr. Knox's papers. He sank his shaft deep into the mines he explored, but he was too negligent or impatient in assaying what he brought up, and consequently, he seldom presents us with the precious ore free from earthy admix •ture. His intellectual range was lofty, rather than comprehensive. The current of his thoughts ran more deep than clear. He is any thing but superficial, yet there are shallows every now and then in his reasoning; and—his own language (in his first voi~ XIII.—n-s. x

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