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Ajskel's Journal of a Residence in China and the Neighbouring Countries . 403

Address of Sir Robert Peel, at Tamworth 88

Anderson's Discourse, occasioned by the death of the Rev. W. Carey, D.D., of

Serampore . 29

Anti-Slavery Reporter, No. CXII 323

Autobiography of a Dissenting Minister 274

Binney 's Dissent not Schism 189

Carpenter's Can the Tories become Reformers? . ..... 4$

Champollion's (the younger) Lettres ecrites d'Egypt et de Nubie . . . 448

Cox's (Dr.) Memoirs of the Rev. William Henry Angas .... 107

Denison's Review of the State of the Question respecting the Admission of Dis-

senters to the Universities 211

Disraeli's Curiosities of Literature 202

Edinburgh Review, Nos. CXVIII,, CXXI., and CXXII. . . . .841

England, France, Russia, and Turkey . .145

Fanaticism. By the Author of "Natural History of Enthusiasm" . . . 1

Fletcher's (Dr.) Funeral Discourse occasioned by the death of the Rev. Robert

Morrison, D.D. - 414

Four Years of a Liberal Government 45

Hampden's (Dr.) Observations on Religious Dissent, with particular reference to the Use of Religious Tests in the University 241

Kidd's Revealed Characteristics of God 188

Klaproth's Examen Critique 448

Literary Intelligence , 58,144,239,323,418,514

Lockwood's and Cates's History and Antiquities of the Fortifications of the City of York 26

Mammatt's Collection of Geological Facts, &c., intended to elucidate the For-

mation of the Ashby Coal-Fields 27

Miscellanies. By the Author of the "Sketch Book." No. I. A Tour on the

Prairies 270

Montgomery's Poet's Portfolio . 352

New British Province of South Australia, being a description of the Climate, Soil,

&c 167

New Selection of Hymns, especially adapted to Public Worship . . . 399

No Opium! a Letter to J. Cropper, Esq. By a Minister and a Layman . . 304

On National Property, and on the Prospects of the Present Administration, and

of their Successors 88

Open China! an Appeal to the British and American Churches. By Two

Friends 304


Philip's Manly Piety in its Principles .... ... 188

Manly Piety in its Spirit . . . ib.

Manly Piety in its Realizations ....... ib.

Pinkerton's (Dr.) Russia; or Miscellaneous Observations on the Past and Pre-
sent State of that Country and its Inhabitants 145

Proposals for a Reformation of the Church of England .... 223

Psalmist, The, or Select Versions of the Psalms from various Authors . . 399

Quarterly Review, No. CIV. 241

Reed's (Dr.) and Dr. Matheson's Narrative of the Visit to the American
Churches, by the Deputation from the Congregational Union, &c. . .421

Remains of Alexander Knox, Esq 61, 287

Ritchie's Wanderings by the Seine, from Rouen to the Source, with Twenty En-

gravings from Drawings by J. M. W. Turner, Esq 53

Roberts's Oriental Illustrations of the Sacred Scriptures .... 361

Sacred Songs; being an attempted Paraphrase of some Portions of the Scrip-

ture, &c 142

Selections from the American Poets 129

Sir Robert Peel's Address reviewed . . ...... 88

Sketches from a Youthful Circle 220

Sketches of Corfu, Historical and Domestic, &c. . . . . . .113

Smith (Dr.J on the Temper to be cultivated by Christians of different Denomina-

tions towards each other 230

Spiritual Despotism. By the Author of " Natural History of Enthusiasm" 325, 493

Tenth Memoir respecting the Translations of the Sacred Scriptures into the

Oriental Languages. By the Serampore Brethren ..... 29

Three Hundred and Fifty Portions of the Book of Psalms, with a Collection of

Six Hundred Hymns, &c 399

Torrens's Colonization of Australia. A Letter to William Crawford, Esq. . 167

Townsend's Old and New Testament, arranged in Historical and Chronological

Order, &c. . . . . . . ... . . . 371,460

University of London. Address from the Senate to the Council, on the applica-
tion for a Charter . 318

Watts's Literary Souvenir and Cabinet of Modern Art 58

Wilkinson's Topography of Thebes and General View of Egypt . . . 448 Wilson's Historical Enquiry concerning the Principles, Opinions, and Usages of

the English Presbyterians . 512

Works Recently Published 60,144,240,324,420,516



For JANUARY, 1835.

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Art. I. Fanaticism. By the Author of " Natural History of Enthusiasm." 8vo. pp. 515. London, 1833.

'E have so long delayed our notice of this volume, that another portion of the series embraced by the Author's original plan is already advertised as forthcoming, under the title of " Spiritual Despotism." More than twelve years ago, the Preface to the volume before us states, the Author projected a work which should at one view exhibit the several principal forms of spurious or corrupted religion. The "Natural History of Enthusiasm" was put forth as a sort of experiment and sample. Emboldened to proceed, he almost immediately entered upon the closely connected subject here treated of; and, as he extended his ' researches concerning the rise and progress of the fatal errors 'that have obscured our holy religion,' his wish to achieve his purpose was strengthened, as his plan assumed a more definite shape, and the field opened before him. "Fanaticism" was to have been followed by " Superstition." For some reason or other, this is postponed to "Spiritual Despotism," the subject of the next volume; and " Corruption of Morals" and "Scepticism" are announced as the title of two succeeding ones, which will be required to complete the projected series.

It must be confessed, that this will form a very large demand upon public attention on the part of an individual Writer; for, although a much larger quantity of writing within a given time is being poured forth by the pens of gentlemen of the press, in the columns of newspapers and the pages of periodical Numbers, so that the entire works, political and critical, of more than one popular writer of the day, would rival in bulk and quantity the numerous folios of the 'painful' authors of other times; yet, those of us who are obliged to be constantly ministering to the

Vol. xIII.—n.S. B

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