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SER M. VIII. p. 185.

Preach'd before Queen Anne, 1708. The great Folly and Danger of delaying


PSALM cxix. 59, 60. I thought on my Ways, and turned my Feet unto thy Testimonies. I made hafte, and delayed not to keep thy Commandments.

SER M. IX. p. 209.

Preach'd before Queen ANNE, 1709-10. Obligations to Godliness and Virtue, from

the Consideration of the Nature of the Christian Calling, in general and in particular.

Ephes. iv. 1. I therefore the Prisoner of the Lord, befeech

you, that ye walk worthy of the Vocation wherewith ye are called.

SER M. X. p. 234.

Preach'd before Queen Anne, 1710. The Manner and the Circumstances of the

Day of Judgment.

ACTs xvii. 31. He hath appointed a Day in which he will

judge the World in Righteousness, by that Man whom he hath ordained.


SER M. XI. p. 260.

Preach'd before Queen ANNE, 1711. About Religious Resolutions. The great

Caution that should be observ'd in making


JOSHUA xxiv. 21. And the People said unto Joshua, Nay, but we

will serve the Lord.

SERM. XII. p. 289. What is meant by setting our Affections on

Heavenly Things, and not on Earthly : And how absolutely necessary it is, that we should thus rightly place our Affections.

Coloss. iii. 2. Set your Affections on Things above, and not

on Things on the Earth.

SER M. XIII. p. 318.

A Vindication of the just and innocent Use

of Speech, from fome Scruples which have been raised from two or three particular Texts.

Ephes. iv. 29. Let no corrupt Communication proceed out of your Mouth, but that which is good, to the Use of Edifying ; that it may minister Grace to the Hearers. a 2


SER M. XIV. P. 314.

JAMES i. 13. Las mo Man fay, when he is tempted, I am

sterd of God; for God cannot be tempted south Evil; neither tempteth he any Man.

SERM. XV. p. 370.

Ecci e s. ii. 11. 9:

2!! the works that my Hands na ve bacs the Labour that I had

V ; ) bekell, all was Vanity Sur Un p irit, joid there was no

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SERM. XVIII. p. 446.

ACTs xiii. latter Part of ver. 48. And as many as were ordained to eternal Life, believed.

SER M. XIX. p. 470.

S. MATT. XX. 16. So the last Mall be first, and the firft laft; for

many be called, but few chofen.


SER M. XIV. p. 344.

JAMES I. 13.
Let no Man fay, when he is tempted, I am

tempted of God; for God cannot be tempted
with Evil; neither tempteth he any Mar.

SERM. XV. P. 370.

EccLEs. ii. 11.
Then I looked on all the Works that my Hands

had wrought, and on the Labour that I had
laboured to do; and behold, all was Vanity
and Vexation of Spirit, and there was no
Profit under the Sun.
SER M. XVI. p. 394.

2 Pet. i. 10. Wherefore the rather, Brethren, give Dili

gence to make your Calling and Election

SER M. XVII. p. 417.

Rom. ii. 28, 29. For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly;

neither is that Circumcision, which is outward in the Flesh. But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and Circumcision is that of the Heart, in the Spirit, and not in the Letter, wkole Praise is not of Men, but of God.


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