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ST. VINCENT'S SEMINARY, GERMANTOWN, PA. The following account of St. Vincent's Seminary, Germantown, Pa., is furnished by the president, Rev. James McGill. It illustrates the character of a number of seminaries in the United States which combine collegiate and professional instruction in such a manner as to make it difficult to give them exact representation in the tables.

The seminary, as such, holds no real estate nor funds. It is supported by an association of Catholic clergymen for the purpose of giving a select number of young men an opportunity to pursue a course of study in literature, higher mathematics, modern languages, philosophy, and theology. For admission an examination is required which wouli entitle the applicant in any well-conducted college to the A. B. degree. The course of study embraces a period of eight years; each scholastic year consists of forty weeks.

The entire number of students for the scholastic year 1836-87 was 25; and the classification-9 in theology, 6 in philosophy, and 10 in the two years' preparatory course, which consists of an exhaustive review of previous studies in English, Latin, Greek, French, German, and mathematics. The study of higher mathematics may be continued during the two years' course of philosophy, and, if the needs of the student demand it, during the first and second years of the theology course. All the students are required to follow both the classical and scientific courses. The language of the class during the last 6 years of the course is Latin.

The library contains from 11,000 to 12,000 volumes. The institution has never ro. ceived any State or municipal appropriation of any kind. Tuition is free for all who pass the examination for admission. The professors nunber 6.

PROGRESS DURING THE DECADE. As in the case of similar tables, the comparative statisties of schools of theology from 1877 to 1887, inclusive, simply show the relative numbers reporting to the Office in the successive years.

The details as recorded during the period indicated show further the degree of permanency in institutions, and the positive increase in their numbers.

From a comparison of the detailed statistics of 1877 with those of the current year, it appears that of 124 schools tabulated at the earlier date, 91, or 73 per cent., are still found in the table.

Ten of the remaining 33 have ceased to exist, and 23 have made no recent report.

Thirty-two schools which were in existence prior to 1877, but did not report at that date, are now reporting. Of the remaining 22 schools found in the table for 1886–87, 4 had just begun operations in 1977 and 18 have been opened since.

Of the 91 schools which reported in 1877 and in 12-6-87, 12 failed at one of the dates to report the particulars required for comparative study'; the remaining 79 show increase during the decade of 31 per cent. in the number of instructors; 30 per cent. in the number of students; 53 per cent. in the number of volumes in libraries ; 65 per cent. in property valnation; and 42 per cent. in productive funds.

The 91 schools whose permanence and vigor are attented by the statistical record have been the recipients of liberal and repeated benefactions. So far as reported to this Office, the total of money gifts and legacies to schools of theology during the ten years under review was 06,697,210. Of this amount 91 per cent. went to the schools in question.

The present relative importance of the same schools may be judged from the fact that they include 73 per cent. of the instructors and 73 per cent. of the students reported from schools of theology. Forty-two of the number report their productive funds, the total amount being 03 per cent of the total productive funds in the table.

The 22 schools whose operations are limited to the ten years under review include 10 per cent. of the instructors and 10 per cent. of the students in the table.

From this analysis it is evident that the schools which have reported irregularly represent but a small part of the entire provision for theological instruction, and do not greatly affect the general bearing of the statistical record.

THEOLOGICAL SCHOOLS ORGANIZED SINCE 1870. Table 59 shows the relative position of the various religious denominations in respect to the number of sel.cols which they maintain, and the number of students attracted to them.

The 22 schools orruired eluring the decade are distributed among twelve denominations. Tuo Baptist, Lutherail, and Methodist Episcopal Churches have contributed 4 schools eachi.

The first named include 33 per cent of the instructors and 23 per cent of the stadents reported from the new schools; the second, 14 per centand 19 per cent., respectively; the third, 14 per cent, and 16 per cent., respectively. The financial

resources of the new schools are not fully given, only 15 of the 22 reporting even their property valuation. Of the entire amount, viz, $134,000, 31 per cent. is owned by the four Baptist schools, 20 per cent. by three of the four Lutheran schools, 22 per cent. by three of the Methodist Episcopal schools, and 23 per cent. by one school nnder the auspices of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Productive funds are reported from seven only of the new schools. In these, as in all theological schools whoso invested fands are small, special contributions from churches and individuals form a large part of the income, tuition fees being low, and in many cases remitter entirely.

Six of the 22 schools established since 1876 are for the education of colored students. One of the most important of these is the Gammon School of Theology at Atlanta, Ga., which was organized in 1883 as a department of Clark University. Beginning with an attendance of 2 students, it closed its first year with 19, and has steadily increased in numbers year by year, reaching in the current year a total of 57.

Among the favoring conditions attending the origin of the school, not the least was the gift of twenty thousand dollars by Rev. E. H. Gammon, of Batavia, Ill. The growth of the institution, and the rapid extension of its field of influence, with the corresponding demand for enlarged facilities, have prompted him recently to propose a munificent addition to the endowment, which will establish the school on a firm and permanent basis. The only condition imposed by Mr. Gammon, in unfolding his plan, was that the school should be made an institution of a purely theological character, entirely independent of any other institution in its organization and government. In accordance with his views, the official connection of the school with Clark University was dissolved in April, 1867, and it was placed on an independent basis.

TABLE 60.-Statistics of schools of theology for 1886–87 ; from



President or dean.



1 Selma, Ala..... Theological Department of Selma Cni. Rev. Charles L. Parce, A. B.....

versity. 2 Talladega, Ala.. Theological Department of Talladega Rev. Henry S. De Forest, D.D...

College. 3 Tuscaloosa, Ala... Institute for training colored minis. Rev. C. A. Stillman

tere. 4 Oakland, Cal.... Pacific Theological Seminary. Rev. J. A. Benton, D.D.

San Francisco, Cal.. San Francisco Theological Seminary Res. George Burrowes, D.D.. 6 Denver, Colo Matthews Hall'.

Rt. Rer.John F. Spalding, D.D.. 7 Hartford, Conn. Hartford Theological Seminary.. Rev. William Thompson, V. D... 8 New Haven, Conn.... Theological Department of Yale Uni- Rev. Timothy Dwight, D. D., versity.

LL.D. Washington, D. C.... Theological Department of Howard Rev. W. W. Patton, D. D., LL. D..

University. 10 Washington, D. C.... Wayland Seminary..

Rev. Geo. M. P. King, a. 21. ... 11 | Atlanta, Ga.... Gammon School of Theology.

Rev. W. P. Thirkielu, B.D. 12 Atlanta, Ga.... Theological Department of Atlanta Rev. Samuel Graves, D.D..

Baptist Seminary. 13 Macon, Ga..... Theological Department of Mercer Kev.James G. Ryals, D.D.

University.* 14 Bourbonnais Grove, Theological Department of St. Via Rev. M.J. Marsile, C. 5. V..... Ill.

teurs College. 15 Chicago, Ill..

Chicago Theological Seminary. Franklin W. Fisk.. 16 Chicago, II.

McCormick Theological Seminary of Rev. Le Roy J. Halsey, D. D., the Presbyterian Church.

LL. D. 17 Chicago, Ill.

Western Theological Seminary. Rt. Rev. W. E. McLaren, 8. T. D.. 18 Eureka, Ili

Bible Department of Eureka College Carl Johann... 19 Evanston, Ill. Garrett Biblical Institute

Rev. H. B. Ridgaway, D.D.. 20 Evanston, Ill. Norwegian and Danish Theological Rev. N. E. Simonsen, A. II., B.D..

School. 21 Evanston, nl. Swedish Theological Seminary*..... Rev. Albert Ericson. 22 Galena, Ill..... Theological Department of German. Rev. Fr. Schaub, A. M......

English College. 23 Galesburg, IN.. Theological Department of Lombard Rev. N. White, Ph. D.....

University. 24 | Lebanon, ni... Theological Department of Moken. Rev. W. F. Swahlen, A. M., PL. D

dree College. 25 Morgan Park, Ill..... Baptist Union Theological Seminary Rev. G. W. Worthrup, D.D., LL D. 26 Naperville, 111... Union Biblical Institnte.

Bishop J.J. Esher Rock Island, nl. Augustana Theological Seminary.. Ruv.T. N. Hasselquist, D.D 28 Springfield, III Concordia Seminary.....

Prof. A. Crarmer 29 Upper Alton, III. Theological Department of Shurtlefr Rev. A. A. Kendrick, D.D.

College. 30 Wheaton, Ili.. Wheaton Theological Seminary.... Lemuel N. Stratton. 31 Fort Wayne, Ind. Concordia College...

George Schick 32 Greencastle, Ind.. School of Theology of De Pauw Uni Alexander Martin, D.D., LL.D.

versity, 33 Merom, Ind.... Derean Department, Union Christian | Rev. L.J. Aldrich, A. ML, D. D....

College. 34 St. Meinrad, Ind. St. Meinrad's Ecclesiastical Semi Rt. Rev. Fintan Mundwiler, nary.*

0.8, B. 35 Muskogee, Ind. T..... Theological Department of Indian A.C. Bacone, A. M....

University. 86 Beloit, Iowa

Norwegian Augustana Seminary Prof. D. Lysnes 37 | Davenport, Iowa Theological Department of Griswold Rt. Rev. W.8. Perry, D.D., LL.D.,

College 38 Des Moines, Iowa.... Bible Department of Drako Univer- G.T. Carpenter, A. M

39 Dubuque, Iowa German Presbyterian Theological A. J. Schlæger, D. D

School of the Northwest.
*From Report of the Commissioner of Edncation for 1885-86.

replies to inquiries by the United States Bureau of Education.

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TABLE 60.-Statistics of schools of theology for 1886–87; from replies



President or dean.


40 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.... German College....

Rev. John Schlagenhanf, A. M... 41 | Oakaloosa, Iowa... Bible Department of Oskaloosa Col. R. II. Johnson, A.M.

lege. 42 Danville, Ky.. Danville Theological Seminary ... Stephen Yerkes 43 | Lexiogton, Ky.. College of the Bible......

Robert Graham.. 44 Louisville, Ky Southern Baptist Theological Semi. Rev.James P. Boyce, D. D., LL.D.

mary. 45 New Orleans, La...... Gilbert Haven School of Theology Rev. L. G. Adkinson

(New Orleans University). 46 New Orleans, La...... Theological Department of Leland Rev. Marsena Stone, D. D.....

University. 47 New Orleans, La...... Theological department of Straight Rev. R.C. Hitchcock, A.M.

University.* 48 Bangor, Me

Bangor Theological Seminary. Rov. Levi L. Paine, D.D. 49 Lewiston, Me... Bates College Theological Seminary.. Rev. Oren B. Cheney, D.D..... 50 Baltimore, Md. Centenary Biblical Institute.... Rev. W. M. Frysinger, D.D.... 51 Baltimore, Md Theological Seminary of St. Sulpice V. Rev. A. Magnien, . 8., D. D...

and St. Mary's University. 52 Emmittsburg, Md Mount St. Mary's Ecclesiastical Sem- Rev. Edward P. Alla

inary. 53 | Ilchester, Md... Scholasticate of the Congregation of Rev. Eugene Grimm....

the Most Holy Redeemer, Mount

St. Clement. 54 Westminster, Md.. Westminster Theological Seminary .. Rev. J.T. Ward, D.D.. 55 Woodstock, Md. Woodstock College..

Rev. Peter 0. Racicct, s. J. 56 Andover, Mass Andover Theological Seminary., Egbert C. Smyth 57 Boston, Mass

Boston University Schoolof Theology William F. Warren, 6. T. D.. 58 Cambridge, Mass Divinity School of Harvard Uni. Rev.C.C. Everett, D.D...

versity: 59 Cambridge, Mass Episcopal Theological School..... Rev. George Z. Gray, D.D. 60 College Hill, Magg Tufts College Divinity School.. Rev. Elmer II. Capen, D.D... 61 Newton Centre, Mass. Newton Theological Institution Alvah Hovey.. 62 Adrian, Mich... School of Theology (Adrian Colego). D. S. Stephens, A. DI ... 63 Hillsdale, Mich Theological Department of Hillsdale George F. Mosher, A.M..

College. 64 Holland, Mich.. Western Seminary of the Reformed Rev. N. M. Steffens, D.D....

Church of America. 65 Cotlegeville, Minn.... St. John's University (ecclesiastical Rt. Rev. Alexius Edelbrock, 0.

course). 66 Faribault, Mion Seabury Divinity School

Rt. Rev. H. B. Whipple, D.D..... 67 Minneapolis, Minn.... Augsburg Seminary....

Prof. George Sverdrup. 68 Red Wing, Minn.... Red Wing Norwegian Evangelical 0. S. Meland

Lutheran Seminary. 69 | Jackson, Miss . Jackson College.*

Rev. Charles Ayer.... 70 Cape Girardeau, Mo St. Vincent's College and Theological | Very Rov. P. V.Byrne, c.

Seminary. 71 St. Louis, Mo... Eden Collego

Louis Haeberle. 72 St. Louis, Mo. Concordia College (seminary).

Prof. F. Pieper 73 Warrenton, Mo Theological Department of Central Rev. Herman A. Koch, D.D.

Wesleyan College. 74 Crete, Nobr..... German Congregational Theological | Rev. William Sneas...

Seminary. 75 Santee Agency, Nobr. Theological Institute.

Alfred L. Rigga, principal.... 78 Bloomfield, N.J. German Theological School of Nov. Rev. Charles E. Knox, i), D.

ark. 77 Madison, N.J... Drew Theological Seminary * Rev. IIenry A. Buttı, D.D., LL.D. 78 New Brunswick, N.J. Theological Seminary of the Re- Rev. 8. M. Woodbridge, D.D.,

formed (Dutch) Church in America. LL. ). 79 Princeton, N. J. Theological Seminary of the Presby. Rev. W. H. Green, D. D., LL. D...

terian Church.
* From the Report of the Commissioner of Education for 1885-86.
a Also in College faculty. 0 Includes term bills to the amount of $3,313.

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