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R. Weigel, 1859

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Página 47 - ITALIAN SCULPTURE OF THE MIDDLE AGES AND PERIOD OF THE REVIVAL OF ART. A descriptive Catalogue of that Section of the South Kensington Museum comprising an Account of the Acquisitions from the Gigli and Campana Collections. With 20 Engravings.
Página 43 - Geschiedenis van het heylighe Cruys; or, history of the holy cross. Reproduced in facsimile from the original edition printed by J. Veldener in 1483. Text and engravings by J. PH. BERJEAU. Lond., CJ Stewart. 1863. in-4.
Página 11 - Biblia pauperum. Reproduced in facsimile, from one of the copies in the British Museum; with an historical and bibliographical introduction by J. PH.
Página 41 - Liber Veritatis; or a Collection of Prints after the Original Designs of Claude Le Lorrain; in the Collection of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire. Executed by Richard Earlom, in the Manner and Taste of the Drawings.
Página 11 - CANTICUM CANTICORUM, reproduced in facsimile, from the Scriverius copy in the British Museum. With an Historical and Bibliographical Introduction by I. Ph. Berjeau. Folio, pp. 36, with 16 Tables of Illustrations, vellum. 1860. £2, 2s. CAREY. — THE PAST, THE PRESENT, AND THE FUTURE.
Página 15 - Archiv für die zeichnenden Künste mit besonderer Beziehung auf Kupferstecher- und Holzschneidekunst und ihre Geschichte.
Página 3 - THE LIFE OF JOSIAH WEDGWOOD ; From his Private Correspondence and Family Papers, in the possession of JOSEPH MAYER, Esq., FSA, FRANCIS WEDGWOOD, Esq., C. DARWIN, Esq., MA, FRS, Miss WEDGWOOD, and other Original Sources. With an Introductory Sketch of the Art of Pottery in England. By ELIZA METLYARD.

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