Up Among the Pandies: Or, A Year's Service in India

Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, 1859 - 360 páginas

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Página 247 - For time is like a fashionable host, That slightly shakes his parting guest by the hand, And with his arms outstretch'd, as he would fly, Grasps in the comer : welcome ever smiles, And farewell goes out sighing.
Página 273 - ... prays with his face to Mecca, the drums, and banners, and gaudy idols, the devotee swinging in the air, the graceful maiden, with the pitcher on her head, descending the steps to the river-side, the black faces, the long beards, the yellow streaks of sect, the turbans and the flowing robes, the spears and the silver maces, the elephants with their canopies of state, the gorgeous palanquin of the prince, and the close litter of the noble lady...
Página 149 - SKETCHES IN INDIA, TAKEN ON THE SPOT. PART VI. AND so the big guns were booming hoarsely, and rifles, matchlocks, muskets, and small-arms were popping briskly, and the bullets pinged with a soft but unpleasant sibilation before the fair city of Lucknow on the fourth day of March, in the year of Grace one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight. And now the time was come, as Sir Colin Campbell worded it in his despatch, " for developing the plan of attack which had previously been determined on," the...
Página 194 - Oude villager, it mattered not — no questions were asked; his skin was black, and did not that suffice? A piece of rope, and the branch of a tree, or a rifle bullet through his brain, soon terminated the poor devil's existence.

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