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accurate statement stressing industrial Peterson, Joseph. Early Conceptions and applications.

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Photo by E. A, Morrow.
A glimpse of the route from the St. Lawrence to the Gulf.
A wharf of this iron age and ships that traverse the lakes. South Chicago Harbor at the mouth of the Calumet River with the blast
furnaces to the left. In the foreground an ore boat is being unload ed, while in the distance another chugs in from northern mines.



COMMENT In response to inquiries concerning the Emphasizing health education, characresults of the biennial convention of the ter education, and teacher training. World Federation of National Education It is the function of teachers to help Associations, at Edinburgh, Scotland, their pupils to realize that the world is a July, 1925, the following concise digest of unity, that nations and peoples are interresolutions has been prepared by the dependent economically and otherwise, editors of the Sierra Educational News: and that true nationalism is not incon

Appointing standing committees on sistent with true internationalism. pre-school, elementary, secondary, and higher education. Appointing special The American Library Association has committees on health and on removal of selected, at the request of the Committee illiteracy. Emphasizing importance of on Intellectual Co-operation of the pre-school education; urging trained League of Nations, the forty books of the teachers for this period. Affirming belief year which it judges the most important in Goodwill Day; recommending observ- for inclusion in a list of books of all ance in each country.

countries. The world list is to be limited Geography, history, and training in to 600 titles and to be published under the citizenship should be taught not only auspices of the Committee on Intellectual from national but also from modern Co-operation of the League of Nations. sociological and international points of Countries publishing 10,000 or more view.

new books annually are entitled to name Endorsing the multiplying of interna- forty. The British Empire, France, Italy, tional contacts among school children Japan, Germany and the United States through correspondence exchange of are the only nations in this class. school work, and interchange of pupils of Countries whose publishing is from 5 to suitable age between countries.

10,000 new works annually are entitled to Recommending special teacher-training name twenty; those of from 27/2 to 5,000, courses to give international outlook and ten; below 2,500, five. vision. Strongly recommend travel and The best books ordinarily become interchange of teachers.

known abroad very slowly, and it is Recommending promotion of such aids thought that the annual publication of a to education as (1) universal biography, concise list limited to 600 titles will be an (2) visual instruction and the use of effective means of drawing nations tomotion films particularly when of educa- gether into closer intellectual contact, by tional and scientific nature, (3) literature keeping them in touch with the works and language study, particularly in the each nation believes to be its best. The modern fields, (4) aesthetics, and (5) American Library Association was setraining for citizenship, as possessing lected as the authoritative body in the great potentialities for the development of United States to choose that country's an international outlook.

forty outstanding books of the year. Recommendations for unification of re

The list of forty important American search, establishment of universal library

books of 1924 follows: office, establishment of a world uni- Anderson, Sherwood – A Story-Teller's Story. New

BELLES LETTRES AND ART versity, world interchange of professors York, B. W. Huebsch. and pupils.

Bade, William Frederic-Life and Letters of John Muir, 2 v. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company.

Bianchi, Martha Dickinson-Life and Letters of Emily

SOCIAL SCIENCE Dickinson. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company. Adams, Randolph GreenfieldHistory of the Ford Boyd, Ernest-Portraits, Real and Imaginary. New York, Policy of the United States. New York, Macmillan George H. Doran Company.

Company. Bradford, Gamaliel-Bare Souls. New York, Harper Allport, Floyd Henry -- Social Psychology. and Brothers.

Houghton Mifflin Company. Brownell, William Crary-Genius of Style. New York, Faulkner, Harold Underwood - American Econom. Charles Scribner's Sons.

History. New York, Harper and Brothers. Clemens, Samuel Langhorne — Mark Twain's Auto Fitch, John AndrewsThe Cause of Industrial Curesi

biography, 2 v. New York, Harper and Brothers. New York, Harper and Brothers. Firkins, Oscar-William Dean Howells. Cambridge, Giddings, Franklin Henry-Scientific Study of Hand Harvard University Press.

Society. Chapel Hill, N. C., University of North Gorgas, Marie Doughty and Hendrick, Burton J. Carolina Press.

William Crawford Gorgas. Garden City, N. Y., Merriam, Charles Edward, and Gosnell, Harold FooteDoubleday, Page and Company.

Non-Voting: Causes and Methods of Control. Chicago, Hambidge, Jay — The Parthenon and Other Greek University of Chicago Press. Temples. New Haven, Yale University Press.

Pound, Roscoe-Lazu and Morals. Chapel Hill, X. C. Hammond, John Winthrop-Charles Proteus Steinmetz. University of North Carolina Press. New York, Century Company.

Small, Albion Woodbury - Origins of Sociolo Howe, M. A. DeW.-Barrett Wendell and His Letters. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. Boston, Atlantic Monthly Press.

* * Mumford, Lewis-Sticks and Stones. New York, Boni and Liveright.

Upon the invitation of the Chinese NaRobinson, Edwin Arlington—Man Who Died Twice. New York, Macmillan Company.

tional Association for the Advancement Seitz, Don—Joseph Pulitzer. New York, Simon and of Education, Mr. Arthur E. Bostwick,

Sullivan, Louis Henry-Autobiography of an Idea. New

librarian of the St. Louis public library,
York, Press of American Institute of Architects. spent some months in China during the
White, William Allen -- Woodrow Wilson.
Houghton Mifflin Company.

Boston, spring and summer of 1925. He has re

ceived advices from Peking, China, which TRAVEL Kent, Rockwell—Voyaging Southward. New York, G. P.

indicate the complete success of his efforts Putnam's Sons.

to have part of the returned Boxer IndemHISTORY

nity Fund used for library extension and McIlwain, Charles Howard-American Revolution. New improvement in China. The Chinese

York, Macmillan Company.
Paxson, Frederic Logan - History of the American

Foundation for Education and Culture,
Frontier. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company. consisting of five American and ten Chi-
Osgood, Henry Levi - American Colonies in the
Eighteenth Century, 4 v. New York, Columbia Uni-

nese members, which is the body that will versity Press.

administer the returned indemnity, has LAW

just made a grant of $500,000 gold for a Moore, John Bassett-International Law and Some Cur national library in Peking. The Chinese rent Illusions. New York, Macmillan Company.

government has granted a site for the new NATURAL SCIENCE

building in the western part of the Winter Beebe, Charles WilliamGalapagos. New York, G. P. Palace grounds and has agreed to be reHuntington, Ellsworth—The Character of Races. New sponsible for half of the expense of adminYork, Charles Scribner's Sons.

istration for ten years. It will also turn MacCurdy, George Grant-Human Origins, 2 v. New York, D. Appleton and Company.

over to the new library, as a nucleus of its Cowdry, Edmund Vincent-General Cytology. Chicago, book collection, the books now under the

University of Chicago Press. Kellogg, Vernon-Evolution. New York, D. Appleton care of the Peking Library, which formed and Company.

part of the Imperial collection in the ForPHILOSOPHY

bidden City. This places the new Nationa. Hart, Joseph KinmontThe Discovery of Intelligence. Library in a commanding position at the

New York, Century Company.
Martin, Everett Dean-Psychology, What It Has to

outset of its career, and the interest taken Teach You About Yourself and the World You Live in it by the newly-formed library associaIn. New York, People's Institute Publishing Company.

tion of China makes it certain that it will RELIGION

be administered according to the latest Fosdick, Harry Emerson—The Modern Use of the Bible. and best methods.

New York, Macmillan Company.
Mathews, Shailer-Contributions of Science to Religion.

Dr. Bostwick is also informed that the New York, D. Appleton and Company.

China Foundation will establish six other Rowe, Henry Kalloch — History of Religion in the United States. New York, Macmillan Company.

libraries in various parts of the Chinese

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