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The chief particulars of the current record of the professional schools of the United States, as reported from the several States and Territories, are presented in the summaries of the tables. Considering the country by geographical sections, the totals appear as follows: TABLE 45.—Summary of statistics of professional schools by geographical sections.


From this exhibit it appears that the law schools report the largest percentage of students who have received college degrees, and that the North Atlantic division shows the highest ratios for all classes of professional schools. With respect to the medical schools it should be observed that only the regular and the homeopathic schools are included in the summary by geographical sections, as the particulars considered were not reported with sufficient fulness from the other schools included in the general table.

The general lack of productive funds noticeable in the statistics of law and medical schools is, undoubtedly, due to the general conviction that these departments can be self-supporting. Experience, however, indicates that the highest order of professional study cannot be maintained upon such a basis, as expressed by President Eliot in his report for 1885–86:

"A professional school of high grade ought not to depend on tuition fees for nearly two-thirds of its annual expenses; and it ought to have the means of aiding young men of promise who are struggling to get a thorough training. In law schools, as in other educational institutions, it is only the elementary instruction, given year after year to large classes, which can be self-supporting."

In the same report President Eliot calls attention to the disadvantages arising from the late entrance upon the practice of medicine in the case of students who seek the B. A. degree as a preliminary to professional study. The trouble grows out of the elevation of college standards and the consequent advance in the age for matriculation and graduation. In view of the evil pointed out the faculty of Harvard have laid before the academic council a plan for the abridgment of the college course by those students who go from college directly into one of the professional schools of the university, which plan is still under discussion.


The following is a comparative statement of the number of schools of theology (including theological departments) reporting to this Bureau each year from 1876 to 1886, inclusive (1883 omitted), with the number of professors and number of students:

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Number of institutions
Number of instructors.
Number of students...

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133 142 144 145 146 152 142 580 564 577 600


624 712 750 793 803 4, 208 3,065 4,320 4,738 5, 242 4,7934, 921 5, 290 5,775 6,344

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TABLE 46.-Summary of statistics of schools of theology-Continued.

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TABLE 47.-Statistical summary of schools of thcology according to denominations.

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TABLE 48.-Statistics of schools of theology for 1885–186; from replies to inquiries by the United Stales Burcau of Edicalion.

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Selma University Baptist Charles Leo Purco.

1878 Theological department of Talla- Cong G. W. Andrews

dega College.
Institute for Training Colored Prosb Rer. C. A. Stillman, D.D...... 1877

Pacific Theological Seminary.. Cong Joseph A. Benton, D. D., se- 1809

nior professor.
San Francisco Thcological Sem. Presb Rev. Thomas Fraser

Matthews Hail


Rt. Rev. John F. Spalding, D. 1872

D., bishop.
Hartford Thcological Seminary. Cong Prof. Wm. Thompson, dean 1834
Theological department of Yale Undenom Rev. Noal Porter, D.D., LL. D... 1822

Theological department of How Undenom James G. Craighead, dean. 1870

ard University
Wayland Seminary.
Baptist. Rev. G. M. P. King, A. M.

Atlanta Baptist Seminary

Baptist Rev. Samuel Graves, D. D ....... 1867
Gammon School of Theology M. E Wilbur P. Thirkield, A. M., 8. T. 1883
(Clark University).

B., dean.
Tbeological department of Mer. Baptist .. Rev. James G. Ryals, D. D

cor University.
Theological department of St. R.C.

Rev. M. J. Marsile, C. 8. V. Viateur's College.

* From Report of the Commissioner of Education for year 1884-'85.

TABLE 48.-Statistics of schools of theology for 1885–86, 80.-Continued.

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15 Chicago, 111 Chicago Theological Seminary*.. Cong Rev. G. S. F. Savage, D. D., sec- 1858

retary. 16 Chicago, Ill. (1060 N. Hal. Presbyterian Theological Semi- Presb. Edward L. Curtis, chairman of

sted street).
nary of the Northwest. a

17 Chicago, Ill. (Wheeler Western Theological Seminary.. P. E. Wm. E. McLaren, D.D., D. C. L., 1885
Hall, Washington Boule-

Bible dopartment of Eureka Col. Christian J. M. Allen, A. M., president of 1864

M. E Rev. Henry B. Ridgeway... 1836
20 Evanston, I
Norwegian and Danish Theolog. M. E. N. E. Simonson

ical School.
21 Evanston, Ill.
Swedish Theological Seminary M. E Rev. Albert Ericson

22 Galena, Ill..
Theological department of Ger- M.E...... Rev. Emil Uhl

man-English College.
23 Galesburgh, Ill
Theological department of Lom. Universal. Rev. N. White, Ph. D.

bard University.*
24 Lebanon, Ill...

Theological department of Mc- M.E. Rev. William F. Swahlen, A. M.,

Kendree College. 25 Morgan Park, ni. Baptist Union Theological Sem. Baptist ... G. W. Northrup, D.D., LL. D. 1867

27 Rock Island, Il
Augustana Theological Semi. Ev. Luth T. N. Hasselquist, D. D

28 Springfield, III..
Concordia Seminary
Ev. Luth Prof. August Craemer

1874 29 Upper Alton, nii. Theological department of Shurt- Baptist .. Rev. A. A. Kendrick, D.D.

1827 leff College.

dean. vard). 18 Eureka, nil

college. 19 Evanston, Ill. Garrett Biblical Institute

inary. 26 Naperville, Ill Union Biblical Institute. Ev. Ass'n. Bishop J. J. Esher


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